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GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event Champion Paul Green – 02/04/2017 – 22:50




Goodbye From Edinburgh – 02/04/2017 – 20:45

Well Edinburgh has been a great host again for the GUKPT and we have had a more than worthy winner in Paul Green.

The Scottish cardrooms did a fantastic job in generated 76 seats into the main event. With that start we knew an overlay would be unlikely. The locals and GUKPT regulars then turned out to play the UKs Premier Tour. In the end we ended with 227 entries in total over the first two days ones.

Yesterday was a great day where we had 86 players who made their way back to play day two. Eventually getting down to 20 players. Those 20 hopefuls came back today to battle it out for the £32k first place prize.

20 was soon down to 9 in the first two and half levels of play.

The final nine took their seats with Colin Wu holding a huge chip lead over the other 8 players, he was big favouite to take down the title.

The first players to leave us from the final was the only remaining woman, Sin Melin. All in with pocket Queens against the Q-J of Ian Swan. Swanny managed to flop and river a Jack for trips!!! That would send Sin out in 9th place for £2,390.

In 8th place would would lose the vocal Andrew Salami. Andrew was entertaining over the three days that he played, but things would come to an end on the final table. He got it all in with top pair against the flush draw of Colin, instant service for the chip leader on the turn would send Andrew towards the cash desk to collect £2,840.

Usman Ulhaq was involved in the sickest hand of the day and possibly the tournament. He flopped bottom set while Colin Wu flopped the nut straight. The two chip leaders went at it, going all in for a third of the chips in play. No pair up on the end and Usman would finish in 7th for £3,510.

In 6th would be Gary Bertram, all in with K-9 on a King high flop, but he was behind to the K-Q of Swanny who had a better kicker. Gary would cash for £4,430.

John McGlynn was sat with just 2.5 big blinds when Gary was knocked out. Laddering up and earning an extra £1500 in the process. He couldn’t manage a major spin up though and was eliminated the very next hand for £5,990.

The four remaining players then for around two hours before doing a deal. Paul Green, Mark Frith & Ian Swan taking home £15,000 while Colin Wu would guarantee himself £24,000, with the players continuing to pay for the remaining £6,500.

Three coin flips later we would lose Colin Wu. It just wasn’t to be for Colin. 2nd two years ago and now a fourth despite dominating the tournament for a long period of time. That being said, he let with a smile on his face happy with his £24k.

The players then decided to chop £6k, taking £2,000 each to add to their £15k and play on for £500 and the trophy.

Mark Frith would the first to fall around 15 minutes later, running the second nut flush into the nut flush of Paul Green. Mark would cash for £17,000, which he’d need to get a taxi back to York tonight.

The two friends then played heads up for around 45 minutes, before Swanny got it in with top pair against the open ended straight draw of Paul. A seven on the river would give Paul a straight and the title.

A great performance from Ian Swan who is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He had a huge smile on his face, happy with £17,000.

Paul was also happy as he can now buy some new work tools. He would take home £17,500, the trophy and the title of GUKPT Edinburgh 2017 Main Event Champion.

The city is absolutely fantastic and the people know how to play poker the right way. Having fun whilst playing for serious money. The tour loves coming here and we’re glad the whole of Scotland has supported it, because hopefully it means we will be coming back.

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage over the last four days. Thank you for interacting with us, whether it being in the chat box, on facebook or twitter.

There isn’t much of a break until Walsall which is at the end of this month. Get qualifying now on – Where Poker Lives.

Until next time, be lucky.



