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End of Day 1a with Doonan – 31/03/2017 – 00:25



Doonan Leads 1a – 31/03/2017 – 00:10

After nine levels of play Day 1a here at GUKPT Edinburgh is firmly in the history books.

It’s been a great days poker where the locals have turned out to support the UKs premier tour. Day 1a ended with 70 entries in total, a 22 player increase on the 48 entries this day received last year.

As always in Edinburgh it’s been played in great spirits with everyone enjoying themselves, which is nice to see with such a huge prizepool at stake.

Patrick Doonan leads the way with a stack of 140,000, full chip counts of the 26 players who have made it through the day are:

Patrick Doonan 141500
Paul Green 125400
Radoslav Lliev 94800
Gajanthan Kamalanathan 93000
Ricky Yuill 81800
James White 78700
Jay Harwood 71900
Nikhil Viswanathan 68400
Allan Brown 62000
Rejus Zemaitis 58200
Tommy Le 54900
John Burns 54200
Allan Peers 46200
James Mclean 43800
Neil Scott Feenan 39300
Robert Cummings 37500
Paul Mctaggart 37200
John Perkin 37200
Enrico Frattaroli 33000
John Mcglynn 30300
Andrew Hills 28200
Ian Swan 25000
Gordon Wood 22600
Paul Johnson 16700
Valerie Gray 13400
Roland Chan 8900


It’s been a good day but 130 entries are still needed tomorrow to cover the £100,000 guarantee. We think we’ll get that to cover it.

We’ll be back tomorrow for the second day one. Where we are expecting a busy one.

Join us then from 12:30pm.



End of Play – 30/03/2017 – 23:50

Play has now finished on all tables. The players are bagging and tagging their chips.

We will have the full chip counts up with you as soon as possible.



Last Five Hands – 30/03/2017 – 23:35

The clock has been paused.

A five has been picked, so we will play five more hands before finishing for the night.



Gordon on Gordon – 30/03/2017 – 23:25

John Gordon gets his 12,000 stack all in pre and is called by Gordon Wood as the two Gordons do battle.

John tables and has a coinflip to win against the of Wood.

The flop comes as Wood picks up counterfeit outs and a gut shot.

The turn card comes giving Wood broadway, only the two remaining nines could now take the pot away from him.

The river card

Gordon Wood takes the pot and now has 50,000.

We lose John Gordon from the field here during the last level of the day.



The Last Level  – 30/03/2017 – 23:16

With just 25 minutes left to play today, we will see the short stacks either tighten up to try and hold on to their chips to make day two. Or they could fancy a gamble and if it doesn’t work, they can come back tomorrow for another go at Day 1.

We will see what happens, but remember the clock will be paused at sometime, where players will play the last few hands before bagging and tagging.



Pics – 30/03/2017 – 23:05




Big Stacks – 30/03/2017 – 22:52

Patrick Doonan 110000
Paul Green 80000
Allan Brown 65000
Gajanthan Kamalanathan 62000
John McGlynn 60000
John Burns 58000
Nikhil Viswanathan 57000
Rejus Zemaitis 55000
Val Gray 55000



Level 9 – 30/03/2017 – 22:40

The players are back to begin the last level of the day.

The blinds are now 400/800 with a 100 ante.

36 players remaining.


Break Time – 30/03/2017 – 22:25

Break time now for the players as they take another 15 minutes.



Bust Outs – 30/03/2017 – 22:22

A few bust outs from the field as we lose:

Lloyd Muir
Robert Welsh
David Docherty



Viswanathan Finds The Aces! – 30/03/2017 – 22:15

Alex Tong moves all in for his 5,000 stack, Robert Knight also moves all in for his 26,000 stack, the action then comes to Nikhil Viswanathan in the big blind, who makes it a threesome by shoving all in!! The cards go on their backs…

Alex –
Robert –
Nikhil –

The board runs out

Aces hold for Nikhil who knocks two players out and now has 72,000.



Pics – 30/03/2017 – 21:58


Double Bust Out – 30/03/2017 – 21:44

We get to the table as John Angus is all in for his 5,000 stack holding
Gianluigi Floris is also all in with he has a stack of 8,000.
The all in players have been called by a player holding he has them both covered.

The board runs out :6

The community cards run out 7 high as the pocket Jacks scoop.

As he rakes in the pot we lose two players from the field as we are down to 40 players in the main event.



