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2020 25/25 Schedule

All Grosvenor casinos poker competitions are suspended from 9am Tuesday the 17th March 2020.

Because the wellbeing of our customers and teams is our utmost priority, the risk resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak means we are suspending all poker competitions in Grosvenor casinos until further notice. We are sorry for the disappointment that this may cause. Thank you for your loyalty, we appreciate your patience and support.

About the 25/25 | 25/25 Online Information | 2020 25/25 Schedule

About the 25/25

  • £200+25 buy-in for 25/25’s and £220+30 for 25/50’s
  • Each player starts with 25,000 chips
  • Unconditional guarantee of £25,000 for 25/25 and £50,000 Guarantee for 25/50
  • Unlimited re-entries
  • Late registration is open until the start of Day 2
  • 4 starting flights – The Online Flight (Day 1OL) at 8pm Wednesday online on Grosvenor Poker. Day 1A at 7pm Thursday, Day 1B at 7pm Friday, Day 1C at 1pm Saturday and Turbo Day 1D at 9pm Saturday – all taking place at host Grosvenor Casino Cardroom
  • The host cardroom will be hosting a 6 Seat GTD 25/25 Satellite on the Wednesday prior to the event, please contact them directly for more info
  • Each starting flight will play 10 levels (10 x 40mins for Day 1A, Day 1B and Day1C. 10 x 20min levels for Turbo Day 1D
  • Day 2 / Final starts at 1pm on Sunday
  • Multi Stack is available, so if you bag up you can still play another day one to try and get a bigger stack.
  • Flights finish 2.30am Thursday and Friday, 8.30pm Saturday and 12.30am for the Turbo
  • Link to 25/25 Blind Structure
  • 25/25 side event taking place on the Sunday, please contact host cardroom for more details

25/25 online information

  • The Online Flight takes place on at 8pm on the Wednesday before each event. This runs on a 20 minute clock.
  • You can buy into this online day one or win your seat on, with our weekly satelites which are listed below.
  • Play Live Day 1’s for the fraction of the price by taking part in’s weekly super satellites;
  • 10 Seats GTD every Tuesday at 8pm
  • 5 Seats GTD every Monday at 8pm
  • 5 Seats GTD every Saturday at 9pm
  • Online feeder satellites run daily on every day starting at just 25p!

2020 25/25

25/50 Luton – £50,000 Guarantee! 11th to 15th March Grosvenor Casino Luton
25/25 Newcastle – CANCELLED 18th to 22nd March Grosvenor Casino Newcastle
25/50 Luton – £50,000 Guarantee! 15th to 19th April Grosvenor Casino Luton
25/25 Blackpool 22nd to 26th April Grosvenor Casino Blackpool
25/50 London – £50,000 Guarantee! 29th April to 3rd May The Poker Room, London
25/25 Edinburgh 6th to 10th May Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh, Maybury
25/25 Walsall 13th to 17th May Grosvenor Casino Walsall
25/25 Bolton 27th to 31st May Grosvenor Casino Bolton
25/25 Portsmouth 3rd to 7th June Grosvenor Casino Portsmouth
25/25 Leeds 10th to 14th June Grosvenor Casino Westgate, Leeds
25/25 Reading 17th to 21st June Grosvenor Casino Reading South
25/25 Edinburgh 24th to 28th June Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh, Maybury
25/25 Liverpool 24th to 28th Junee Grosvenor Casino Liverpool
25/25 Walsall 1st to 5th July Grosvenor Casino Walsall
25/25 Stockton 15th to 19th July Grosvenor Casino Stockton
25/25 Manchester 22nd to 26th July Grosvenor Casino Bury New Road, Manchester
25/25 Leeds 12th to 16th August Grosvenor Casino Westgate, Leeds
25/50 London – £50,000 Guarantee! 12th to 16th August The Poker Room, London
25/25 Glasgow 2nd to 6th September Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow
25/50 Luton – £50,000 Guarantee! 16th to 20th September Grosvenor Casino Luton
25/25 Bolton 23rd to 27th September Grosvenor Casino Bolton
25/25 Southampton 30th September to 4th October Grosvenor Casino Southampton
25/25 Walsall 30th September to 4th October Grosvenor Casino Walsall
25/50 London – £50,000 Guarantee! 14th to 18th October The Poker Room, London
25/25 Manchester 21st to 25th October Grosvenor Casino Bury New Road, Manchester
25/25 Stockton 28th October to 1st November Grosvenor Casino Stockton
25/25 Reading 28th October to 1st November Grosvenor Casino Reading South
25/25 Birmingham 11th to 15th November Grosvenor Casino Birmingham, Hill Street
25/25 Blackpool 2nd to 6th December Grosvenor Casino Blackpool
Grosvenor Casinos 25/25 Terms and Conditions
  1. The 25 – 25 series will operate using 4 flights for day 1’s, with all remaining players at the end of each flight returning for day 2, the flight times are;
    1. Day OL – Wednesday
    1. Day 1A – 7.00pm Thursday
    1. Day 1B – 7.00pm Friday
    1. Day 1C – 1.00pm Saturday
    1. Day 1D – 9.00pm Saturday (Turbo)
  2. There will be 10 levels of play on each 25/25 flight and 12 levels of play for 25/50, unless the number of players left determines the end of play for that day. All live flights in this case play down to the last three players.
  3. All remaining players chip stacks will be carried forward to day 2, chip surrender is allowed at the end of each day one prior to the bags being sealed.
  4. Players are not permitted to play more than one start day if they have already qualified for day two
  5. Should a player play another flight after qualifying for day two, the first “stack” being taken through will be the one they must play with on day two, the second stack will be void regardless of the number of chips accumulated
  6. Players who have played a second flight after qualifying for day two will not have any entry stakes returned to them, they will remain in the prize pool.
  7. At the end of play for each flight those players remaining must verify their chips with the supervisor, any players leaving prior to this will have their chips counted and verified by the dealer and supervisor; this will then be the amount of chips the player will re-start day two with.
  8. For the purposes of rule 7 any player not signing for their chips at the close of play of each flight, will restart day two with the amount agreed and inputted by the supervisor and no discussion will be entered regarding this.
  9. Day two will take place at the same club where the initial live flights have taken place
  10. Restart for day two will be on Sunday at 1pm and will play-out until a conclusion is reached and a winner declared.
  11. All deep stack events will have a last person standing (LPS) attached to them the cost of which is £10 per person
  12. The winner of the LPS will be awarded a voucher for any 25/25 event subject to the amount collected
  13. Should the LPS not generate a seat for a 25/25 the winner will be awarded a voucher to the value of the amount collected for use as part payment into a 25/25 event of their choice
  14. There will be no registration fee charged for taking part in the LPS
  15. Grosvenor casinos reserve the right to draw the event to a conclusion by a chip count if deemed necessary.
  16. Grosvenor Casino’s standard prize structures apply to this event
  17. Grosvenor Casino’s 25/25 blind structure applies to this event
  18. Grosvenor Casinos standard poker rules apply to this competition.
  19. Grosvenor Casinos Limited reserves the right to discontinue or change this competition at any time and for any reason, without notice.
  20. This competition is also subject to Grosvenor Casino Limited’s General Terms and Conditions.
  21. Grosvenor Casinos Limited is the sole arbiter of this competition and its decision is final and binding.  No correspondence will be entered into.
  22. Promoter: Grosvenor Casinos Limited and Grosvenor Casinos (GC) Limited, The Rank Group Plc, Tor building, Saint-Cloud Way, Maidenhead, SL6 8BN.