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That’s A Wrap – 23/04/2017 – 19:30

Another great event is in the history books. With the 917 monster field being defeated by Dan Welsford. He takes home £6,420 and a Las Vegas Package. Not bad for a £30 buy in.

We will be back on Thursday for more of the same, but this time it’s a £500 buy in for a £100,000 GTD prizepool.

Join us then from Walsall for Day 1a of the GUKPT Main Event.



Winners & Runner Up Interviews 23/04/2017 – 19:20


UKSPC 2017 Main Event Champion Dan Welsford – 23/04/2017 – 19:10


Prizepool Payout – 23/04/2017 – 19:01

1st Dan Welsford £6,420
2nd Dan Mehretab £4,840
3rd Jacob Georgiades £2,810
4th Calum Goodwin £1,700
5th George Gorvette £1,270
6th George King £890
7th Alex Horton £500
8th Thomas Daly £380
9th Wai Kit Lo £330
10th Ellen Kerbey £270
11th Christian Broughton £250
12th Scott Swain £250
13th Sam Hopton £250
14th David Whelan £220
15th  Marc Twinberrow £220
16th Oscar Marsland £220
17th Phil Jenkins £190
18th Thomas Stefano £190
19th Dan Pope £190
20th Ben Hitchin £190
21st Ross Aitken £190
22nd Thomas Laney £170
23td Oliver White £170
24th Xuan Zhao £170
25th Matt Shaw £170
26th Arya Tasbihi £170
27th Jong Lee £140
28th Andrew Wilson £140
29th Nicholas Grimsey £140
30th Daire O’Dubthaigh £140
31st Alice Leetham £140
32nd James Brown £140
33rd Jake Bevan £140
34th Daniel Bennell £110
35th Andreas Caicedo £110
36th David Bradley £110
37th Cian Marlow £110
38th Thomas Raisey £110
39th Oscar Beare £110
40th Thomas Hiom £110
41st Brandon Butterfield £110
42nd Ben Kinnard £110
43rd Nathan Mordecai £110
44th Sachin Patel £110
45th Jack Haddon £80
46th Hector Simpson £80
47th Liam Fox £80
48th Jamie Macdonald £80
49th Gareth Nelson £80
50th Ethan Westhead £80
51st Andrea King £80
52nd Patrick Seed £80
53rd Tsz Wong £80
54th Charles Norman £80
55th Michael Rogan £70
56th Sam Jacobs £70
57th Thomas Hitchman £70
58th Shaun Blackshaw £70
59th Ross McLachlan £70
60th George Weatherland £70
61st Minh Nyugen £70
62nd Adam McGowan £70
63rd James Herdman £70
64th Alex Austin £70
65th Jason Alves £60
66th Daniel Goldsmith £60
67th Thomas Kimsey £60
68th Liam Hamilton £60
69th Henry Hartigan £60
70th Daniel Netting £60
71st Sophie Hindley £60
72nd Jacob Fine £60
73rd Isaac Carlisle £60
74th George Downe £60
75th Kieran Fitzgerald £60
76th Ciaran Mccullagh £60
77th Alistair Akenhead £60
78th Martin Nyugen £60
79th Nathan Adshead £60
80th Joseph Maczka £60
81st Heval Agca £60
82nd Brandon elliot £60
83rd Nathan Hardie £60
84th Liam Escott £30
85th Luke Maskell £30



It’s All Over – 23/04/2017 – 18:50

Dan Welsford opens and is called by Dan Mehretab.

The flop comes bet, raise all in and a call as both players get their stacks all in!

Welsford tables and will need to hold against the of Mehretab who has top pair and an open ended straight draw.

The turn card comes

The river card

With that it is all over just three hands in.

Dan Mehretab finishes in second place for £4,840.

Dan Welsford is the UKSPC 2017 Champion taking home £6,420 and a Las Vegas package!



Heads Up Chip Counts – 23/04/2017 – 18:40

Name Chips Uni
Dan Welsford 9065000 Northampton
Daniel Mehretab 4580000 Plymouth




Jacob Georgiades 3rd – 23/04/2017 – 18:29

Jacob Georgiades moves all in for his 2 million stack and is called by Dan Welsford.

Jacob tables and needs to get lucky against the of Dan.

The board runs out

Full house for Dan Welsford as he takes the pot and will go into heads up as chip leader.

We lose Jacob Georgiades in third place for £2,810.


Chip Counts – 23/04/2017 – 18:20

Name Chips Uni
Dan Welsford 6400000 Northampton
Daniel Mehretab 4800000 Plymouth
Jacob Georgiades 2300000 UCLAN



Calum Goodwin 4th – 23/04/2017 – 18:12

On a flop of Calum Goodwin moves all in for his 1.2million stack and is called by Dan Welsford.

