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Published On September 20, 2015 |

GUKPT Luton 2015 Champion Will Davies – 20/09/2015 – 23:30







Final Hand & Interviews – 20/09/2015 – 23:10



Will Davies Takes It Down – 20/09/2015 – 23:01

After four days of play Leg 7 of the GUKPT 2015 Tour is now in the books, with  brand new winner in Will Davies.

It’s been another great event here in Luton, with 226 entries turning out, which beat the 219 runners from last year. The numbers have been good all week for the side event and the main was the icing on the cake.

For the first time ever on the GUKPT tour we came back for Day three not in the money, as today there were 23 players coming back looking to get into the 20 places who would get paid.

We were surprised with how quick it went today, with Martin Holmes becoming the bubble boy, all in with top pair but couldn’t hold against the flush draw of Ben Morrison, who turned the nut flush.

Adam Reynolds was the first player out today, unable to defend his crown he cashed for £2,500 as did Andrey Dimitrov & Chris Cooper who both min cashed.

Up on the next bracket of pay was Dave Clark who was a previous Luton winner, the first ever one in fact in 2007, he took home £2,700, the same amount as Danny Tran & David Stonehouse.

Jerome Bradpiece is a previous winner of a GUKPT Main, he finished in 14th place for £3,150, Neil McCulloch collected the same amount or 13th place.

Nim Rattan ran terribly by doubling two players up just before she was eliminated in 11th place, she took home £3,600, as did Stephen Docherty for 12th who ran Jacks into Queens.

Athir Ali was the unfortunate bubble boy. All in holding pocket fours which couldn’t beat the Ace-King of Gary Banks. Athir would head to the cash desk to collect £4,350 for his 10th place finish.

The final table was set with nine players. Carl Spicer being the short stack and he was the first player to be eliminated. Blind on blind he found an ace but Chris Gordon found a bigger one. 9th place would be good for Carl to cash for £5,150.

The only remaining woman in the tournament was Wai Yuen and she was the next player eliminated, losing a coinflip with A-Q against the J-J of Will Davies. Wai would head to the cashier to collect £6,150.

The only other previous winner at the final table would finish in 7th place. Martin Bader called off his stack holding pocket fives which couldn’t beat the A-6 of Kellett who would hit a six on the turn. Bader cashed for £7,200.

Ben Morrison who started the day as one of the short stacks would of took 6th if he was offered it at the start of the day which is where he finished. His final hand was not being able to hit with A-Q against the pocket Jacks of Richard Kellett who took another player out. Ben would get £8,800 for his efforts.

Chris Gordon looked like one of the favourites to take down the title with five left, he is in form and playing well. That was until the poker gods had other ideas, he got it in with bottom two, but Janis hit runner runner straight to take a huge pot and leave Chris with fumes. He did his best to spin up but it didn’t happen and he would finish in 5th for £12,250.

The chips would then go round and round between the four players as the chip lead and short stacks changed hand numerous times.

Janis Peternieks was eventually the player to finish in 4th for the £17,600 pay day. A rush of blood to the head saw him shove with 10-3 and run into the A-10 of Will. No help for Janis and he would be sent to the cash desk to collect his five figure.

Chip leader from the start of the day Richard Kellett would leave us in third place. Struggling to get anything going for a few levels he would shove with Q-9 and run into the K-Q of Gary who would take the pot and the chip lead into heads up play. Kellett would take home £26,900.

Heads up play would last around 90 minutes with both players playing very small pots. Then a cooler occurred with Will holding KINGS against the A-Q of Gary. The kings held and Will became massive chip leader with 4 million to the 500,000 of Gary.

A few hands later the tournament would be over. A great performance from Gary Banks with him finishing in second place for £42,950, just coming up short.

Will is a regular on the south legs of the tour and it’s great to see a Luton player take down their own leg.

Luton has been a mainstay on the GUKPT tour and has always been well attended, this leg was no different. Everyone has had fun and again the tournaments have ran like clock work.

