GUKPT 2015 Leg 5 Reading Day 1a

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Welcome To Reading – 25/06/2015 – 12:30

Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of Leg 5 of the GUKPT Tour, this month the stop is Reading!



Last year Reading was one of the best supported legs on the tour with a fantastic 268 entries in total. Paul Vas Nunes being the eventual champion after four days of play and taking home £29,200 and a seat into the Grand Final. The seat in the Grand Final then went on to see him finish runner up and collect £94,775. Hopefully we will see Paul this weekend to defend his title as we are still yet to see any player defend their title in 8 and a half seasons.

vas nunes

There will be a live blog and video blog for the day 1s hosted by The Tower and then our live stream will begin at 1:25pm on Day Two which is Saturday, I hope you will stay with us until we crown a champion on Sunday night.

The tournament is a £500+£50 entry with a £100k guarantee. For their entry fee each player will receive 20,000 chips on a 60 minute clock. There will be nine levels played on each day, apart from the final where we will play to a winner. Play will begin at 1pm each day.

 Fifteen Minutes Till Kick Off – 25/06/2015 – 12:45

Fifteen minutes till we kick off the tournament here in Reading. At the moment we have just 24 players entered in Day 1a.


Players Called In – 25/06/2015 – 12:55

The players have just been called in to take their seats, we should be underway within 5 minutes.

Shuffle Up & Deal -25/06/2015 – 13:02

The cards are in the air as we begin Day 1a.

The blinds are 25/50.

30 players to start the day.

Welcome To Reading – 25/06/2015 – 13:20

Social Media – 13:25

We always check social media to see who is playing or on their way to play. This time Grosvenor sponsored Pro, Jeff Kimber took to Twitter to let us know of his whereabouts.

Join in the fun, on Facebook, Twitter or via the GukPT website and let us know what is ‘Appnin!




Day 1a Seating Plan – 25/06/2015 – 13:32

Table Two

Seat One – Lee Ball
Seat Two – Khalick Mohangee
Seat Three – Steven Teague
Seat Four – Jan Naderzadeh
Seat Five – Neol Broadbent
Seat Six – Peter Wigglesworth
Seat Seven – David Walley
Seat Eight – Dennis Beck


Table Three

Seat One – Danny Blair
Seat Two – Ryan Connelly
Seat Three – Jacob Boomhauer
Seat Four – Philippe Souki
Seat Five – Neil Wyatt
Seat Six – Rajinder Kumar
Seat Seven – John Hadjinicolaou


Table Four

Seat One – Panos Panayi
Seat Two – James Martin
Seat Three – Sidney Oppong
Seat Four – Graham Pound
Seat Five – Mohammed Choundhary
Seat Six – Kenneth Midgley
Seat Seven – Rob Finlay


Table Five

Seat One – Symon Solomon
Seat Two – Barrie Gotch
Seat Three – Andrew Probyn
Seat Four – Lee Mulligan
Seat Five – Ben Lloyd
Seat Six – Andrey Veselov
Seat Seven – Alex Bounsall


All Is Quiet – 25/06/2015 – 13:40

As you would expect all is quiet here during the first 40 minutes of play. There have been no car crashed in the first level.

This could be due to the fact Albert Sapiano hasn’t turned up yet. He finished 9th here last year, so hopefully we see him at some point this week as he is always good fun.

Lost One! – 13:52

The first man down today is Andrey Veselov. no hand details as we were around the room, snapping away. But he has used his re-entry already for today…


Blinds Up – 25/06/2015 – 14:03

The blinds increase as we begin the second level of the day.

They are now 50/100.

42 entries so far.


Pictures from the Room – 14:09

A few snaps as the players take their seats from the start of day 1a…






Social Media – 25/06/2015 – 14:15

Join us on our social media pages, you can like our Facebook page, follow our Twitter page & we are now on Instagram so you can also follow that.





Chip Counts – 14:31

A few counts from the room as players are heading towards their first break of the day…


Pete Wigglesworth……38k
David Walley…..24k
Jacob Boomhauer……23k
Graham Pound……22k
Patrick Fahy…….23k
Alex Bounsall……37k (Below)
Dan Kneafsey……21k



Another Exit – 25/06/2015 – 14:47

Two exits from the tables as we lose Panos Panayi.

There really hasn’t been much action during the first 2 levels of play.

Players will be taking a break in just 15 minutes time.



