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Final Hand & Interview – 07/08/2016 – 20:40



Goliath 2016 Winner Vamshi Vandanapu – 07/08/2016 – 20:20






Goliath 2016 In The Books – 07/08/2016 – 19:55

After nine days of play the 2016 Goliath has finished. It’s been an unbelievable week with 5232 entries in total, smashing last years record by 1022, which no one was expecting. We hoped to get over 5000 entries, but never thought it would go that much over.
Today we came back with 20 players and it’s over in record time! This is the quickest Final Day of the Goliath EVER! Even though this has been the biggest Goliath by over 1000.
The day started with a bang and we made the final nine players within two hours!
The first player to leave the final was  Jonathan Miller, all in with pocket threes and running into the pocket sixes of Robbie Richmond who had a commanding lead over the rest of the field. Jonathan took home £7,400 for his efforts.

In 8th place we would lose Craig Drew, short stack he found an Ace, but would be unfortunate to run into the ACES of Vamshi. Craigs deep run would get him £8,600.

Luke Wensley who easily had the loudest rail would finish in 7th place, His final hand he was all in ahead holding ahead of the of Vamshi. A queen on the flop would send home Luke. He was the first player to collect five figures taking home £10,450.

In 6th we would lose Graeme Evans. One of the sickest hand of the day as Graeme flopped top pair, but would lose to Robbie Richmond who rivered a flush! Sick for Graeme has he left for the cashier to collect £13,400.

Tom Powell would be the next player to leave us, short stacked he stuck it in with but ran into the KINGS of Robbie. No help for Tom and he would cash for £18,850.

Will Campbell played solid for the whole of the final table and then made a move at the wrong time, shoving with no pair or draw he was called by Vamshi and drawing to runner runner. It didn’t happen for Will and he busted in 4th for £27,000.

The players were all within a million chips of each other when they decided to chop the money. Taking £50,000 each and playing for the extra £12,750.

Cristian Popescu would be our third place finisher his couldn’t manage to hold against te of Robbie as Robbie flopped a ten. Cristian would collect a £50,000.

Heads up, the players were super deep but it didn’t last as long as we expected it to. Just half an hour into heads up play and it was all over! Robbie four bet all in and Vamshi called with and had the of Robbie crushed. No ten on the board and we had a champion!!

Robbie took home a chunk, he also cashed for £50,000 for his runners up finish.

Vamshi Vandanapu is our Goliath Champion winning a massive £62,750 for his £100 investment.

It’s been an unbelievable week. The tournament has been buzzing, the ash games were heaving and everything ran like clockwork.

Well done to Janis Mozajevs and the team on a hugely successful event. Everyone loves The Goliath and I’m sure it is going to be an even bigger success next year.

Thanks for tuning in over the last nine days, for interacting on Faebook/Twitter, reading the blog and watching the live stream.

Until next time, be lucky.


Prizepool Payout – 07/08/2016 – 19:30

1 Vandanapu Vamshi £72,850.00
2 Richmond Robbie £52,200.00
3 Popescu Cristian £37,700.00
4 Campbell Will £27,000.00
5 Powell Tom £18,850.00
6 Evans Graeme £13,400.00
7 Winsley Luke £10,450.00
8 Drew Craig £8,600.00
9 Mellor Jonathan £7,400.00
10 Corbett Daniel Andrew £6,400.00
11 Davison Luke £5,600.00
12 Silcock Rickie £4,850.00
13 Smith Chris £4,350.00
14 Aslam Zippy £4,350.00
15 Carter David £3,850.00
16 Fellone Nicholas £3,850.00
17 Poulter Joanne £3,450.00
18 Hampson Jon £3,450.00
19 Mulemwa Emmanuel £3,050.00
20 Naserloei Ali £3,050.00

It’s All Over – 07/08/2016 – 19:07

Bet, raise, all in, call!!

Vamshi –

Robbie –

The board runs out

It’s all over!!!!

Robbie Richmond finishes in second place taking home £50,000

Vamshi Vandanapu is the Goliath 2016 Champion winning £62,750.




Vamshi Up To 100mil! – 07/08/2016 – 18:51

On a board of Robbie bets 2million into about 5 million, Vamshi raises to 10 million and Robbie makes the call.

The river card comes

Robbie leads out for 14 million… Vamshi goes into the tank before raising to 35 million.

A snap pass from Robbie gives Vamshi the pot and a massive chip lead.

He now has 100million to the 30 million of Vamshi.