Calum tables for middle pair, but is in awful shape again the of Dan who has bottom set.

The turn card comes

The river card

Dan takes the pot with a set of fours and now has the chip lead with 6.5million.

We lose Calum Goodwin in 4th place for £1,700.


All is Quiet – 23/04/2017 – 18:01

Not much action to speak of in the last 15 minutes or so of play.



Level 32 – 23/04/2017 – 17:50

The blinds increase as we begin level 32.

They are now 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante.

4 players remaining.


George Gorvett 5th – 23/04/2017 – 17:45

George Gorvett moves all in for his 1.2million stack, which is ten bigs. He is called by Dan Welsford.

George tables and has a flip against the of Dan.

The board runs out

Sevens hold for Dan who takes the pot and now has 3.5million.

Well done to George Gorvett who finishes in 5th place or the second year running. This time for £1,290.



Everthing is Tight – 23/04/2017 – 17:32

Things are very tight on the final table.

Big money up top, but players are now all guaranteed four figures with the next player out receiving £1,270.


Level Up – 23/04/2017 – 17:20

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 60,000/120,000 with a 10,000 ante.

5 players remaining.



Prizepool Payout – 23/04/2017 – 17:04

1st £6,420
2nd £4,840
3rd £2,810
4th £1,700
5th £1,270
6th George King £890
7th Alex Horton £500
8th Thomas Daly £380
9th Wai Kit Lo £330



George King 6th – 23/04/2017 – 16:52

On a flop of short stack George King gets his chips in ahead holding for top pair against the of Jacob Gergiades, who has an open ended straight draw and two overs.

The turn card comes !! The rail erupts as Jacob takes the lead with top pair.

The river card comes
Jacob takes the pot and now has 3.4million.

We lose George King in 6th place for £890.


Chip Counts – 23/04/2017 – 16:42

Name Chips Uni
Daniel Mehretab 4090000 Plymouth
Jacob Georgiades 2555000 UCLAN
Calum Goodwin 2400000 Leicester
George Gorvett 1565000 Sussex
Dan Welsford 1535000 Northampton
George King 1300000 Sussex



Level 30 – 23/04/2017 – 16:38

The players are back seated as we begin level 30.

The blind are now 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

6 players remaining.



Break Time – 23/04/2017 – 16:21

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Gorvette Doubles – 23/04/2017 – 16:17

George Gorvette gets his 800k stack all in pre flop holding against the of Dan Welsford.

The board runs out

Trips for George as he takes the pot and moves up to 1.6million.

Dan is down to 1.7million.



Double For Jac0b – 23/04/2017 – 16:02

On a flop of Jacob Georgiades and George King get it all in! Jacob at risk for his 1 million stack.

Jacob tables for the flush draw against the of George who has top pair.

The turn card comes !! The crowd goes wild as Jacob turns top pair.

The river card .

Jacob takes the pot and moves up to 2.7million, George is left with 800k, which is ten bigs.


Deal Talk – 23/04/2017 – 15:50

The players have a quick look at the numbers and decide to take £400 of top and add it to 6th and 5th.

The new payout looks like this:

UKSPC Main Event
£30 NLHE F/O
Entries – 917

1st – £6,420
2nd – £4,840
3rd – £2,810
4th – £1,700
5th – £1,270
6th – £890



Alex Horton 7th – 23/04/2017 – 15:45

Alex Horton moves his 500k stack all in and is called by chip leader Dan Mehretab.

Alex tables and is in bad shape against the

Both players miss the board as it comes out

Dan takes the pot and now has around 5.4million!

We lose Alex Horton in 7th place for £500.


 Thomas Daly 8th – 23/04/2017 – 15:30

On a board reading Dan Mehretab shoves holding for a set and is called by Thomas Daly with just Ace high!!

Daly makes the call at the wrong time and unfortunately busts in 8th place for £380.



Wai Kit Lo 9th – 23/04/2017 – 15:20

Wai Kit Lo moves all in for his 450,000 stack and is called by Dan Mehretab.

Lo tables and will need help against the of Dan.

The flop comes giving Lo a flush draw.

The turn card comes

The river card

Lo misses the turn and river and leaves us in 9th place for £330.


Prizepool Payout – 23/04/2017 – 15:10


UKSPC Main Event
£30 NLHE F/O
Entries – 917

1st – £6,820
2nd – £4,840
3rd – £2,810
4th – £1,700
5th – £1,070
6th – £690
7th – £500
8th – £380
9th – £330


The Final Table – 23/04/2017 – 14:55


Final 9 Chip Counts – 23/04/2017 – 14:45

Name Chips Uni
Daniel Mehretab 3083000 Plymouth
Dan Welsford 2718000 Northampton
George King 2532000 Sussex
Jacob Georgiades 1622000 UCLAN
Calum Goodwin 968000 Leicester
George Gorvett 846000 Sussex
Alexander Horton 803000 Manchester Metro
Thomas Daly 628000 Coventry
Wai Kit Lo 437000 Southampton



Final Underway – 23/04/2017 – 14:40

The final table is now underway.