Level 8 – 30/03/2017 – 21:25

The blinds increase as we begin level number 8.

They are now 300/600 with a 75 ante.

44 players remaining.



Double For Carnie – 30/03/2017 – 21:10

We get to the table on a flop of where all the money goes in between Phil Jenkins and Alex Carnie. Alex is the player all in or 13,000.

Phil tables for the nut flush draw against the of Alex who has

The turn card comes !! Phil turns a flush, but Alex improves to a full house and now cannot lose the hand.

The river card is meaningless as it comes

Phil is crippled down to just 3,000 chips while Alex takes the pot and now has 30,000.


Three Exits – 30/03/2017 – 20:58

Three exits from the field as we lose:

Ronnie Ballantyne
Charles Russell
Graham Williams



Day 1a Entries – 30/03/2017 – 20:52

Registration has now closed on Day 1a of #GUKPT Edinburgh.

70 entries in total, which is a good turnout compared to the 48 entries on Day 1a last year.



Big Stacks – 30/03/2017 – 20:40

Last years winner Tommy Le, leads the way going into level 7 in Edinburgh.

Tommy Le 75000
Colin Wu 65000
Patrick Doonan 63000
John Burns 57000
Ian Swan 55000
Rejus Zemaitis 55000
Paul Green 54000
John McGlynn 51000
John Perkin 49000
Ricky Yuill 48000
Stuart Mathews 46000



Level 7 – 30/03/2017 – 20:25

The players are back seated as we begin level number 7.

The blinds are now 200/400 with a 50 ante.




Break Time – 30/03/2017 – 20:10

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.


More Counts – 30/03/2017 – 20:05

David Muir – 19,000
Dean Lyall – 43,000
Gianluigi Floris – 22,000
Phil Jenkins – 7,000
Gordon Wood – 33,000
Stuart Matthews – 60,000


Rake Free Cash – 30/03/2017 – 19:55

Grosvenor will be giving The Tower £50 to play in the £1/£1 cash game at the Maybury in Edinburgh, which will be RAKE FREE from 8:30pm-9:30pm while he is playing!!
If he happens to make any profit after the hour, this will then be given back to the players in a winner takes all one hand showdown.
Is there anything The Tower can’t do??
Join him from 8:30pm on the cash table



Chip Counts – 30/03/2017 – 19:35

Roland Chan- 17,000
Alan Peers – 14,000
Allan Brown – 18,000
Charles Russell – 7500
Jim McLean – 20,000
Val Gray – 24,000



More Pics – 30/03/2017 – 19:20



Level Six – 30/03/2017 – 19:10

The blinds increase as we begin level 6.

They are now 150/300 with a 25 ante.

68 entries so far today.




Pics – 30/03/2017 – 18:45



Jack Busts Jaime  – 30/03/2017 – 18:30

Jaime Ruedasampredro three bet shoves his 4800 stack and is called by a player holding Jaime is in great shape for a much needed double up as he tables .

The dealer burns out puts out a flop of leaving Jaime drawing to either a king or a queen as he has flopped a gut shot.

The turn card comes

The river card

Ugly for Jaime as he busts out the tournament here during level number 5.


Big Stacks – 30/03/2017 – 18:15

Paul Green 58000
Gajanthan Kamalanathan 46000
Ian Swan 44000
Jonny Gray 38000
Colin Wu 34000
Young Yoon 33000
John Burns 32000
Ricky Yuill 31000



Level 5 – 30/03/2017 – 18:01


The players are back seated as we begin level number 5.

They are now 100/200 with a 25 ante.

65 entries so far today.


Dinner Break – 30/03/2017 – 17:20

Dinner break now for the players as they take 45 minutes.



Phil Yer Boots – 30/03/2017 – 16:55

We will be running our first ever Phil Yer Boots game show at 5:50pm today on Facebook Live.

All you have to do is comment on the post on our Facebook page saying Pick Me and you could get to play along.



Exits – 30/03/2017 – 16:35

A couple of exits from the field as we lose:

Kingshuk Ghosh
Jay Harwood



Level Four – 30/03/2017 – 16:15

The blinds increase as we begin level number four.

They are now 100/200.

63 entries so far today.




Competition Time – 30/03/2017 – 15:55

Our first competition of the week is now live on our Facebook page.

For your chance to win yourself a token you can find it HERE!


All is Quiet – 30/03/2017 – 15:40

There’s not much action to speak of here during the third level of the day.