Runner Up & Winner Interviews – 02/04/2017 – 22:20



Prizepool Payout – 02/04/2017 – 21:55

GUKPT Edinburgh
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries – 227

1st – £17,500 – Paul Green**
2nd – £17,000 – Ian Swan**
3rd – £17,000 – Mark Frith**
4th – £24,000 – Colin Wu**
5th – £5,900 – John McGlynn
6th – £4,430 – Gary Bertram
7th – £3,510 – Usman Ulhaq
8th – £2,840 – Andrew Salami
9th – £2,390 – Sin Melin
10th – £2,040 – Steve Sharp
11th – £1,810 – Chris Gordon
12th – £1,710 – Peter King
13th – £1,590 – Gajanthan Kamalanathan
14th – £1,360 – Jim Mclean
15th – £1,360 – Ayad Sharhani
16th – £1,250 – Steven Rinaldi
17th – £1,250 – Tommy Le
18th – £1,140 – Ashley Dakin
19th – £1,140 – Allan Peers
20th – £1,140 – Ricky Yuill
21st – £1,020 – Jeff Kimber
22nd – £1,020 – Dean Lyall
23rd – £1,020 – Richard Sinclair

Prizepool – £113,500

** – Four Handed Deal



It’s All Over – 02/04/2017 – 21:48

The two players see a flop of Ian Swan moves all in for his 700k stack and Paul Green makes the call.

Swanny tables for top pair Paul shows for an open ended straight draw

The turn card comes

The river card !!!

Paul rivers the straight to take the last pot of the tournament.

Ian Swan is our runner up taking home £17,000.

Paul Green is the GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event Champion taking home £17,500



Level 28 – 02/04/2017 – 21:35

The blinds increase as we begin level 28.

They are now 30,000/60,000.

Still heads up.

All is Quiet – 02/04/2017 – 21:24

Nothing to report in the first 25 minutes of heads up play.

The pots are really small, with both players seeing plenty of flops.


Heads Up Pics – 02/04/2017 – 21:14



Chip Counts – 02/04/2017 – 21:05

Paul Green 2500000
Ian Swan 1800000



Mark Frith 3rd – 02/04/2017 – 20:55

Mark Frith & Paul Green see a flop of Paul bets 75,000, Mark raises to 220,000 and Paul calls.

The turn card comes Mark bets 220,000, Paul moves all in and Mark snap calls!!

Paul tables for the nut flush!

Mark shows for the second nut flush, but he still has one out, the would win it for him….

The river card comes

Paul takes the pot and just has Mark covered. He now will go into heads up with a big advantage.

We lose Mark Frith in third place for £17,000.


Chop It Up – 02/04/2017 – 20:40

£6,500 to play for and the trophy? Lets make that £500 and the trophy.

The remaining three players have decided to take £2,000 each and play on for £500 and the trophy.



Colin Wu 4th – 02/04/2017 – 20:35

Colin Wu is eliminated very next hand. He takes home £24,000 for his 4th place finish after taking the most money in the deal.


Wu Crippled – 02/04/2017 – 20:30

Ian Swan moves all in…

Colin also moves all in…

Everyone else gets out of the way and the cards go on their backs…

Colin shows

Ian tables

The board runs out

Ian flops trips to take the pot and cripple Colin down to just two big blinds.

Ian is up to 1.3million.




Double For Green – 02/04/2017 – 20:25

Paul Green gets his 850,000 stack all in holding against the pocket Jacks of Colin.

Paul finds an Ace on the river to double up to 1.7million!!

Colin is now down to 700,000.



Level 26 – 02/04/2017 – 20:10

The blinds increase as we begin level 26.

They are now 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Still 4 players remaining.



Break Time – 02/04/2017 – 19:58

Break time now for the players as they take 5 minutes.



Home Game Time – 02/04/2017 – 19:50

The game has turned into a bit of a home game feel to it.

We are going 3 and 4 to a flop now, whereas before the  deal that wasn’t the case.

Colin Wu still hold the chip lead but the other three have all started chipping up.

Full chip counts will be up at the break.




No Pressure – 02/04/2017 – 19:35

Now the deal has been done the pressure is off the players. They have all locked up £15k and in Colins case £24k. This means they can open up and play more hands because not every chip is a prisoner.

It should lead to us seeing a more open game.



Deal Done – 02/04/2017 – 19:22

A deal has been done between the four remaining players:

Colin Wu – £24,000
Ian Swan – £15,000
Mark Frith – £15,000
Paul Green – £15,000

There’s £6,500 remaining.