The GUKPT will be taking a break now, but we will be back n November for everyones favourite leg, Blackpool.

I hope you have enjoyed the coverage over the last four days.

Until next time be lucky.



Prizepool Payout – 20/09/2015 – 22:40

£1000 NLHE F/O
Entries – 226

1st – £65,550 – Will Davies
2nd – £42,950 – Gary Banks
3rd – £26,900 – Richard Kellett
4th – £17,600 – Janis Peternieks
5th – £12,250 – Chris Gordon
6th – £8,800 – Ben Morrison
7th – £7,200 – Martin Bader
8th – £6,150 – Wai Yuen
9th – £5.150 – Carl Spicer
10th – £4,350 – Athir Ali
11th – £3,600 – Nim Rattan
12th – £3,600 – Stephen Docherty
13th – £3,150 – Neil McCulloch
14th – £3,150 – Jerome Bradpiece
15th – £2,700 – David Clark
16th – £2,700 – David Stonehouse
17th – £2,700 – Danny Tran
18th – £2,500 – Chris Cooper
19th – £2,500 – Andrey Dimitrov
20th – £2,500 – Adam Reynolds

Prizepool – £226,000



It’s All Over – 20/09/2015 – 22:34

Gary moves all in and Will makes the call.

Gary is drawing thin tabling against the of Will.

The flop comes giving Will top two.

The turn card comes leaving Gary drawing dead.

The river is a meaningless .

Gary Banks finishes in second place for £42,950.

Will Davies is the GUKPT Luton Main Event Champion 2015 winning £65,550.



Doubles For Davies – 20/09/2015 – 22:20

Raise, re-raise, all in, call… A huge 4 million chip pot!

Will tables KINGS

Gary – A-Q

The kings hold for Will who takes the pot and the chip lead with 4 million.

Gary is left with just 500,000.



Heads Up Snaps – 20/09/2015 – 22:10








Small Pot Poker – 20/09/2015 – 22:02

Very small pots being played so far heads up.

We haven’t seen one three bet yet and most of the pots have been took down on the flop.

Gary still holds  commanding 2:1 chip lead over Will.



Play Back Underway – 20/09/2015 – 21:55

The players are back seated as we get back underway.

Blinds 30,000/60,000.



Break Time – 20/09/2015 – 21:48

Break time now for the players as they race the 1k chips off.




Heads Up Chip Counts – 20/09/2015 – 21:45

Gary Banks – 3,150,000

Will Davies – 1,350,000


Blinds Up – 20/09/2015 – 21:40

The blinds increase for the first hand heads up.

They are now 30,000/60,000. No antes.



Richard Kellett 3rd – 20/09/2015 – 21:37

Gary Banks opens, Richard Kellett move all in for his 15 bigs and Gary makes the call when the action comes back to him.

Gary tables and has the of Richard crushed.

The flop comes giving Gary top two pair and leaves Richard needing runner runner.

The turn card comes leaves Kellett drawing dead.

The river card

Gary takes the pot with two pair.

Richard Kellett heads out in 3rd place for £26,900.



Prizepool Payout – 20/09/2015 – 21:32

£1000 NLHE F/O
Entries – 226

1st – £65,550
2nd – £42,950
3rd – £26,900
4th – £17,600 – Janis Peternieks
5th – £12,250 – Chris Gordon
6th – £8,800 – Ben Morrison
7th – £7,200 – Martin Bader
8th – £6,150 – Wai Yuen
9th – £5.150 – Carl Spicer




The Final Three – 20/09/2015 – 21:20



Janis Peternieks 4th – 20/09/2015 – 21:10

Will Davies opens the button to 110,000. Janis Peternieks move all in for 816,000 from the big blind. Will makes the call and the cards go on their backs…

Janis has it in in awful shape tabling against the of Will

The board runs out

Will takes the pot with two pair he now has 1.7million.