Cardroom Shots  – 25/06/2015 – 14:52




Chip Counts –  14:53

A few more counts as we head to the break…


Mike Ellis…… 14k
Nick Slade……16k
Roy Finlay……22k
Andrey Vesselov (2nd Bullet)….28k
Danny Toffel……24k
Danny Blair……18k (below)
David Johnson…..22k


Break Time – 15-01

First break of the day….. 15 minutes to talk about poker at the bar!!






Level 3 – 15:16


Blinds are now 75 – 150 for level 3 of the day..

Average hasn’t changed much from the 20,000 starting stack as we have only lost 3 players..

58 from the 59 that have entered day 1a still in the mix..

Players Playing Day 1a – 15:25

A few snaps of players playing day 1a….

Giap Gioi Tran



Graham Pound



Pete Wigglesworth




Kimber & Wigglesworth – 25/06/2015 – 15:38



Chip Counts Level 3 – 15:45 – 25/6/15

A few counts from the room, during level 3.

Lee Mulligan…..24k
Symon Solomon….17k
Dan Kneafsey…..26k
Raul Martinez……25k
Noel Broadbent…..32k
Partick Fahy…….17k
James Martin…….19k
Sidney Oppong…. 24k


Pictures  – 25/06/2015 – 15:58

Mike Ellis




Roy Finlay & Jeff Kimber 



The man in charge Janis Mozajevs



Chip Counts – 16:09 – 25/6/15

A few counts from around the room…..


Terry Jordan…..15k
Philip Corion…..30k
Lee Ball…..19k (below)
Phillipe Souki…..22k
Danny Blair….23k
Dan Kerridge….33k
Graham Pound…..26k
John Hadjinicolaou…..38k


Exits – 16:18 – 25/6/15

A trio of exits as we nearly hit level 4..


Jan Naderzadah
Gavin Manley
David Johnson

Level Four – 25/06/2015 – 16:20

The blinds increase as we begin level four.

They are now 100/200.

60 entries so far today.




Chip Counts – 25/06/2015 – 16:28


Phillip Corion – 40,000
David Fernandez – 16,000
Philippe Souki – 21,000
James Martin (below) – 30,000
Nick Slade – 42,000
Sidney Oppong – 43,000





Exits – 16:37 – 25/6/15

Latest exits from the room….

Dennis Beck
Andy Christoforou
Neil Wyatt


 Bounsall Busts Soloman – 16:55

Symon Soloman gets his 8,000 stack in on the river of a board reading holding for a flush, unfortunately for him he runs into Alex Bounsall holding for the full house!!

Symon busts out just before the break while Alex is now up to 48,000.




Dinner Break – 25/06/2015 – 17:16

Dinner break now for the players as they take 45 minutes.

Free complimentary buffet for the players to enjoy, the GUKPT being the old tour that supplies this.


Danny Toffel & Dennis Beck – 25/06/2015 – 18:01




Level 5 – 25/06/2015 – 18:05

The players are back from the dinner break as we begin level number 5.

The blinds are now 100/200 with a 25 ante.

65 entries.



Big Stacks – 25/06/2015 – 18:10


Andrew Seabright 46000
Terry Jordon 45000
Steven McIntyre 44000
Alex Bounsall 41000
Daniel Kerridge 41000
Dinarte DeSousa 40000
John Hadjinicolaou 37000
Shah Athar 36000
Ben Lloyd 35000
Roy Finlay 31000


 Snaps of Players – 18:18 – 25/6/15

A few snaps of the late arrivals.

Edinburgh Winner James Mitchell



Terry Jordan



Aaron Biggs



Re-Entry For Kimber – 25/06/2015 – 18:33

As I enter the cardroom Jeff Kimber is at the cash desk re-entering, having just been eliminated from the tournament.

His second bullet makes it 67 entries so far today.

Of the 20 minutes we have played since the dinner break there has been little/no action at the 7 tables that are in play.

The omaha tournament was meant to be starting at 6, but so far hasn’t got enough entries to get off the ground.

  Chip Counts – 18:43 – 25/6/15


A few counts as we are halfway through level 5 of the day…


Andrey Vassilov….36k
Jeff Kimber…..21k
Shah Athar…..52k
Aaron Biggs….21k
James Martin…..45k
Khalick Mohangee……16k (Below)
Sidney Oppong…..35k



More Counts – 25/06/2015 – 18:52

Dennis Beck – 27,000
Hui Jin – 13,000
Mike Ellis – 8,000
Nick Slade (below) – 16,000
Danny Toffel – 29,000
Andrew Probyn – 24,000
Steven McIntyre – 38,000
Gavin Kan – 30,000
Jacob Boomhauer – 4,000




Exits – 25/06/2015 – 19:02

Two exits from the field as we lose Lee Ball & Robin Fisher.