Just Two Left – 07/08/2016 – 18:47






Heads Up Counts – 07/08/2016 – 18:42

Vamshi Vandanapu 67000000
Robbie Richmond 63000000



Cristian Popescu 3rd – 07/08/2016 – 18:30

Robbie Richmond makes it 2.2milion, Cristian Popescu moves all in for 12million, Robbie makes the call and the cards go on their backs.

Robbie –

Cristian –

The flop comes giving Robbie the lead.

The turn card comes

The river card

Two pair for Robbie as he takes the pot.

We lose Cristian Popescu in 3rd place for £50,000!!




Level 38 – 07/08/2016 – 18:20

The players are back seated as we begin level number 38.

They are now 400,000/800,000 with an 80,000 ante.

3 players remaining.



Chip Counts – 07/08/2016 – 17:55

Vamshi Vandanapu 66225000
Robbie Richmond 42380000
Cristian Popescu 20760000


Break Time – 07/08/2016 – 17:47

Break time now for the players as they take a 30 minute dinner break.



Ticking Along – 07/08/2016 – 17:42

Since the deal the tournament has been just ticking along. No big hands to speak of in the last 20 minutes or so.

The players will be taking a 30 minute dinner break very soon.



Chip counts – 07/08/2016 – 17:30


Vamshi Vandanapu 52000000
Cristian Popescu 46000000
Robbie Richmond 31000000


Team Event – 07/08/2016 – 17:18

We have just been told if Robbie Richmond wins The Goliath 2016 he win the team event for his team “Hampshire Squad”. If he finishes 2nd or 3rd we will need to have a close look as “Yorkshire Terriors” could hold onto the 1st place. Which will get them seats into next years Goliath and a 25/25 seat.


Todays Exits – 07/08/2016 – 17:08

4 Campbell Will £27,000.00
5 Powell Tom £18,850.00
6 Evans Graeme £13,400.00
7 Winsley Luke £10,450.00
8 Drew Craig £8,600.00
9 Mellor Jonathan £7,400.00
10 Corbett Daniel Andrew £6,400.00
11 Davison Luke £5,600.00
12 Silcock Rickie £4,850.00
13 Smith Chris £4,350.00
14 Aslam Zippy £4,350.00
15 Carter David £3,850.00
16 Fellone Nicholas £3,850.00
17 Poulter Joanne £3,450.00
18 Hampson Jon £3,450.00
19 Mulemwa Emmanuel £3,050.00
20 Naserloei Ali £3,050.00



Chop it Up – 07/08/2016 – 17:04

With the players all playing around 40 million they have decided to chop it up.

£50,000 each and they will play on for £12,750.


Level Up – 07/08/2016 – 16:59

The blinds increase as they are now 300,000/600,000 with a 60,000 ante.


Huge Double For Cristian – 07/08/2016 – 16:54

Robbie opens to 1.3million, Cristian three bets to 3.4million. Robbie makes the call and they go to the flop which comes

Cristian leads out for 2.2million, Robbie raises to 5.5million. Cristian calls.

The turn card comes Cristian checks to Robbie who moves all in! Cristian calls off his 7 million he has behind the line and the cards are tabled:

Robbie shows for two pair

Cristian has for trips, he needs to dodge a nine to double up.

The river card comes

Cristian takes the pot and doubles up to 32million.

Robbie is left with around 40 million.



Will Campbell 4th – 07/08/2016 -16:48

Vamshi Vandanapu makes it 1.5million from the small blind and Will Campbell calls from the big blind.

The flop comes Vamshi bets 1.5million, Will rips it in for 11million and Vamshi makes the call.

Vamshi tables for top pair.

Will has got it wrong as he tables for just ten high with no draws.

The turn card comes giving Vamshi trips and leaves Will drawing dead.

The river is a meaningless

We lose Will Campbell in 3rd place for £27,000.

Vamshi now has around 46 million.




Tom Powell 5th – 07/08/2016 – 16:35

Tom Powell moves all in for his 5 million stack from the button. Robbie Richmond makes the call from the small blind.

Tom tables and will need a miracle against the of Robbie.

The flop comes

The rail shout for a ten on the turn and they get it as it comes giving Tom an open ended straight draw.

The river card comes !

Brick on the river for Tom as he leaves in 5th place for £18,850.





Graeme Evans 6th – 07/08/2016 – 16:27

The action folds round to Robbie Richmond who moves all in, Graeme Evans calls off his 3 million stack from the big blind and the cards go on their backs

Graeme is ahead tabling against the of Robbie.