We lose Janis Peternieks in 4th place for £17,600.




Chip Counts – 20/09/2015 – 20:55


Gary Banks 1955000
Richard Kellett 1140000
Will Davies 937000
Janis Peternieks 517000

Level 27 – 20/09/2015 – 20:51

The blinds increase as the players are seated to begin level number 27.

They are now  25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante.

4 players remaining.


Break Time 20/09/2015 – 20:42

Break time now for the players as we take ten minutes.



Banks Over 2 Million – 20/09/2015 – 20:40

On a board reading Gary Banks bets 125,000 into around 200,000. Janis Peterneiks raises to 275,000. Gary announces all in!!

Janis goes into the tanks and then passes leaving himself with 450,000.

Gary now has over 2million.




Cold Four Bet From Janis – 20/09/2015 – 20:22

Will Davies makes it 80,000, Gary Banks three bets to 225,000.

Janis Peterneiks then cold four bets all in and quickly gets it through as both players pass.

Easy for Janis as he adds over 300,000 to his stack.





Chip Counts – 20/09/2015 – 20:12

Gary Banks 1500000
Will Davies 1100000
Richard Kellett 1000000
Janis Peternieks 800000



Level 26 – 20/09/2015 – 20:02

The blinds increase as we begin level number 26.

They are now 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

4 players remaining.



Doubles for Davies – 20/09/2015 – 19:55

Janis Peterneiks makes it 65,000 to play, Will Davies moves all in for his 460,000 stack and Janis makes the call after some time in the tank.

Will has the best hand tabling against the of Janis.

The flop comes as Will flops top pair.

The turn card comes giving Janis a gut shot straight draw, he has four outs to win the hand.

The river card comes

Will takes the pot and doubles to just short of a million chips.





Chips Going Round – 20/09/2015 – 19:45

The chips are just being passed round at the minute with no big hands to speak of.

Janis has just took the chip lead from Gary Banks, while Kellett is in third all around the 1.3million mark as it’s very close.

Will is a little way back with 600,000 which is still 20 bigs.



Huge Pot For Banks – 20/09/2015 – 19:31

Gary Banks opens to 60,000, Janis Peternieks calls. Richard Kellett then three bets to 150,000. Back to Gary who four bets to 300,000…Janis quickly gets out of the way and Richard makes the quick call.

The flop comes Richard checks and Gary checks behind.

The turn card comes Kellett checks, Gary announce ALL IN!!

Kellett exhales and quickly folds as Gary takes that huge pot!



The Final Four – 20/09/2015 – 19:24





Chip Counts – 20/09/2015 – 19:12


Richard Kellett 1700000
Gary Banks 1200000
Janis Peternieks 950000
Will Davies 535000


Level 25 – 20/09/2015 – 19:08

The players are now back seated as we begin level 25.

The blinds are now 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Four players remaining which means we are now on a 45 minute clock.



Break Time – 20/09/2015 – 18:55

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Chris Gordon 5th – 20/09/2015 – 18:52

After doubling up a few times Chris Gordon gets his short stack in again holding against the of Will Davies.

The flop comes as Will flops a full house.

The turn card comes !! Giving Will quads!!

The river card is a meaningless

Will takes the pot doubling to 360,000.

Chris Gordon is crippled and then busts the very next hand for £12,250.



Ben Morrison 6th – 20/09/2015 – 18:49

Ben Morrison moves all in for his 260,000 stack and is called by Richard Kellett.

Ben tables and will need to hit as Richard tables .

The board runs out

The jacks hold for Richard who takes the pot.

We lose Ben Morrison in 6th place for £8,800.




Sick For Gordon – 20/09/2015 – 18:40

Chris Gordon and Janis Peternieks see a flop of in a limped pot from the blinds.

Janis leads for 26,000, Chris raises to 75,000, Janis moves all in and Chris makes the call.

Janis tables for top pair, Chris shows for bottom two pair.

The turn card comes giving Janis a straight draw.

