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Published On July 2, 2017 |

Final Interviews – 03/07/2017 – 03:25



Goodbye From London – 03/07/2017 – 03:20

Wow! Well what an event that was! London delivered again for the second time this year! This Poker Room really is like no other.

A massive 449 entries in total for the £500 main event which was a NEW record. The Poker Room in London keeps on breaking records on the GUKPT Tour.

Today there were 30 players coming back to do battle and we knew we were in for a long one. 15 hours later we have a champion in George Alexander. It was a very cagey final table, but he ran the best and played out of his skin, which means he goes home with £50,000, the total and the trophy.

Thank You to everyone who has interacted with us over the last four days of play, whether it was in the chatbox on the live stream, liking our pictures posts or entering our Facebook competitions. Where we haven give away over £330 of tokens.

That’s it from London. We hope you have enjoyed the coverage over the four days of play. We’ll be back in less than four weeks time at the GOLIATH!!! If we don’t see you there please join us online.

Until next time, be lucky.



GUKPT London 2017 Main Event Champion George Alexander – 03/07/2017 – 03:10



Prizepool Payout – 03/07/2017 – 03:04

GUKPT London
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries: 449

1st – £50,000 – George Alexander
2nd – £40,450 – Andrew Christoforou
3rd – £34,400 – Guilio Mascolo
4th – £15,000 – Eric Le Goff
5th – £9,850 – Ahmad Abedlhadi
6th – £7,200 – Axat Mawji
7th – £5,600 – Damian Watson
8th – £4,500 – Chris Cooper
9th – £3,600 – Sebastien Pawlak
10th – £3,150 – Paul Scipioni
11th – £2,900 – Graeme Bester
12th – £2,700 – Bob Vanhellenberghubar
13th – £2,450 – Dost Ghrabie
14th – £2,250 – Tina Bandyle
15th – £2,250 – Ion Mican
16th – £2,000 – Georg Stehberger AK vs KK
17th – £2,000 – Geoffroy Combette
18th – £2,000 – Krishna Nagaraju
19th – £1,800 – Dan Samson
20th – £1,800 – Jose Auslander
21st – £1,800 – Reza Fazeli
22nd – £1,800 – Joao Riberio
23rd – £1,550 – Josh Bolton
24th – £1,550 – Hans Bakkelund
25th – £1,550 – Francis Foordbrown
26th – £1,550 – Joost Schippers
27th – £1,550 – Paul Dunne
28th – £1,350 – Renee Xie
29th – £1,350 – Chris Kadji
30th – £1,350 – Adalstein Bjarnason
31st – £1,350 – Arie Juliusburger
32nd – £1,250 – Jack Oliver
33rd – £1,250 – Haukur Bobvarsson
34th – £1,100 – Dan Kneafsey
35th – £1,100 – Vikrum Mehta
36th – £1,100 – Aleks Spadijer
37th – £1,100 – Ryan Connelly
38th – £1,000 – Sam Harwood
39th – £1,000 – JP Kelly
40th – £1,000 – Dan Hopkins
41st – £1,000 – Mike Ellis
42nd – £334 – Adam Stoneham
43rd – £334 – Jon Jonsson
44th – £334 – Trevor Lawson



It’s All Over – 03/07/2017 – 03:01

Andrew Christoforou gets his 5 bigs in the middle holding against the of George in a coinflip.

The flop comes as Andrew flops top pair, but George flops a set!!!

The turn card comes leaving Andrew drawing dead.

The river card comes a meaningless

Andrew Christoforou is our runner up taking home £40,450.

George Alexander is the GUKPT London 2017 Main Event Champion taking home £50,000.




Blinds Up – 03/07/2017 – 02:58

The blinds increase after one hand of heads up play, they are now 80,000/160,000 as we begin level 32.

No antes, heads up.



Heads Up Counts – 03/07/2017 – 02:50

George Alexander – 8.2million

Andrew Christoforou – 800k



Guilio Mascolo 3rd – 03/07/2017 – 02:40

George Alexander makes it 300,000 to play, Guilio Mascolo moves all in for his 800k total stack and George calls.