The flop come as Graeme flops a pair of Aces, but Robbie flops a gut shot.

The turn card comes

The river card !!!

Absolutely sick as Robbie rivers a straight to take the pot.

We lose Graeme Evans in 6th place for £13,400.




Luke Wensley 7th – 07/08/2016 – 16:18

Luke Wensley moves all in for his stack of 7 million and is called by Vamshi Vandanapu.

Luke shows against the of Vamshi

The flop comes Vamshi takes the lead with top pair, but Vamshi now has a flush draw.

The turn card comes giving Luke even more outs with a gut shot.

The river card comes

Vamshi takes the pot and now has over 40 million.

We lose Luke Wensley from the table in 7th place £10,450.




Cristian Back In It – 07/08/2016 – 16:13

Tom Powell opens to 1,200,000, Cristian moves all in for his 6.4million stack and Tom makes the call when the action comes back to him.

Cristian tables and is ahead of the of Tom.

The flop comes

The turn card comes Tom picks up the flush draw on the turn…

The river card

Nines hold for Cristian who has had a great start to this level, moving from 3.5million to 13 million in 15 minutes.

Tom is down to 5 million.



Double For Popescu – 07/08/2016 – 16:08

Cristian Popescu moves all in for his 6 bigs and chip leader Robbie Richmond gives him a spin from the big blind.

Cristian tables and will have to hold against the of Robbie.

The board runs out

A pair of tens is good for Cristian to take the pot. He now has 6.4million.




Chip Counts – 07/08/2016 – 16:03

Robbie Richmond 52025000
Vamshi Vandanapu 35420000
William Campbell 15755000
Thomas Powell 12460000
Luke Wensley 7680000
Graeme Evans 3890000
Cristian Popescu 3535000



Level 36 – 07/08/2016 – 16:01

The players are back seated as we begin level 36.

The blinds are now 250,000/500,000 with  a 50,000 ante.

7 players remaining.


Break Time – 07/08/2016 – 15:45

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.



River Saves Wensley – 07/08/2016 – 15:41

Luke Wensley moves all in for his short stack and is called by Graeme Evans.

Luke tables

Graeme shows

The flop comes givng Luke some outs.

The turn card comes

Janis announces on the mic that Luke needs a Jack or an Eight.

The river card comes !!! Luke goes to celebrate with his rail as he doubles up to over 7 million.

Graeme is left with 3.4million.



Double For Powell – 07/08/2016 – 15:33

Thomas Powell moves all in from late position and is called by Luke Wensley.

Tom tables and will need to hit to stay alive against the Ah of Luke.

The flop comes Luke doesn’t want to hit a ten now as it would give Tom a straight.

The turn card comes !! Tom takes the lead in the hand with a pair of jacks.

The river card comes

Tom get a full double and now has 13 million.

Luke is now the short stack with just 3.7million.



Craig Drew 8th – 07/08/2016 – 15:27

Craig Drew moves all in for his 6 million stack and is called by Vamshi Vandanapu.

Craig tables and is in awful shape against the of Vamshi

The board runs out

Aces hold for Vamshi as he takes the pot and now has

We lose Craig Drew in 8th place for £8,600.




Pics – 07/08/2016 – 15:20






Chip Leaders Do Battle – 07/08/2016 – 15:05

Vamshi Vandanapu opens under the gun to 1.1million. Robbie Richmond three bets to 2.7million.

The action comes back to Vamshi who then four bets to 6 million…

Robbie doesn’t take long before five betting to 12 million.

The rest of the table watch in amazement as the chip leaders do battle…

Vamshi decides to fold after a few minutes and says he passed Kings (you’ll have to watch the stream to see if he was telling the truth).

Robbie takes the pot and now has 65 million which is half the chips in play!



Jonathan Mellor 9th – 07/08/2016 – 14:55

Jonathan Mellor who started the final table as the short stack moves all in for his 4.5million stack and is called by chip leader Robbie Richmond.

Jonathan tables and is in bad shape against the of Robbie.

The flop comes giving Robbie a set…

The turn card comes !! Jonathan turns a set and now has one out.

The river card comes

Robbie takes the pot and increases his chip lead, he now has 58 million of the 130million in play.

We lose Jonathan Mellor in 9th place for £7,400.





Level Up – 07/08/2016 – 14:45

The blinds increase for the first time on the final table.

They are now 200,000/400,000 with a 40,000 ante.