Level 6 – 25/06/2015 – 19:07

The blinds  increase as the players begin the last level for buy ins.

They are now 150/300 with a 50 ante.

50 players remaining from the 69 entries.

Average stack is 27,600.


More Bust Outs – 25/06/2015 – 19:15

Four more players bust out of the tournament and now have the chance to re-enter if they wish. They are:

Philippe Souki
David Fernandez
Giap Tran
Mike Ellis (below)





Chip Counts – 25/6/15 – 19:21


A few counts from the room as we start level 6 of the day…..


Pete Wigglesworth….19k
Gavin Kan…..29k
Robbie Fisher – O’Brien…..28k
Andy Seabright……43k (pictured)
Jordan Daniels…. 29k
Dennis Beck……24k
Dinarte De Sousa……47k
Vince Meli…..23k
Roy Finlay……33k




Corion On Top – 25/06/2015 – 19:30

We get to the table as the flop reads Phil Corion bets 1500, Peter Wigglesworth raises to 6,000, Phil moves all in for around 30,000 and Peter makes the quick call for around 24,000 and his tournament life.

Phil tables for top pair and a flush draw.

Peter shows for two overs and the nut flush draw.

The turn card comes

The river card

Two pair for Phil as he takes the pot, he is now chip leader with around 57,000.

Peter Wigglesworth heads out of the tournament but can re-enter for the next 45 minutes if he wishes.



Snaps from the Room – 19:50 – 25/6/15

A few snaps from the room as we head towards the next break….











Huge Double For Veselov – 25/06/2015 – 20:02

I get to the table as the flop reads there are four players in the hand.

David Walley bets 700 and is called by Aaron Biggs & Terry Jordon before Andrey Veselov raises to 2500, everyone calls.

The turn card comes

The action is checked to Terry who bets 5,000, Andrey moves bets 17,800 leaving himself with just 50 behind the line. Aaron and David get out of the way and Terry calls.

The river card comes

The last 50 goes in and Terry calls.

Andrey tables for a set of eights because it’s an all in Terry isn’t allowed to muck and has to show, he shows for two pair.

Andrey takes the pot, getting a huge double up to 48,000. Terry is down to 40,000.



Break Time – 25/06/2015 – 20:06

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.





Level 7 – 25/06/2015 – 20:23

The players are back seated as we start level 7

The blinds are now 200/400 with a 50 ante.

74 in total, of which 49 players remain in the tournament.




Chip Leaders At The Break – 25/06/2015 – 20:31

James Martin 60000
Raul Martinez 57000
Shah Athar 57000
David Walley 50000
Phil Corion 50000
Andrey Veselov 49000
Hui Jin 49000
Sidney Oppong 46600
Daniel Kerridge 44000
John Haadjinicolaou 42000
Robbie Fisher-O’Brien 41000


Last Exits of Level 6 – 25/6/15  –  20:40

Here are the last few casualties of level 6…  46 in the mix during level 7.


Noel Broadbent
Ken Midgley
Barrie Gotch
Terry Jordan
Kevin Wibberley


Roy Finlay  – 25/06/2015 – 20:47





Chip Counts – 25/06/2015 – 20:53

Some chip counts from around the tables….

Owen Daniels – 40,000
Jeff Kimber – 26,000
Roy Finlay – 40,000
Dinarte DeSousa – 40,000
Andrew Seabright – 18,000
Graham Pound – 32,000
Andrew Probyn – 14,000
James Mitchell – 40,000
Lee Mulligan – 15,000

A Few More Counts – 21:03 – 25/6/15


A few more counts from the room…

Gavin Manley…..18k
Dan Kerridge…..46k
James Martin….72k
Mohammed Suhail….9k (below)
John Hadjinicolaou….34k
Raul Martinez….75k




Snaps From The Room – 25/06/2015 – 21:19

Andrew Probyn




Hui Jin




Dinarte DeSousa





Level 8 – 25/06/2015 – 21:23

The blinds increase as we begin level number eight.

They are now 300/600 with a 75 ante.

43 players remaining.



 Exits Level 7 – 25/6/15 – 21:35

The last few exits from level 7.


Mohammed Suhail

Nick Slade (below)

Gavin Manley




Total Entries – 25/06/2015 – 21:52

Now registration is closed and the money has been counted we can give you the final number of entries for today.

That number is 74, a good turnout for Day one and I’m sure we are going to make the 126 that are now needed to cover the £100k GTD.