Players will play this level before going on a 45 minute dinner break, where a complimentary buffet will be provided by the casino.



Level Three – 30/03/2017 – 15:20

The players are now back seated as we begin level number three.

The blinds are 75/150.

58 entries so far today.


Break Time – 30/03/2017 – 15:02

Break time now for the players as we take 15 minutes.



Tables – 30/03/2017 – 14:55


Bust Outs – 30/03/2017 – 14:45

A couple of exits from the table as we lose Scott McDonald & Roland Chen here during the second level of the day.



Table Shots – 30/03/2017 – 14:35



Lyall First Man Down – 30/03/2017 – 14:20

Dean Lyall is the first man down here on Day 1a of GUKPT Edinburgh.

He heads straight to the registration desk to take up his option to re-enter.

Players can have one entry and two re-entries per day, so three entries in total.



Level Two – 30/03/2017 – 14:05

The blinds increase for the first time today as we begin level number two.

They are now 50/100.

48 players so far today.



Equalled Last Years Entries – 30/03/2017 – 13:55

We have already equalled the total entries of last year on Day 1a, which was 48.

Hopefully that bodes well and we can hit the £100k GTD, which has been missed twice out of the last three years here in Edinburgh,




Seating Plan – 30/03/2017 – 13:45


Table One

Seat One – Roland Chen
Seat Two – Andrew Mackenzie
Seat Three – Robert Franks
Seat Four – John Perkin
Seat Five – John Angus
Seat Six – Gianluigi Floris
Seat Seven – Graham Williams
Seat Eight – Paul Green
Seat Nine – Gary Gracey


Table Two

Seat One – John Cochrane
Seat Two – James White
Seat Three – Ben Burnhill
Seat Four – Charles Russell
Seat Five – Gordon Wood
Seat Six – Allan Brown
Seat Seven – Owen Lapsley
Seat Eight – Radoslav Lliev
Seat Nine – Michael Conroy


Table Three

Seat One – Scott McDonald
Seat Two – Kingshuk Ghosh
Seat Three – Tommy Le
Seat Four – Robert Cummings
Seat Five – Jay Harwood
Seat Six – Ricky Yuill
Seat Seven – Dean Lyall
Seat Eight – Miguel Martin
Seat Nine – Tom Gill
Seat Ten – Andy Hills


Table Four

Seat One – Phil Jenkins
Seat Two – Alex Carnie
Seat Three – Thomas McKeon
Seat Four – Stuart Matthews
Seat Five – Andris Sne
Seat Six – Paul Anderson
Seat Seven – Val Gray
Seat Eight – David Docherty
Seat Nine – Jonny Gray
Seat Ten – Colin Wu



Ronnie Ballantune
Paul Johnson
Neil Feenan
Allan Peers



Playing Today – 30/03/2017 – 13:30

We will get a full list of entries up with you as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 10 minutes.

We do have some familiar faces I have noticed playing today, which are:

Allan Peers
Andy Hills
Val Gray
Allan Brown
Jonny Gray
Tommy Le – Last years winner


Clock Shot – 30/03/2017 – 13:15

Ten minutes in and we have had a few more entries.

The club has been running satellites for a long time and they have pre qualified 76 players into the tournament, which is a great start to build on.



Shuffle Up & Deal – 30/03/2017 – 13:01

The cards are now in the air as we begin Day 1a here in Edinburgh.

A slow start to the first days play as we begin with 29 players.




Welcome To Edinburgh – 30/03/2017 – 12:45

Good afternoon and welcome to GUKPT Edinburgh, the third stop of the year.

The team love this place, it really is one of the best cities in the UK.

The tournament is s £500 entry for 20,000 chips with a £100k GTD. Last year there was 184 entries, so a slight overlay of £8,000. The event was took down by Tommy Le, who bagged himself £25,000.

Day 1a will take place today, with players playing nine levels of poker. Late registration is open for the first 6 levels of the day, with players allowed to re-enter twice, so three entries in total. Day 1b will then begin tomorrow, with the fields merging on Day 2 which is Saturday. For the lucky players that make it through the first two days, they will come back on Sunday for the fourth and final day where we will play down to a winner.

The media team will be here for the whole four days, bringing you a live blog, facebook competitions where we will be giving away over £300 worth of tokens and of course of HD live stream. The live stream will run from the first hand until the last with all commentary from The Tower.

We’re looking forward to a great event which begins at 1pm.



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