9 players remaining.


The Final Table! – 07/08/2016 – 14:43





Chip Counts and Seating – 07/08/2016 – 14:35

Robbie Richmond 43650000
Vamshi Vandanapu 23750000
Luke Wensley 20630000
Craig Drew 14390000
William Campbell 12055000
Graeme Evans 8920000
Thomas Powell 5770000
Cristian Popescu 5075000
Jonathan Mellor 5025000

Final Table

Seat One – Thomas Powell – 5,770,000
Seat Two – Robbie Richmond – 43,650,000
Seat Three – Luke Wensley – 20,630,000
Seat Four – Jonathan Mellor – 5,025,000
Seat Five – Graeme Evans – 8,920,000
Seat Six – Craig Drew – 14,390,000
Seat Seven – Cristian Popescu – 5,075,000
Seat Eight – Vamshi Vandanapu – 23,750,000
Seat Nine – William Campbell – 12,055,000



Final Underway – 07/08/2016 – 14:30

The players are back seated  as we begin the final table.

The blinds are 160,000/320,000 with a 30,000 ante.

Just 9 players remaining.

Who is going to take it down!?


Break Time – 07/08/2016 – 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 20 minutes before beginning the final!



Daniel Corbett 10th – 07/08/2016 – 13:50

Daniel Corbett gets his 4 million all in holding and is called by Graeme Evans showing

Queens stand up for Graeme as he takes the pot.

We lose Daniel Corbett in 10th place for £6,400.



Hand For Hand – 07/08/2016 – 13:40

We are now hand for hand on the final table bubble!!

There will be no break in 20 minutes, we will be playing straight through until we make the final.



Luke Davison 11th – 07/08/2016 – 13:38

Luke Davison finds an Ace with his ten bigs and moves all in!! He is called by Luke Wensley and the cards are tabled:

Luke shows and will need to get lucky as Wensley tables

The board runs out

Nines hold for Luke Wensley who now has close to 20 million!!

We lose Luke Davison in 11th place for £5,600.




Rickie Silcock 12th – 07/08/2016 – 13:30

On a board reading :5 Rickie Silcock moves all in for his 3million stack and is snapped off by Luke Wensley.

Rickie tables for top pairr but is drawing dead as Luke shows for top two.

Just for rubs, the river card comes giving Rickie two pair too.

He heads out in 12th place for £4,850.




Chris Smith 13th – 07/08/2016 – 13:25

Chris Smith gets his 5 million stack all in pre flop holding the pre flop nuts as he tables against the of Robbie Richmond.

The flop comes !!! Robbie is still running hot as he flops a full house to take the lead and leave Chris drawing to two outs or running threes.

The turn card comes

The river card

We lose Chris Smith from the tournament in 13th place for £4,350.




Zippy Aslam 14th – 07/08/2016 – 13:20

Zippy gets his 10 bigs all in pre flop holding against the of Luke Wensley.

The flop comes

The turn card comes Zippy bangs the table and cashes in his “one time… ”

Luke says “Hold for me Trigg”

Zippy doesn’t get his wish and instead the fives hold for Luke as the river card comes

We lose Zippy Aslam from the tournament in 14th place for £4,350.




Prizepool Payout – 07/08/2016 – 13:10

1 £72,850.00
2 £52,200.00
3 £37,700.00
4 £27,000.00
5 £18,850.00
6 £13,400.00
7 £10,450.00
8 £8,600.00
9 £7,400.00
10 £6,400.00
11 £5,600.00
12 £4,850.00
13 £4,350.00
14 £4,350.00
15 Carter David £3,850.00
16 Fellone Nicholas £3,850.00
17 Poulter Joanne £3,450.00
18 Hampson Jon £3,450.00

Level Up  -07/08/2016 – 13:05

The blinds increase to 160,000/300,000 with a 30,000 ante.

14 players remaining.



David Carter 15th – 07/08/2016 – 12:58

David Carter has just been eliminated from the tournament.
On a board of  :Jd8d with around 2.5million in the middle Craig Drew moves all in for his seven million stack…. David Carter calls!!

Craig tables for a full house.

Davids cards have to be shown and he has for the flush! He leaves very disappointed with himself but 15th place is a very good effort out of 5232 entries. For his deep run he collects £3,850.




One Hour Clock – 07/08/2016 – 12:46

Just to let you know today the clock has been increased to 60 minute levels.

So 20 minutes more per level for the players, which will make a big difference. Especially to the short stacks.