Which the players will continue to play for.



Deal Talk – 02/04/2017 – 19:14

The clock has been paused as the players discuss a deal.



Frith Chipping Up – 02/04/2017 – 19:10

Mark Frith has been all in a few times and chipped up to just short of a million.



 Level Up – 02/04/2017 – 19:03

The blinds increase as we begin level number 25.

They are now 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Still 4 players remaining.




The Final Four – 02/04/2017 – 18:45




Chip Counts – 02/04/2017 – 18:30

Colin Wu 1900000
Ian Swan 1300000
Mark Frith 700000
Paul Green 600000



Level 24 – 02/04/2017 – 18:20

The blinds increase as we begin level 24.

They are now 12,000/24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Four players remaining.



Cagey Stuff – 02/04/2017 – 18:15

We are four handed now. Since going four handed there’s not been much to speak of.

The blinds are due to increase very soon, when they do go up the game will be played on a 45 minute clock.




John McGlynn 5th – 02/04/2017 – 17:56

John McGlyn moves all in and is called by three players.

They check down the board which runs out

John tables on the end but is beaten by Paul Green who shows for two pair.

John McGlynn finishes in 5th place for £5,900



Gary Bertram Busts 6th – 02/04/2017 – 17:48

Gary Bertram & Ian Swan see a flop of Swanny bets Gary shoves and Swanny calls!!

Gary tables for top pair and is out kicked by Swanny as he shows for top pair, queen kicker.

The turn card comes

The river card

Swanny takes the pot with two pair and increases his stack to 1.1million.

We lose Gary Bertram from the tournament in 6th place for £4,430.

John McGlynn now has a huge smile on his face as he ladders up a place with 2 and a half bigs.


Mistake From McGlynn – 02/04/2017 – 17:40

Ian Swan opens pre flop and is called by John McGlynn in the big blind.

The two players go to the flop which comes John checks, Ian bets 50k, John moves all in covering Ian, who snaps call for his tournament life.

Ian tables for the over pair.
John shows for just Ace high

The turn card comes
The river card

Kings are good for Swanny to double up to 800,000!!

John McGlynn is cripped down to just 24,000.



Marth Frith Doubles – 02/04/2017 – 17:35

Mark Frith gets his 340,000 stack all in pre flop against Colin Wu.

It’s a classic flip as Colin tables against the of Mark.

The board runs out

Trips for Mark as he is now back in the game doubling to 700,000.



The Final Six – 02/04/2017 – 17:30



Prizepool Payout – 02/04/2017 – 17:25

GUKPT Edinburgh
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries – 227

1st – £32,450
2nd – £21,220
3rd – £13,280
4th – £8,630
5th – £5,900
6th – £4,430


Level 23 – 02/04/2017 – 17:20

The players are back seated from dinner as we begin level number 23.

The blinds are now 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.



Chip Counts – 02/04/2017 – 17:06

Colin Wu 2332000
Paul Green 645000
Mark Frith 448000
Ian Swan 446000
Gary Bertram 336000
John McGlynn 336000




Dinner Break – 02/04/2017 – 16:48

Dinner break now for the players as they take a 30 minute dinner break.



Wu Stacks Ulhaq – 02/04/2017 – 16:43

Colin Wu makes it 35,000 from the button, Usman Ulhaq three bets to 125,000 from the small blind. Colin calls and the two players go to the flop which comes

Usman is first to act and checks, Colin bets 75,000. Usman then raises to 275,000 creating a HUGE pot between the two chip leaders.

The turn card comes Usman moves all in for his 440,000 stack! Colin snap calls!!

Usman looks surprised and asks Colin if he has the nuts, which hs has as he tables for the straight!! Usman shows for a set and will now need the board to pair or a nine to come on the river…

The river card comes

Colin takes the pot which a straight and now has 2.3million which is half the chips in play!!

We lose Usman Ulhaq in sick fashion as he finishes in 7th place for £3,510.