The river card is !!! Janis hits runner runner straight to double to 1 million chips.

Chris is left with just 40,000.



Chip Counts – 20/09/2015 – 18:25

Chip counts from the final 6.

Richard Kellett 1500000
Gary Banks 1000000
Janis Peternieks 550000
Chris Gordon 500000
Will Davies 470000
Ben Morrison 370000



Martin Bader 7th – 20/09/2015 – 18:09

The action folds round to Richard Kellett in the small blind who moves all in and Martin Bader calls from the big blind for his 200,000 stack.

It’s a flip as Bader tables against the of Kellett.

The flop comes

The turn card comes as Richard takes the lead in the hand, Martin picks up a straight draw.

The river card comes

Richard takes the pot and is now up to 1.5million.

We lose Martin Bader in 7th place for £7,200.



Level 24 – 20/09/205 – 17:59

The blinds increase as we begin level 24.

They are now 12,000/24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

7 players remaining.



Wai Yuen 8th – 20/09/2015 – 17:54

Wain Yuen and Will Davies get their stacks in pre in a big coinflip.

Wai –

Will –

The board runs out

The jacks hold for crowd favourite Will as he takes the pot and now has

We lose Wai Yuen in 8th place for £6,150.





All is Quiet – 20/09/2015 – 17:47

There have been a few shoves all in from the short stacks, but apart from that there has not been too much to report here on the final table as we approach the next level of play.


Prizepool Payout – 20/09/2015 – 17:36

£1000 NLHE F/O
Entries – 226

1st – £65,550
2nd – £42,950
3rd – £26,900
4th – £17,600
5th – £12,250
6th – £8,800
7th – £7,200
8th – £6,150
9th – £5.150 – Carl Spicer




Carl Spicer 9th – 20/09/2015 – 17:20

The action folds round to Carl Spicer in the small blind who moves all in for his less than ten bigs stack and is called by Chris Gordon in the big blind.

Carl tables and will need to find  deuce as Chris shows

The board runs out

No help for Carl and he is eliminated in 9th place for £5.150.



Final Table Underway – 20/09/2015 – 17:09

The final table is now underway here in Luton.

Blinds starting at 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.

9 players remaining. Average stack is 502,000.



Chip Counts & Seating Plan – 20/09/2015 – 17:02


Richard Kellett 1272000
Ben Morrison 600000
Chris Gordon 599000
Gary Banks 563000
Wai Yuen 382000
Janis Peternieks 370000
Will Davies 358000
Martin Bader 224000
Carl Spicer 150000

Final Table

Seat One – Richard Kellett – 1,272,000
Seat Two – Martin Bader – 224,000
Seat Three – Will Davies – 358,000
Seat Four – Gary Banks – 563,000
Seat Five – Wai Yuen – 382,000
Seat Six – Ben Morrison – 600,000
Seat Seven – Janis Peternieks – 370,000
Seat Eight – Carl Spicer – 150,000
Seat Nine – Chris Gordon – 599,000




Break Time – 20/09/2015 – 16:41

Break time now for the players as we set up the final table.



Two All Ins – 20/09/2015 – 16:38

All in on both tables!

Wai Yuen all in holding against the of Carl Spicer.

The board runs out Wai turns a King, the rivers a full house to take the pot doubling to around 400,000, Carl is left with around 150,000.


On the other table Athir Ali calls off his 100,000 stack holding against the of Gary Banks.

The flop comes Ace high as Gary takes the lead. No four and we lose Athir Ali in 10th place for £4,350.




Double For Gordon – 20/09/2015 – 16:26

The first all in and a call we get Chris Gordon all in from the button for his 290,000 and called by Will Davies in the big.

Chris is ahead tabling against the of Will.

Chris stays infront as the board runs out

He takes the pot and now has 600,000 while Will is down to 330,000.




Blinds Up – 20/09/2015 – 16:15

No action to speak of during the last 20 minutes of play.