Guilio tables and will need to hold to survive against the of George.

The flop comes

The turn card

The river card !!!

George rivers two pair to take the pot.

We lose Guilio Mascolo in 3rd place for £34,400.



George Dominating – 03/07/2017 – 02:20

George is dominating the final three at the minute and has over 5 million chips!!

Andrew Christoforou has 13 bigs and Guilio Mascolo is down to just 10 bigs.



Level Up – 03/07/2017 – 02:03

The blinds increase as we begin level 31.

They are no 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante.

Three players remaining.



Flattening The Payouts – 03/07/2017 – 01:50

The players have decided to flatten the payouts, taking £10,000 off the top and adding it to third place.



1st – £60,000
2nd – £40,450
3rd – £24,400



1st – £50,000
2nd – £40,450
3rd – £34,400


Eric Le Goff 4th – 03/07/2017 – 01:43

Eric moves all in for his 14 bigs and is called by George Alexander.

Eric needs help tabling against the of George who is ahead.

The community cards come out

The ace high is good for George to take the pot. He is now big chip leader with 4.5million.

We lose Eric Le Goff in 4th place for £15,000.



Christoforou Doubles – 03/07/2017 – 01:35

Andrew Christoforou moves all in and is called by Eric Le Goff.

Andrew  has the best hand tabling against the of Eric.

The board runs out

The Queen plays for Andrew who doubles up to 2 million chips.

Eric is now short stack with 1.4million.


Chip Counts – 03/07/2017 – 01:20

Guilio Mascolo 2925000
Eric Le Goff 2915000
George Alexander 1860000
Andrew Christoforou 1285000



Level 30 – 03/07/2017 – 01:16

The players are back seated as we begin level 30.

The blinds are now 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

4 players remaining.


Break Time – 03/07/2017 – 01:07

Break time now for the players as they take 10 minutes.



George Takes The Chip Lead – 03/07/2017 – 01:01

George Alexander moves all in for his 1.3million stack from the button and is called by Eric Le Goff in the big blind.

George tables and will need to hit against the of Eric.

The flop comes as George takes the lead with top pair, Eric picks up the nut flush draw.

The turn card comes giving Eric more outs.

The river card comes

George asks for a brick and gets it, he doubles up to 2.6million, which is good for the chip lead!!

Eric is down to 2.5million.



Alexander Doubles – 03/07/2017 – 00:45

George Alexander down to just 540,000 gets it all in pre flop holding against the of Guilio Mascolo.

The board comes out

Top pair for George as he gets a much needed double up to just over a million!



All is Quiet – 03/07/2017 – 00:35

No action to speak of during this level so far.

20 minutes in and nothing to report.



Blinds Up – 03/07/2017 – 00:21

The blinds increase as we begin level number 29.

They are now 40,000/80,000 with a 8,000 ante.

We’re now four handed so we are down to a 45 minute clock.



Short Stacks Fighting – 03/07/2017 – 00:01

Andrew Christoforou and George Alexander were the short stacks but they are both putting up a fight and have increased their stacks to over a million. Both players now have around 20 bigs.



Ahmad Abedlhadi 5th – 02/07/2017 – 23:45

Ahmad Abedlhadi gets his 450,000 stack all in pre holding but is dominated by the of Guilio Mascolo.

The board comes down

Top pair for Guilio has he takes the pot and now has

Ahmad Abedlhadi heads out in 5th place for £9,850.


Three Way All In! – 02/07/2017 – 23:35

Guilio Mascolo limps the button, George Alexander shoves from the small blind, Ahmad Abedlhadi shoves the big blind. Guilio calls off his stack and we have a three way all in!!

Guilio –
George –
Ahmad –

The board runs out

Guilios kings hold as he trebles up to 1.8million!!

George is counterfeited and hands the side pot over to Ahmad who now has 450,000.

George loses both pots and is left with 890,000.


