Changes to Multi flight/Day 1 events

Published On February 25, 2019 |

As you know at the start of this year we introduced a new event called the “Deepstack” and whilst this has been well received, having run 21 events we thought it was time, with your help, to review the event and possibly make some changes.

We have now completed this review and decided, largely based on customer feedback, that we should indeed make some changes. Whilst we were doing this we also decided to review some general multi flight competition features and to make some changes here as well, this means that some findings from the Deepstack will also be applied to GUKPT, 25/25, seasonal specials and Goliath.

For more information about the Deepstack and changes please click here

 Changes to all Multi flight/Day 1 events;

  • Hand for hand for money bubble only
  • Big blind antes only (no regular antes or small blinds)
  • Buy-ins and reentries accepted to the start of Day 2 (Goliath excluded)
  • Chip surrender allowed at end of last flight 
  • All Day 1 flights play down to one player or end of the advertised last level, whichever comes first
  • No roll backs on Day 2 (if Day 1 played down to 1 player and before the last level was completed)
  • All overlays paid in Tournament Tokens

Multi flight/Day 1’s include GUKPT Main and Mini, 25/25s, Deepstacks, Seasonal Specials, Goliath 25/50 and Goliath Main Event

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