The blinds now increase to 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Still ten players remaining.



Shortest Stacks – 20/09/2015 – 15:55

None of the players are in immediate danger at the moment.

The shortest stacks are Athir Ali, Chris Gordon and Martin Bader, who have around 220,000 each.



Hand For Hand – 20/09/2015 – 15:42

We are now hand for hand on the final table bubble.



Nim Rattan 11th – 20/09/2015 – 15:40

Nim Rattan, short stacked after doubling two players up gets it all in holding pocket eights. Unfortunately she runs into the pocket jacks of Janis Peternieks.

The jacks hold and we lose Nim in 11th place for £3,600.




Stephen Docherty 12th – 20/09/2015 – 15:30

Stephen Doherty is first to act and he moves all in for his 149,000 stack, Ben Morrison also moves all in!! The blinds get out of the way and the cards go on their backs.

Stephen tables and needs to find another Jack as Ben shows

Ben says he doesn’t feel good about this one as the flop comes giving Stephen  set!!

The turn card comes !! Ben turns an open ended straight draw.

The river card is :9 !!! Ben hits runner runner straight to take the 300,000 pot, he adds it to the rest of his stack which not totals just short of 600,000.

Very unlucky for Stephen as he is eliminated from the tournament in 12th place for £3,600.




Level 22 – 20/09/2015 – 15:18

The blinds increase as the players begin the next level of play which is level 22.

They are now 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

12 players remaining.


Neil McCulloch 13th – 20/09/2015 – 15:13

Apologies for no hand details but we have just lost Neil McCulloch in 13th place for £3,150.

A great effort from a regular on the tour.

Neil heads out while Ben Morrison stacks his chips.

Down to 12 players. Just three off the final table.





Jerome Bradpiece 14th – 20/09/2015 – 14:58

Will Davies makes it 25,000 from the button, Jerome Bradpiece moves all in from the small blind for his 43,000 short stack. Carl Spicer then enters the pot raises to 90,000 from the big blind.

Back to Will who announces all in for around 400,000, Carl disgustingly passes and the cards go on their backs.

Jerome sees the bad news tabling against the of Will, who is free rolling the hand.

The board runs out

The tens hold as Will takes the pot, stacking more chips he is now up to 500,000.

We lose Jerome Bradpiece in 14th place for £3,150.




Bradpiece Crippled – 20/09/2015 – 14:50

Short stacks Jerome Bradpiece & Martin Bader get it all in pre flop.

Martin has against the of Jerome.

Jeromes loses another coinflip as the board runs out

He is crippled down to just 15,000. While Martin doubles up to 280,000.



Banks Doubles – 20/09/2015 – 14:42

Gary Banks gets it all in with against the of Carl Spicer.

The flop comes as Carl picks up the nut flush draw.

The turn card comes

The river card

A sweat for Gary but his Ace-King holds to take the pot. Doubling up to 440,000.

Carl loses 200,000 from his stacks but still has over 400,000.



David Clark 15th – 20/09/2015 – 14:30

David Clark has just 50,000 in total as Jerome Bradpiece moves all in on Daves big blind. He already has 12000 in the middle and calls the rest off.

He has live cards tablng against the of Jerome.

The board runs out

The ace-king high is good enought for Jerome to take the pot. Although he is still short stacked with around 150,000.

We lose the first ever Main Event champion from Luton, David Clark as he finishes in 15th place for £2,700.



Chip Counts – 20/09/2015 – 14:20


Richard Kellett 1058000
Carl Spicer 629500
Will Davies 410000
Janis Peternieks 365000
Wai Yuen 329000
Chris Gordon 267000
Neil McCulloch 263500
Nim Rattan 236000
Ben Morrison 207000
Martin Bader 201500
Stephen Docherty 198000
Gary Banks 180000
Jerome Bradpiece 96000
Athir Ali 65000
David Clark 51000



Level 21 – 20/09/2015 – 14:18

The players are back seated as we begin level number 21.
They blinds are now 6,000/12,000 with a 1,500 ante.
15 players remaining.