Chip Counts – 02/07/2017 – 23:23

Eric Le Goff 4,706,000
George Alexander 1,484000
Ahmad Abedlhadi 871,000
Guilio Mascolo 733,000
Andrew Christoforou 687,000


Level 27 – 02/07/2017 – 23:17

The players are back seated as we begin level 27.

The blinds are now 30,000/60,000 with a 6,000 ante.

5 players remaining.



Break Time – 02/07/2017 – 23:03

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Full chip counts to follow.


Left To Play For – 02/07/2017 – 22:50

1st – £60,000
2nd – £40,450
3rd – £24,400
4th – £15,000
5th – £9,850



Axat Mawji 6th – 02/07/2017 – 22:40

Axat Mawji who has been short stacked all final table gets his 330,000 stack all in holding against the of George Alexander.

The flop comes giving Axat a gut shot, but he doesn’t need to hit, he just needs to dodge Kings and Queens.

The turn card comes !! George takes the lead and leaves Axat needing a nine or Ace.

The river card

George takes the pot and now has 1.3million.

We lose Axat Mawji in 6th place for £7,200.



Damian Watson 7th – 02/07/2017 – 22:30

Damian Watson down to 750,000 moves all in and is called by Eric Le Goff.

It’s a huge 1.5million flip as Damian tables against the of Eric.

The flop comes Damian takes the lead with top pair, but Eric flops an open ended straight draw.

The turn card comes !! Eric turns a straight and leaves Damian looking for a king to survive.

The river card comes

Damian makes two pair, but that’s not enough, he heads out in 7th place for £5,600.


Eric is now chip leader with around 3.4million.



Chris Cooper 8th – 02/07/2017 – 22:20

Eric Le Goff just received a huge double through Damian Watson for 2 million chips!!

A few hands later Eric Le Goff shoves the small blind and Chris Cooper calls off his 330,000 stack in the big blind.

Eric tables against the of Chris.

The board comes down

Two pair for Eric as he takes the pot and now has 2.4million which is close to Guilio for the chip lead.

We lose Chris Cooper in 8th place for £4,500.



Level 27 – 02/07/2017 – 22:14

The blinds increase to 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante as we begin level 27.

Still 8 players remaining.



Watson Up To 2 mil! – 02/07/2017 – 22:05

Damian Watson opens to 105,000. Guilio Mascolo three bets to 260,000, Damian makes the call, leaving himself with 700k behind.

The flop comes
Damian checks, Guilio bets the lot! Moving all in!! Damian goes into the tank and after around a minute, he makes the call, putting himself at risk.

Guilio has been caught at it, tabling

Damian has made a great call with second pair as he tables

The turn card comes giving Guilio outs as he picks up a flush draw.

The river card

Damians top pair is good for a double up!! He is now up to 2million!!

Guilio takes a hit and is left with 2.4million, which is still good for the chip lead.



Double For Le Goff – 02/07/2017 – 22:01

Eric moves all in for his 500,000 stack and is called by George Alexander in the big blind.

Eric tables and its a flip against the of George.

The board runs out

The nines hold for Eric who doubles up to 1.2million.

George is left with 775,000.



Sebastien Pawlak 9th – 02/07/2017 – 21:50

Sebastien Pawlak and Ahmad Abedlhadi see a flop of

Sebastien moves all in for his tiny stack and is called by Ahmad.

Both players have flopped top pair as Seb tables and Ahmad shows , Sebastien will need a nine to survive.

The turn card comes giving Ahmad two pair and a lock on the hand.

The river card is a meaningless

Ahmad takes the pot and now has

We lose the Sebastien Pawlak in 9th place for £3,600.



Small Double For Seb – 02/07/2017 – 21:45

Sebastien Pawlak gets his short stack of 110,000 all in and is called by Guilio Mascolo.

Sebastien tables and is in bad shape against the of Guilio

The flop comes as both players make a pair,

The turn card comes giving Sebastien an open ended straight draw.

The river card comes !!

Seb makes a straight on the river to double up to 280,000. He still has work to do though, to get back in the game.