Chip Counts – 21:58

A few counts as we head to the final break of the day……


Aaron Biggs…..13k
Roy Finlay……45k
David Walley….74k
Khalick Mohangee…..38k
Andrey Veselov…..62k
Hui Jin…..40k
Jordan Daniels……26k
Robbie Fisher – O’Brien…..53k (below)


Level 8 Cardroom Pan – 25/06/2015 – 22:05





Break Time – 25/06/2015 – 22:22

Break time now for the players as they take their last 15 minutes of the day.



 Level 9 – 22:38

The last level of the day is upon us..

37 players left.

average stack is 40,000

Blinds are now 400 – 800 (75)


Last Break of Day 1a – 25/06/2015 – 22:55





Pictures – 25/06/2015 – 22:59

Raul Martinez




Roy Finlay


Owen Daniels 



Latest Exits – 23:05

The latest exits from the end of level 8 were…..

Danny Blair
Mohammed Choudry
Robin Fisher
Noel Broadbent
Ryan Connelly
Roy Finlay


Chip Counts – 23:09

A few counts from the room, as we start the final level of the day….


Dennis Beck……50k
James Mitchell…..42k (Below)
Andy Probyn…..37k
Danny Toffel….. 5k
Sidney Oppong…..42k
Raul Martinez…..110k (Chip Leader)
Lee Mulligan…….47k
Ben Lloyd………67k
Andrey Veselov…..105k


Huge Pot For Oppong – 25/06/2015 – 23:17

We get to tbe table on a flop of there is around 6,000 in the middle when Vincent Meli bets 2800, Danny Toffel makes the call. Action comes to Sidney Oppong who rips it all in, for his 37k stack. Vincent goes deep into the tank for a good three minutes, he has around 40,000 and he makes the call. Danny gets out of the way.

Sidney tables and has the of Vincent out kicked.

The turn card comes

The river

Sidney takes the huge pot and now has 80,000!!
Vincent is left with just 10,000.





Kerridge Exits – 25/06/2015 – 23:29

Daniel Kerridge moves all in and is called by Lee Ball.

Kerridge is in trouble tabling against the of Lee.

The board runs out

Top pair top kicker is good for Lee to take the pot as Daniel heads out just before the end of play today.


Latest Exits – 23:31

Heading towards the last few hands… we lose.

Lee Worthington-Leese
Dinarte De Sousa
Vince Meli


Last 5 Hands – 23:35

The Last 5 hands of the evening as we close in on bagging and tagging…

A full chip count of the players will follow shortly….




Bagging & Tagging – 25/06/2015 – 23:45

The four tables have now finished and play has come to a close with 30 players remaining.

The players are now bagging their chips and the counts will be up with you as soon as possible.


Martinez Leads Day 1a – 26/06/2015 – 00:05

After nine levels of play, Day 1a of Leg 5 is now in the books. It’s been another great day on the GUKPT tour, the day only started with just 30 entries and people were starting to fear the worst, but after six levels of late registration that number has grown to 74. All in all a good turn out so far. That means tomorrow 126 entries in total are needed for the £100k GTD to be covered. It really is going to be a close one and I can see it being five entries either way.

Anyway back to the poker, there has been a good mixture of GUKPT regulars and local players which has made for a great atmosphere throughout the cardroom. Not one player has ran away with it today and during every level we had a different chip leader. Three players however have managed to break the 100k mark and will be more than pleased with their days work. Raul Martinez will the happiest as he has finished the day with a massive 159,000, he leads the 25 players who have made it through the day. Full counts are…


Raul Martinez 159200
Andrey Veselov 146700
Khalick Mohangee 116200
Hui Jin 90000
Sidney Oppong 83900
Ben Lloyd 77600
Robbie O’Brien 73700
James Martin 71300
Andrew Seabright 66000
Dennis Beck 59700
David Walley 59400
John Hadjinicolaou 56900
Gavin Kan 56700
Lee Mulligan 55800
Lee Ball 50900
Alex Bounsall 45400
James Mitchell 37200
William Davis 36100
Phil Souki 34400
David Barriocanaldelaigles 26300
Aaron Biggs 24700
Graham Pound 23200
Danny Toffel 20400
Dan Kneafsey 17200
Neville Waters 16700

I hope you have enjoyed our coverage over the last 12 hours and we will be back for more of the same tomorrow. So if you’re not playing join us then to cheer on family, loved ones or just your favourite players.


End of Day 1a – 26/06/2015 – 00:12



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