Break Time – 20/09/2015 – 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Full chip counts to follow.




Double For Davies – 20/09/2015 – 13:47

Will Davies from the small blind and Chris Gordon on the button get it all in pre flop with Will at risk or his 200,000 stack. He has the best hand though tabling against the of Chris.

The board runs out :Jd4s

Will takes the pot doubling to his peak stack of 430,000.

Chris is down to 170,000.




David Stonehouse 16th – 20/09/2015 – 13:40

David Stonehouse has been short stacked all of today and hasn’t had any cards or opportunities to get his stack in the middle. In late position Dave finds and moves all in for his 55,000 stack. He is called by Jerome Bradpiece who tables

The board comes out

The ace-queen is good for Jerome who takes the pot.

We lose David Stonehouse in 16th place for £2,700.




Jacks Hold For Wai – 20/09/2015 – 13:31

Jerome Bradpiece and Wai Yuen get it in pre flop in a big coinflip Wai tabling the made hand against the two overs of Jerome who shows

The board comes out

Wai celebrates as she gets another double up, she is now up to just short of 300,000. Jerome has around 150,000 left.



Double Ups – 20/09/2015 – 13:21

Double ups on both tables…

Wai Yuen all in for her 50,000 stack with against the of Dave Clark.

The board runs out !! Ace on the river for Wai as she gets a much needed double up to 120,000.

On the other tables Stephen Dochert gets his 110,000 stack all in pre flop holding against the of Ben Morrison.

The board runs out

The king plays for Stephen who doubles up to just short of 250,000, Ben is left with around 210,000.




Danny Tran 17th – 20/09/2015 – 13:10

Danny Tran four bet shoves his 18 big stack all in and in holding and runs into the of Janis Peternieks.

The board runs out

Janis takes the pot and now has around 430,000.

We lose Danny Tran in 17th place for £2,700.



Level 20 – 20/09/2015 – 13:01

The blinds increase for the first time today as we begin level number 20.

They are now 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

17 players remaining.

Average stack is 282,000.



Chris Cooper 18th – 20/09/2015 – 12:59

Chris Cooper opens to 120,000 leaving himself with around 70,000. Then something a little strange happens Carl Spicer is in the small blind and he thinks he is blind on blind so he puts a big stack over the line covering Wai Yuen in the big. Carl is then asked to match the 120,000 bet that he didn’t see had already been made. He does so. Wai gets out of the way and the two players go to the flop with 240,000.

The flop comes Chris moves all in and Carl makes the call.

Chris tables :Q for two overs. Carl shows for top pair.

The turn card comes

The river card

The miss click pays off for Carl as he takes the pot. He now has IMGP8702

We lose Chris Cooper in 18th place for £2,500.



Two Tables – 20/09/2015 – 12:55

Another exit from the tables as we lose Andrey Dimitrov.

With his elimination we are now down to the final two tables of the tournament.




The Champ is Eliminated – 20/09/2015 – 12:44

Last years champion Adam Reynolds has just been eliminated from the tournament as the first player out in the money. He finishes in 20th place for £2,500.


His chips go to Kellett who is strong favourite to take home the trophy.

Richard Kellett increases his stack to over 900,000, which is average for 5 players left.


Prizepool Payout – 20/09/2015 – 12:40

£1000 NLHE F/O
Entries – 226

1st – £65,550
2nd – £42,950
3rd – £26,900
4th – £17,600
5th – £12,250
6th – £8,800
7th – £7,200
8th – £6,150
9th – £5.150
10th – £4,350
11th – £3,600
12th – £3,600
13th – £3,150
14th – £3,150
15th – £2,700
16th – £2,700
17th – £2,700
18th – £2,500
19th – £2,500
20th – £2,500

Prizepool – £226,000



The Bubble Bursts – 20/09/2015 – 12:30

Martin Holmes makes it 17,000 from the button and is called by Ben Morrison and Athir Ali in the blinds.