All is Quiet – 02/07/2017 – 21:35

This has been the slowest final table we have seen in some time.

Only two players at the moment have more than 30 big blinds.

The players are playing for big money, so you can understand them tightening up and not wanting to make any mistakes.


Double for Damian – 02/07/2017 – 21:20

Short stack Damian Watson gets his nine bigs all in holding against the of Sebastien Pawlak.

The board runs out

Damian makes a straight to double up to around 800,000!

He’s now back in the game.

Sebastien is now back in the game.


Chip Counts – 02/07/2017 – 21:14

Guilio Mascolo 3309000
George Alexander 1549000
Andrew Christoforou 772000
Ahmad Abedlhadi 751000
Chris Cooper 584000
Sebastien Pawlak 556000
Eric Le Goff 556000
Axat Mawji 517000
Damian Watson 387000



Level 26 – 02/07/2017 – 21:04

The players are back from the dinner break as we begin level 26.

The blind are now 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Still 9 players remaining.


Dinner Break – 02/07/2017 – 20:15

No action in the first 45 minutes of final table play.

The players are now on a 45minute dinner break.


The Final Table – 02/07/2017 – 20:01



Prizepool Payout – 02/07/2017 – 19:45

1st – £60,000
2nd – £40,450
3rd – £24,400
4th – £15,000
5th – £9,850
6th – £7,200
7th – £5,600
8th – £4,500
9th – £3,600



Final Underway – 02/07/2017 -19:30

The players are seated for the final.

The blinds starting at 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

9 players remaining.



Final Table Seating & Chip Counts – 19:21

Final Table

Seat One – Axat Mawji 443,000
Seat Two – Sebastien Pawlak 1,164,000
Seat Three – Andrew Christoforou 766,000
Seat Four – Damian Watson 430,000
Seat Five – Eric Le Goff 670,000
Seat Six – Chris Cooper 602,000
Seat Seven – Guilio Mascolo 2,968,000
Seat Eight – George Alexander 1,134,000
Seat Nine – Ahmad Abedlhadi 815,000

Guilio Mascolo 2968000
Sebastien Pawlak 1164000
George Alexander 1134000
Ahmad Abedlhadi 815000
Andrew Christoforou 766000
Eric Le Goff 670000
Chris Cooper 602000
Axat Mawji 443000
Damian Watson 430000




Break Time – 02/07/2017 – 19:01

Break time now for the players as they take 20 minutes before the final begins.


Paul Scipioni 10th – 02/07/2017 – 18:55

Paul Scipioni doubles Ahmed up and is left with just 370,000.

Two hands later Ahmed  Abedlhadi moves all in, Paul Scipioni moves all in!!! The rest of the players get out of the way and the two hands are tabled….

Paul –

Ahmed –

The board runs out

The king plays as Ahmed takes the pot and has span his stack up to 820,000.

We lose Paul Scipioni in 10th place for  £3,150.



LEvel Up – 02/07/2017 – 18:45

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Still ten players remaining.



Another Double – 02/07/2017 – 18:40

Paul Scipioni gets his 300,000 stack all in holding and is in bad shape against the of Axat Mawji.

The board runs out

Paul makes two pair to double up to 650,000.



Double For Alexander – 02/07/2017 – 18:30

Paul Scipioni makes it 50,000 pre flop and is called by George Alexander in the ig blind.

The two players go to the flop which comes George checks to Paul who bets 50,000, George announcs all in, it’s for just over half a million chips. After some time in the tank Paul makes the call.

George tables for a pair of nines,
Paul shows for a pair and a flush draw.

The turn card comes

The river card

George takes the pot and doubles to around 1.1million.

Paul is left with 300k.


Hand For Hand – 02/07/2017 – 18:20

With the exit of Graeme we are now hand for hand on the final table bubble.


Graeme Bester 111th – 02/07/2017 – 18:10

Paul Scipioni opens to 50,000 and is called by Graeme Bester in the big blind.