Facebook Competitions – 02/04/2017 – 16:32

Don’t forget to check our GUKPT Grosvenor Poker Facebook page where we are giving away Satellite tokens.

Right now we have three easy competitions running where you can grab £120 worth of tokens to play online.

You can find them all HERE!! 



The Finalists – 02/04/2017 – 16:20

The finalists before we started final table play.


Andrew Salami 8th – 02/04/2017 – 16:03

Colin Wu makes it 32,000 to play from the button, Andrew Salami calls from the big blind.

The flop comes

Andrew checks to Colin who bets 40,000, Andrew quickly min raises to 80,000. Colin shoves and Andrew calls off his stack, which is around 220,000 total.

Andrew tables which is the best hand against the of Colin who has a flush draw.

The turn card comes !! Colin turns the flush to leave Andrew drawing dead.

The river card comes

Colin takes the hand and moves back up to around 1.7million.

We lose Andrew Salami from the tournament in 8th place for £2,840.


Level Up – 02/04/2017 – 15:50

The blinds increase as we begin level number 22.

They are now 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

8 players remaining.



Green Good For A Double – 02/04/2017 – 15:45

Paul Green makes it 32,000 and is called by Ian Swan before Colin Wu makes it 105,000 to play from the small blind. Paul goes into the tank and makes the call, Ian gets out of the way.

The two players go to the flop which comes Colin is first to act and leads out by moving all in! Paul snap calls and the cards go on their backs…

Colin shows for ace high

Paul tables for top pair.

The turn card comes leaving Colin drawing dead and giving Paul a double up.

The river is a meaningless

Pauls all in is for 250,000. He gets a huge double up to 760,000!!



Double Usman – 02/04/2017 – 15:35

Usman Ulhaq who has had an up and down day gets his 250,000 stack n good holding against the of chip leader Colin Wu.

The board runs out

Jacks hold for Usman as he doubles up to 530,000, which propels him to around third in chips.



Prizepool Payout – 02/04/2017 – 15:32

GUKPT Edinburgh
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries – 227

1st – £32,450
2nd – £21,220
3rd – £13,280
4th – £8,630
5th – £5,900
6th – £4,430
7th – £3,510
8th – £2,840
9th – £2,390 – Sin Melin


Sin Melin 9th – 02/04/2017 – 15:27

Sin Melin three bet shoves her 110,000 stack over the top of Ian Swans open, he makes the call.

Sin tables pocket queens and is in great shape for a much needed double up against the Q-J of Swanny.

The flop comes 4–6–J as Swanny picks up some outs as he flop a pair.

The turn card comes a King.

The river card comes another JACK!!! Swanny rivers trip jacks to take the pot!

Sick for Sin Melin as she heads out in 9th place for £2,390.


Seating & Chip Counts – 02/04/2017 – 15:30

Colin Wu 1805000
Mark Frith 524500
Ian Swan 492500
Gary Bertram 389500
Paul Green 353500
Andrew Salami 332500
Usman Ulhaq 289000
John McGlynn 233500
Sin Melin 111500


The Final Table

Seat One – John McGlynn – 233,500
Seat Two – Ian Swan – 492,500
Seat Three – Gary Bertram – 389,500
Seat Four – Colin Wu – 1,805,000
Seat Five – Sin Melin – 111,500
Seat Six – Usman Ulhaq – 289,000
Seat Seven – Andrew Salami – 332,500
Seat Eight – Mark Frith – 524,500
Seat Nine – Paul Green – 353,500


The Final Table – 02/04/2017 – 15:20



Final Table Underway – 02/04/2017 – 15:12

The finalists are now seated as we begin the final table.

The blinds are still 6000/12000 with a 1500 ante.

9 players remaining.

Average stack is 504,000.




Break Time – 02/04/2017 – 14:49

Break time now for the players as they take 10 minutes before beginning the final table.



Steve Sharp 10th – 02/04/2017 – 14:45

Steve Sharp moves all in for his 117,500 stack from the button and is called by Ian Swan in the big blind.