The flop comes Ben and Athir check to Martin who moves all in for his 75,000 stack!! Ben also move all in! Athir gets out of the way and the cards go on their backs…

Martin tables for top pair

Ben shows for two overs and the nut flush draw.

The turn card comes Ben turns the flush and now has a lock on the hand on the pot.

The river card is a meaningless

Ben takes the pot and now has over 330,000 a great start to the day considering he started with 85,000.

We lose Martin Holmes from the field as we are now in the money.




Bubble Time – 20/09/2015 – 12:13

We are now hand for hand on the money bubble.



Edward Overall 22nd – 20/09/2015 – 12:11

The action folds round to Kellett who moves all in putting the pressure on the short stacks to his left.

Ed Overall calls off his 75,000 stack.

Ed has it in good tabling against the of Kellett.

The flop comes !!!! Kellett flops a house to leave Ed with two outs.

The turn card comes

The river card

Kellett busts another player as we lose Ed in 22nd place.




Nathan Lee 23rd – 20/09/2015 – 12:09

While my back is turned short stack Nathan Lee busts to Richard Kellett.

Nathan heads out in 23rd while Kellett increases his chip lead.




All Ins – 20/09/2015 – 12:07

With their being so many short stacks we are expecting a lot of early action.

There has been an all in on all three tables in the first five minutes.

Danny Tran, Jerome Bradpiece and Ed Overall all getting there shoves through.



Shuffle Up & Deal – 20/09/2015 – 12:01

The cards are in the air bang on time as we begin day three.

The blinds are 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante.

23 players remaining.




Seating Plan – 20/09/2015 – 11:56

Table One

Seat One – Athir Ali
Seat Two – Gary Banks
Seat Three – Stephen Docherty
Seat Four – Danny Tran
Seat Five – Nim Rattan
Seat Six – Martin Bader
Seat Seven – Martin Holmes
Seat Eight – Ben Morrison



Table Two

Seat One – Chris Gordon
Seat Two – Chris Cooper
Seat Three – Neil McCulloch
Seat Four – Will Davies
Seat Five – Jerome Bradpiece
Seat Six – Carl Spicer
Seat Seven – Wai Yuen
Seat Eight – David Clark



Table Three

Seat One – Richard Kellett
Seat Two – Janis Peternieks
Seat Three – Ed Overall
Seat Four – Nathan Lee
Seat Five – Adam Reynolds
Seat Six – David Stonehouse
Seat Seven – Andrey Dimitrov

Players Called In – 20/09/2015 – 11:50

The players have just been called in to take their seats.

We should be underway in ten minutes time.



Day Three Chip Counts – 20/09/2015 – 11:40


Richard Kellett 611500
Martin Bader 430500
Carl Spicer 429500
Gary Banks 376000
Chris Gordon 283000
David Clark 249000
Neil McCulloch 187500
Chris Cooper 176000
Wai Kwan Yuen 173000
Adam Reynolds 165000
Athir Ali 163000
Janis Peternieks 160000
Will Davies 144500
Stephen Docherty 132500
Martin Holmes 132000
Nim Rattan 113000
Danny Tran 110000
David Stonehouse 104000
Jerome Bradpiece 90000
Andrey Dimitrov 88000
Ben Morrison 85500
Nathan Lee 67500
Edward Overall 60500


Welcome To Day Three – 20/09/2015 – 11:30

Good morning and welcome back to the Grosvenor casino in Luton for the third and final day of the Main Event. Out of the 226 entries we had in total there are 23 players making their way back for day three.

This is the first time in nine years that on day three the players are not coming back in the money.

Of the 23 players coming back, three players will be leaving empty handed as only 20 players will be paid.

Play begins at noon today with the live stream starting at 12:25pm, it should be a great days poker with the winner taking home £65,550.



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