Blinds are starting at 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante.



Break Time – 23/04/2017 – 14:15

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes before beginning the final.



Ellen Kerbey 10th – 23/04/2017 – 14:10

On a flop of Ellen Kirbey is put to the test by Daniel Mehretab who moves all in on her.

She goes into the tank before calling off her stack and tabling for top pair, she is behind to Dans who has flopped trips.

The turn card comes giving Ellen a flush draw.

The river card

Very unlucky for Ellen who just finishes short of the final table in 10th place for £270.


Hand For Hand – 23/04/2017 – 13:50

Players are now hand for hand on the final table bubble.



Christian Broughton 11th – 23/04/2017 – 13:45

Christian Broughton moves all in from the small blind for 500k and is called by Dan Welsford in the big blind.

Christian tables against the of Christian.

The flop comes as Dan flops top pair, but Christian flops an open ended straight draw.

The turn card comes giving Dan two pair.

The river card

Christian misses his straight draw and heads out of the tournament in 11th place for £250.


Scott Swain 12th – 23/04/2017 – 13:30

Scott Swain gets his 11 big stack all in and is called by George King.

Scott tables and is in bad shape against the of George.

The board runs out George hits two pair to take the pot. He now has 1.1million.

Scott heads out in 12th place for £250.



Level 26 – 23/04/2017 – 13:15

The blind increase as we begin level 26.

They are now 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

12 players remaining.


Sam Hopton 13th – 23/04/2017 – 13:13

Another place closer to the final table as we lose Sam Hopton in 13th place for £250.


David Whelan 14th – 23/04/2017 – 13:04

David Whelan gets his stack in with against the of George Gorvett.

The flop comes giving George an open ended straight draw.

The turn card completes that straight as it comes David now needs a ten to survive.

The river card comes

Very unlucky for David as we lose him in 14th place for £220.


First Exit – 23/04/2017 – 12:59

The first exit of the day as we lose Marc Twinberrow.

He heads out in 15th place for £220.



Final Two Tables – 23/04/2017 – 12:55



Seating Plan – 23/04/2017 – 12:48

Table One

Seat One – Jacob Georgiades
Seat Two – David Whelan
Seat Four – George King
Seat Five – George Gorvett
Seat Six – Alex Horton
Seat Eight – Scott Swain
Seat Nine – Wai Kit Lo


Table Two

Seat One – Thomas Daly
Seat Two – Calum Goodwin
Seat Three – Daniel Mehretab
Seat Four – Ellen Kerbey
Seat Six – Marc Twinberrow
Seat Seven – Samuel Hopton
Seat Eight – Christian Broughton
Seat Nine – Dan Welsford



Prizepool Payout – 23/04/2017 – 12:40

1st £6,820
2nd £4,840
3rd £2,810
4th £1,700
5th £1,070
6th £690
7th £500
8th £380
9th £330
10th £270
11th £250
12th £250
13th £250
14th £220
15th £220



Shuffle Up & Deal – 23/04/2017 – 12:30

The cards are in the air as we begin the final day.

The blinds are starting at 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

15 players remaining.



Player Called In – 23/04/2017 – 12:20

The players have just been called in to take their seats.

We will be starting in 10 minutes time.


Welcome To The Final Day – 23/04/2017 – 12:15

Good afternoon and welcome back to the Ricoh Arena for the final day of the UKSPC Main Event.

There are 15 players coming back from the 917 entries. All with their eyes on the first place prize of £6,820 plus a Las Vegas package. Wai Kit Lo leads the final 15 with a stack of 1.8millio. Full chip counts are:

Name Chips Uni
Wai Kit Lo 1843000 Southampton
Jacob Georgiades 1438000 UCLAN
Daniel Mehretab 1276000 Plymouth
Thomas Daly 1026000 Coventry
Calum Goodwin 1007000 Leicester
Sam Hopton 935000 UWE
Dan Welsford 920000 Northampton
George Gorvett 853000 Sussex
Alexader Horton 839000 Manchester Metro
Christian Broughton 790000 Southampton
Ellen Kerby 728000 De Montfort
Marc Twinberrow 720000 Leeds
Scott Swain 456000 Edge Hill
David Whelan 447000 Newcastle
George King 330000 Sussex

We will begin today at 12:30pm and we will be playing down to a winner.

You can follow the action here or on our live stream running on a 30 minute delay.

Who is going to be the UKSPC Main Event champ?


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