Steve –

Ian –

The flop comes

The turn card

The river card

Jacks hold for Swanny as he takes the pot, he now has around 360,000.

We lose Steve Sharp in 10th place for  £2,040.


Hand For Hand – 02/04/2017 -14:40

With the exit for Chris we are now hand for hand on the final table bubble.



Chris Gordon 11th – 02/04/2017 – 14:30

Chris Gordon gets it all in with on a Ace high flop with two clus, called by Mark Frith holding for the flush draw.

Instant service as we see a club on the turn, which gives the pot to Mark, he now has 450,000.

Very unlucky for GUKPT regular Chris Gordon as he busts in 11th place for £1,810.


Chip Counts – 02/04/2017 – 14:20

Colin Wu 1600000
Usman Ulhaq 475000
Gary Bertram 456000
Paul Green 350000
Mark Frith 302500
Chris Gordon 256000
John McGlynn 247000
Ian Swan 220500
Andrew Salami 200000
Sin Melin 190000
Steve Sharp 167000


Level 21 – 02/04/2017 – 14:15

The players are back in the room as we begin level 21.

The blinds are now 6,000/12,000 with a 1500 ante.

11 players remaining.


Break Time – 02/04/2017 – 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Peter King 12th – 02/04/2017 – 13:57

While we losing G.K in 13th place we lost Peter King on the other table.

Peter exits in 12th place for £1,710.



G.K 13th – 02/04/2017 – 13:50

Andrew Salami opens pre and is called by Colin Wu & Gajanthan Kamalanathan.

The three players go to the flop which comes 10–7–5. The action goes a bit mental as Andrew bets 26,000, Colin raises to 56,000, G.K three bets to 90k, Colin four bets to 165,000, G.K shoves for 230k!! Colin snap calls and tables top set!! G.K tables pocket eights and will need runner runner.

He doesn’t hit the turn or river and leaves us in 13th place for £1,590.


Jim McLean 14th – 02/04/2017 – 13:35

Sin Melin makes it 21,500 to play, Colin Wu checks her stack before moving all in, for his 1.1million stack!!! Jim MLean then enters the pot, moving all in for his 110,000 stack, Sin gets out of the way and the two hands are tabled.

Colin –

Jim –

The board runs out

Top pair for Colin who takes the pot and increases his chip lead.

We lose Jim Mclean in 14th place for £1,360.



Ayad Sharhani 15th – 02/04/2017 – 13:22

Ayad who has been short stacked all day moves all in for his 8 big blind stack of 80,000 and is called by Gajanthan Kamalanatha.

Ayad tables against the of G.K.

G.K hits two pair to take the pot.

Ayad Sharhani heads out in 15th place for £1,360.


Steve Rinaldi 16th – 02/04/2017 – 13:13

Steve Rinaldi moves all in for his nine bigs and is called by Andrew Salami.

Steve tables K-9 and will need to get lucky against the A-Q of Andrew.

Andrew flops a Queen which is good to take the pot as Steve cannot improve.

With that we lose Steve Rinaldi in 16th place for £1,250.



Level Up – 02/04/2017 – 13:11

The blinds increase as we begin the 20th level of the tournament.

They are now 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

16 Players remaining





McLean Doubles – 02/04/2017 – 13:06

Jim McLean three bet shoves and is called by opener Andrew Salami.

Jim tables and it’s a flip against the of Andrew.

The flop comes as Andrew takes the lead with a pair of Jacks, Jim picks up a straight draw.

The turn card comes as Jim turns a straight!! Andrew now has a straight draw as a ten would give him a straight to the ace.

The river card comes

Jim takes the pot and doubles up to just over 200k.

Andrew is down to around 140,000.



Double For Usman – 02/04/2017 – 13:01

Usman Ulhaq gets a huge double against Jim McLean. Usman winning the flip with A-K against the Q-Q of Jim.

Usman is now stacking 420,000 while Jim is down to around 100,000.