The flop comes Graeme is first to act and ships in his 160,000 stack. Paul snap calls!!

Paul tables for top pair Graeme shows for an open ended straight draw.

The turn card comes

The river card

Paul takes the pot with a pair of tens, he now has 900k.

We lose Graeme Bester in 11th place for £2,900.


Bob Vanhellenberghubar – 02/07/2017 – 17:55

Andrew Christoforou makes it 50,000 to play, Eric Le Goff calls, Bob Vanhellenberghubar then moves all in for his 150,000 stack. Andrew goes into the tank before also moving all in for his 300k. Eric gets out of the way and the cards go on their backs.

It’s a flip as Bob tables against the of Andrew.

The flop comes

The turn card giving Andrew the lead, but it also gives Bob a straight draw.

The river card comes

Andrew makes trips on the river, takes the pot and now has around 500k.

We lose Bob Vanhellenberghubar in 12th place for £2,700

Level 24 – 02/07/2017 – 17:41

The blinds increase as we begin level 24.

They are now 12,000/24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

12 players remaining.



Dost Ghrabie 13th – 02/07/2017 – 17:36

Guilio Mascolo opens, Dost Ghrabie three bet shoves for a massive 600k!! Thirty bigs… Guilio goes into the tank and then says he thinks he is flipping and he is willing to do so. He makes the call.

Guilio has read it perfectly as Dost tables Ace-Jack against the 9-9 of Guilio.

The pocket nines hold for Guilio as he increases his stack to 2.1million!! Giving him the chip lead.

We lose Dost Ghrabie in 13th place for £2,450.



Le Goff Doubles – 02/07/2017 – 17:28

Eric Le Goff moves in from the small blind and is called by Bob Vanhellenberghubar in the big blind

Eric tables and will need help against the of Bob.

The flop comes giving Eric a pair, but Bob picks up a flush draw.

The turn card comes !! Eric turns a miracle three as he hits trips to take the lead.

The river card comes .

Eric takes the pot and doubles up to 320,000.



 Ahmad Abdelhadi Doubles – 02/07/2017 – 17:15

Ahmad Abdelhadi moves all in from the small blind for 347,000 and is called by Eric Le Goff in the big blind.

Ahmad tables and it’s a flip against the of Eric.

The flop comes giving Ahmad the straight, but Eric picks up a flush draw…

The turn card comes giving Eric some more outs…

The river card

Ahmad gets a much needed double up and now has 700k!!

Eric is now down to 150,000.



The Final 13 – 02/07/2017 – 17:01



Chip Counts – 02/07/2017 – 16:47

Sebastien Pawlak 1,329,000
Guilio Mascolo 1,285,000
Axat Mawji 1,076,000
Dost Ghrabie 819,000
Eric Le Goff 739,000
Bob Vanhellenberghubar 722,000
George Alexander 599,000
Paul Scipioni 585,000
Damian Watson 581,000
Ahmad Abedlhadi 398,000
Graeme Bester 337,000
Chris Cooper 314,000
Andrew Christoforou 237,000



Level 23 – 02/07/2017 – 16:40

The players are back seated as we begin level 23.

They are now 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.

13 players remaining.



Break Time – 02/07/2017 – 16:25

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Full chip counts will be up soon.



Prizepool Payout – 02/07/2017 – 16:20

This is what’s left to play for:

1st – £60,000
2nd – £40,450
3rd – £24,400
4th – £15,000
5th – £9,850
6th – £7,200
7th – £5,600
8th – £4,500
9th – £3,600
10th – £3,150
11th – £2,900
12th – £2,700
13th – £2,450


Tina Bandyle – 02/07/2017 – 16:14

The last woman standing Tina Bandyle has just been eliminated in 14th place.

Her last hand she shoved her short stack in with 9-5 in late position and was looked up by Giulio Mascolo with Ace-Jack!

No help for Tina and she finishes in 14th for £2,250.

Guilio who was down to around 50,000 before is now up to 1.2million!