Nicholas Fellone 16th – 07/08/2016 – 12:40

On a board reading with around 5 million in the middle, Nicholas Fellone moves all in and Vamshi Vandanapu makes the call. Both players have over pairs as the cards go on their backs:

Vamshi –

Nicholas and has just two outs to survive…

Dave Trigg is the dealer, so anything can happen….

The river comes

No help for Nicholas Fellone (below) as he heads out in 16th place for £3,850.

Vamshi is now chip leader with 21 million!




Joanne Poulter 17th – 07/08/2016 – 12:35

Short stack Joanne Poulter, the only remaining woman in the tournament gets her 2.5million stack all in holding and she is ahead but needs to hold against the of Daniel Corbett.

The flop comes

The turn card

Joanne needs an eight to survive but it doesn’t come as the river gives Daniel trips coming

A great effort from Joanne who leaves us in 17th place for £3,450.




Jon Hampson 18th – 07/08/2016 – 12:32

Jon Hampson gets his 3 million stack all in holding and is called by Vamshi Vandanapu who has him crushed tabling

The board comes down :J

The eights hold up for Vamshi who is now up to

We lose Jon in 18th place for £3,450.




Two Tables – 07/08/2016 – 12:28

With the elimination of Emmanuel we now break a table as we are on the final two tables.



Emmanuel Mulemwa  19th – 07/08/2016 – 12:21

Emmanuel Mulemwa & Rickie Silcock get it all in blind vs blind.

Emmanuel is the player at risk and he is also behind tabling against the of Rickie.

The board runs out

Two pair for Rickie as he takes the pot.

Emmanuel Mulemwa heads out of the tournament in 19th place for £3,050.





Ali Naserloei 20th – 07/08/2016 – 12:12

On a flop of  Ali Naserloei & Craig Drew get it all in!!

Ali tables for trips

Craig shows for trips aswell!! Just a complete cooler.

The dealer burns and smashes the on the turn!! The crowd erupt as Craig turns a boat!!

The river card is

Sick for Ali as he heads out in 20th place for £3,050.

Craig is now up to 15.7million!!



Day Three Seating – 07/08/2016 – 12:05

Jon Hampson 1 1 2980000
Vamshi Vandanapu 1 2 12070000
Luke Thomas Wensley 1 4 5265000
Graene Anthony Evans 1 5 6540000
Zahir Aslam 1 6 4720000
Nicholas Fellone 1 8 9110000
Luke Davison 1 9 3740000
Rickie Alan Silcock 2 1 5655000
Christopher Smith 2 2 3685000
Emmanuel Mukelabai Mulemwa 2 4 3850000
William Campbell 2 5 9100000
Daniel Corbett 2 6 5020000
David Carter 2 8 7900000
Thomas Nicholas Powell 2 9 4320000
Craig Drew 3 1 10955000
Jonathan Mellor 3 2 5350000
Cristian Popescu 3 4 6375000
Robert Richmond 3 5 18670000
Joanne Poulter 3 6 2860000
Ali Naserloei 3 8 3075000



Shuffle Up & Deal – 07/08/2016 – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin day number three.

The blinds are starting at 120,000/240,000 with a 20,0000 ante.

20 players remaining.


Welcome To The Final Day – 07/08/2016 – 11:50

Good morning and welcome back to the ninth and final day of The Goliath 2016. Today is the big one, where we find out who is going to ship this record breaking event.

From the 5232 entries there are 20 players making their way back today all guaranteed £3000 but all with their eyes on the first place prize of over £70,000!! The lucky player to have an interview at the end with The Tower will be 2016 Goliath Champ.

Robbie Richmond leads the way with a massive stack of 18million!! Full chip counts are:


Robert Richmond 18670000
Vamshi Vandanapu 12070000
Craig Drew 10955000
Nicholas Fellone 9110000
William Campbell 9100000
David Carter 7900000
Graene Anthony Evans 6540000
Cristian Popescu 6375000
Rickie Alan Silcock 5655000
Jonathan Mellor 5350000
Luke Thomas Wensley 5265000
Daniel Corbett 5020000
Zahir Aslam 4720000
Thomas Nicholas Powell 4320000
Emmanuel Mulemwa 3850000
Luke Davison 3740000
Christopher Smith 3685000
Ali Naserloei 3075000
Jon Hampson 2980000
Joanne Poulter 2860000

We will begin today at noon and will be providing you updates, chip counts, videos and a live stream up until we crown someone the winner. Lets do this!

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