Final Two Tables – 02/04/2017 – 12:45



Tommy Le Eliminated – 02/04/2017 – 12:25

There will be no back to back champion!!

Tommy Le moves all in from the button and is called by Colin Wu in the big blind.

Tommy tables and is in bad shape against the

The board runs out

A pair of kings is good for Colin Wu to take the pot and increase his stack to a million!

We lose Tommy Le from the tournament in 17th place for £1,250.


Dakin Done – 02/04/2017 – 12:20

Ashley Dakin is the next person to bust.

He finishes in 18th place for £1,140.



 Prizepool Payout – 02/04/2017 – 12:15

GUKPT Edinburgh
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries – 227

1st – £32,450
2nd – £21,220
3rd – £13,280
4th – £8,630
5th – £5,900
6th – £4,430
7th – £3,510
8th – £2,840
9th – £2,390
10th – £2,040
11th – £1,810
12th – £1,710
13th – £1,590
14th – £1,360
15th – £1,360
16th – £1,250
17th – £1,250
18th – £1,140
19th – £1,140 – Allan Peers
20th – £1,140 – Ricky Yuill
21st – £1,020 – Jeff Kimber
22nd – £1,020 – Dean Lyall
23rd – £1,020 – Richard Sinclair

Prizepool – £113,500




Two Quick Exits – 02/04/2017 – 12:10

Two quick exits from the tournament as we lose Ricky Yuill on one table, he finishes in 20th place for £1,140.

We then lose Allan Peers in 19th position for the same amount as he cashes for £1,140.

With their eliminations we break a table as we are down to the final two tables in the tournament.



Shuffle Up & Deal- 02/04/2017 – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin the final day.

Blinds are starting at 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante.

20 players remaining.


Players Called In – 02/04/2017 – 11:50

The players have just been called in to take their seats.

We should be underway within 10 minutes.



Day Three Seating Plan – 02/04/2017 – 11:30

Forename Surname Table Seat Current Chips
Steven Rinaldi 1 2 77500
Ayad Sharhani 1 3 101500
James Mclean 1 4 292500
Paul Green 1 5 254000
Gajanthan Kamalanathan 1 6 215500
Andrew Salami 1 8 314500
Sinem Melin 1 9 302000
Ashley Dakin 2 2 177500
Haitao Wu 2 3 801500
Ricky Yuill 2 5 105000
Ian Swan 2 6 140000
Mark Frith 2 8 313500
Tommy Le 2 9 113500
John Mcglynn 3 2 386500
Gary Bertram 3 3 134500
Allan Peers 3 4 175000
Christopher Gordon 3 5 219000
Steven Sharp 3 6 189000
Usman Ulhaq 3 8 84500
Peter Nicol King 3 9 146500



Welcome To The Final Day – 02/04/2017 – 11:15

Good morning and welcome back to the Marbury Casino in Edinburgh for the third and final day of the GUKPT Main Event.

We have 20 players making their back today all guaranteed at least £1,140. However all the players will have their eyes on the first place prize of over £32,000!!

Colin Wu is the man to catch, he had a massive chip lead over the rest of the field. He bagged up over double the stack of John McGlynn who sits in second place.
Full chip counts are:

Colin Wu 801500
John McGlynn 386500
Andrew Salami 314500
Mark Frith 313500
Sin Melin 302000
Jim McLean 292500
Paul Green 254000
Chris Gordon 219000
Gajanthan Kamalanathan 215500
Steven Sharp 189000
Ashley Dakin 177500
Allan Peers 175000
Peter King 146500
Ian Swan 140000
Gary Bertram 134500
Tommy Lee 113500
Ricky Yuill 105000
Ayad Sharhani 101500
Usman Ulhaq 84500
Steve Rinaldi 77500

We will begin play at noon today and it should be a great day of poker.

We’ll be here until we crown a winner later tonight, bringing you hand updates, exits, pictures and chip counts. The live stream will also be running on a thirty minute delay with all hole cards shown. So you can join us live with The Tower on comms.

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