Ion Mican – 02/07/2017 – 16:08

It’s been a crazy old level as we lose Ion Mican from the outer table, he finishes in 15th place for £2,250.



Georg Stehberger 16th – 02/07/2017 – 16:01

Georg Stehberger finds Ace-King which is good enough to get his 140,000 stack all in!!! He is called by George Alexander holding KINGSS!!

No ace on the board for Georg and he leaves us in 16th place for £2,000.



Geoffroy Combette 17th – 02/07/2017 – 15:55

Geoffroy Combette short stacked with just 100,000 moves all in and is called by Giulio Mascolo.

Geoffroy tables and is in bad shape against the of Giulio.

The flop comes giving Geoffroy an open ended straight draw…

The turn card comes

The river card

Aces are good for Guilio who takes the pot.

Geoffroy Combette finishes in 17th place for £2,000.


Krishna Nagaraju 18th – 02/07/2017 – 15:50

Krishna Nagaraju who started the day as the chip leader has had a horror day and has just bust in 18th place for £2,000.



Dan Samson 19th – 02/07/2017 – 15:43

Dan Samson was the next player out, being short stack most of the day, he couldn’t manage a spin up and heads out in 19th place for £1,800.



Jose Auslander 20th – 02/07/2017 – 15:38

Jose Auslander is our 20th place finisher, cashing for £1,800.


Reza Fazeli 21st – 02/07/2017 – 15:30

Just before the last break we lose Reza Fazeli, he finished in 21st place for £1,800.

Axat Mawji taking his chips and pushing himself over the million mark.



We are Back! – 02/07/2017 – 15:25

We are back working on the live stream which means we can also get back to blogging.

There are now just 17 players remaining in the main event, updates coming soon.


Live Stream Problems – 02/07/2017 – 15:01

We’re having live stream problems, so that takes priority over the blog, but hopefully all will be sorted as soon as possible so we can get back to blogging.



Break Time – 02/07/2017 – 14:02

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.


Joao Riberio 22nd – 02/07/2017 – 13:55

Surprisingly we have just been told Joao Riberio has busted the main event!!! Two pair against a set of Paul Scipioni who now has around 1.1million!!

Joao finishes in 22nd place for £1,800.




Josh Bolton – 23rd – 02/07/2017 – 13:48

Josh Bolton moves all in for his 158,000 stack, Dan Samson also shoves for 138,000. The action then comes to Bob Vanhellenberghubar who ships his half a mill across the line… Everyone else gets out of the way and the cards go on their backs…

Josh –
Dan –
Bob –

The board runs out

Dan & Bob make top pair to split the pot, Bob gets a little more taking the side pot.

Very unlucky for Josh as he busts in 23rd place for £1,550.



Hans Bakkelund 24th – 02/07/2017 – 13:38

Players continue to drop as we lose Hans Bakkelund.

He finishes in 24th place for £1,550.



Francis Foordbrown 25th – 02/07/2017 – 13:25

Francis Foordbrown is the next player out, leaving us in 25th place for £1,550.




Joost Schippers 26th – 02/07/2017 – 13:20

Joost Schippers moves all in for his 160,000 stack from late position and is called by Joao Riberio.

Joost tables and is in bad shape against the of Joao.

The board runs out

One pair is good for Joao to take the pot, he now has 535,000.

Joost Schippers heads out in 26th place for £1,550.




Level 20 – 02/07/2017 – 13:03

The blinds increase for the first time today as the players begin level 20.

They are now 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

25 players remaining.



Paul Dunne 27th – 02/07/2017 – 12:46

Paul Dunne the only remaining player to have made a GUKPT Final table (we think). Has just been eliminated in 27th place.

He shoved the cut off with Ace-6 suited and ran into Jacks in the blinds.

Another deep run for Paul as he finishes in 27th place for £1,550.



Final Three Tables – 02/07/2017 – 12:42

With the exit on Renee we break a table as we are now down to the final three tables in the tournament.


Renee Xie – 28th – 02/07/2017 – 12:30

After doubling up Renee gets her 100k stack all in pre flop holding against the of Joao Riberio.

The board runs out

Full house for Joao as he takes the pot and adds to his stack.

We lose Renee Xie in 28th place for £1,350.



Chris Kadji 29th – 02/07/2017 – 12:23

The action folds round to Chris Kadji in the small blind who moves all in fr around 90,000 and is called by Geoffroy Combette in the big blind.

Chris has live cards tabling against the of Geoffroy.

The board runs out

Two pair for Geoffroy as he takes the pot.

Chris Kadji heads out in 29th place for £1,350.




First Exit – 02/07/2017 – 12:15

Adalsteinn Bjarnason gets his 120,000 stack all in pre flop holding A-9 and is called by Dhost Grabie tabling pocket tens.

A ten on the flop sees the end for Adalstein as he finishes in 30th place for £1,350.



Shuffle Up & Deal – 02/07/2017 – 12:02

The cards are in the air as we begin the final day.

The blinds are 4,000/8,000 with a 1000 ante.

30 players remaining.



Players Called In – 02/07/2017 – 11:55

The players have just been called in to take their seats.

We should be underway within 5 minutes.



Seating Positions – 02/07/2017 – 11:45

Forename Surname Table Seat Current Chips
Jose Auslander 1 1 181000
Daniel Samson 1 2 328500
Krishna Nagaraju 1 3 822500
Bob Vanhellenberghubar 1 4 219500
Andrew Christoforou 1 5 282500
Sebastian Pawlak 1 6 425000
Damian Watson 1 7 223000
Christopher Cooper 1 8 337500
Axat Mawji 2 1 222500
Graeme Bester 2 2 258500
Christopher Kadji 2 3 127500
Geoffroy Combette 2 4 230000
Georg Stehberger 2 5 599500
Paul Scipioni 2 6 596500
Joost Schippers 2 7 155500
Giulio Mascolo 2 8 108000
Eric Legoff 4 1 662500
Tina Loraine Bandyle 4 2 170000
Francis Foordbrown 4 3 351500
Dost Ghrabie 4 4 708000
Ahmad Abdelhadi 4 5 389000
Reza Fazeli 4 6 232000
Adalsteinn Bjarnason 4 7 111000
Hans Bakkelund 6 1 84500
Paul Dunne 6 2 102000
George Alexander 6 3 325000
Renee Xie 6 4 80000
Ion Mican 6 5 141500
Joshua James Boulton 6 6 257000
Joao Ribeiro 6 7 252000



Welcome To The Final Day – 02/07/2017 – 11:30

Good afternoon and welcome back to The Poker Room in London for the third and final day of the GUKPT London Main Event. The event has been phenomenal with 449 entries in total over the two days of buy ins, but we just left with the final 30 players.

Today the players will play down to a winner with the winner taking home £60,000!! At the moment the players are guaranteed at least £1,350.

Full chip counts of the remaining players are:


Forename Surname Chips
Krishna Nagaraju 822500
Dost Ghrabie 708000
Eric Legoff 662500
Georg Stehberger 599500
Paul Scipioni 596500
Sebastian Pawlak 425000
Ahmad Abdelhadi 389000
Francis Foordbrown 351500
Christopher Cooper 337500
Daniel Samson 328500
George Alexander 325000
Andrew Christoforou 282500
Graeme Bester 258500
Joshua James Boulton 257000
Joao Ribeiro 252000
Reza Fazeli 232000
Geoffroy Combette 230000
Damian Watson 223000
Axat Mawji 222500
Bob Vanhellenberghubar 219500
Jose Auslander 181000
Tina Loraine Bandyle 170000
Joost Schippers 155500
Ion Mican 141500
Christopher Kadji 127500
Adalsteinn Bjarnason 111000
Giulio Mascolo 108000
Paul Dunne 102000
Hans Bakkelund 84500
Renee Xie 80000

Play will begin today at noon. We’ll be here with you for the duration bringing you live hands, chip counts, exits and of course the live stream which runs on a thirty minute delay with all hole cards shown.



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