GukPT 2015 Leg 5 Reading Day 1b

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Welcome To Day 1b – 26/06/2015 – 12:30

Welcome to  day 1b of the main event here in Reading. 126 players are needed to hit the £100,000 Guaranteed prize pool. Late registration and re-entries are permitted for the first 6 levels, so there is plenty of time to make it to the fantastic Grosvenor Casino and take part in leg 5.

Raul Martinez is the day 1a chip leader and the man to catch…



Raul Martinez 159200
Andrey Veselov 146700
Khalick Mohangee 116200
Hui Jin 90000
Sidney Oppong 83900
Ben Lloyd 77600
Robbie O’Brien 73700
James Martin 71300
Andrew Seabright 66000
Dennis Beck 59700
David Walley 59400
John Hadjinicolaou 56900
Gavin Kan 56700
Lee Mulligan 55800
Lee Ball 50900
Alex Bounsall 45400
James Mitchell 37200
William Davis 36100
Phil Souki 34400
David Barriocanaldelaigles 26300
Aaron Biggs 24700
Graham Pound 23200
Danny Toffel 20400
Dan Kneafsey 17200
Neville Waters 16700



Ten Minutes Till Kick Off – 26/06/2015 – 12:50

Just ten minutes until we kick off Day 1b here in Reading, at the moment there are just 57 entries, so a strong chance of their being overlay here for Leg 5.




Shuffle Up & Deal – 26/06/2015 – 13:01

The cards are in the air as we begin Day 1b. The blinds starting at 25/50

60 entries to start the day.



Start of Day 1b – 26/06/2015 – 13:16



Day 1b Seating Plan – 26/06/2015 – 13:30

Table Two

Seat One – Tomas Karnek
Seat Two – Alex Tuzinkiewicz
Seat Three – Peter Arrigoni
Seat Four – Chris Cooper
Seat Five – Florian Andrei
Seat Six – Chris Paine
Seat Seven – Nathan Blank
Seat Eight – Richard Hall


Table Three

Seat One – Thomas Deans
Seat Two – Kenneth Midgley
Seat Three – Neil Fisher
Seat Four – Joey Townsend
Seat Five – Ellie Biessek
Seat Six – Mark Boyle
Seat Seven – Gerald Crone
Seat Eight – David Sandford


Table Four

Seat One – Calogero Morreale
Seat Two – Kyle Hyman
Seat Three – Scott Leeson
Seat Four – Chris Fagg
Seat Five – Lee Doran
Seat Six – Vladimir Shlyakhetsky
Seat Seven – Scott Amero
Seat Eight – Emyr Lewis


Table Five

Seat One – Terry Jordon
Seat Two – Daniel Goodenoughbayly
Seat Three – Kevin Bentley
Seat Four – Sean Cahill
Seat Five – Richard Glew
Seat Six – Nick Szeremeta
Seat Seven – Leon Mills
Seat Eight – Aaron Helmore


Table Six

Seat One – Rajinder Kumar
Seat Two – Richard Craig
Seat Three – Christain Crosa
Seat Four – Sean Williams
Seat Five – James Akenhead
Seat Six – Justinas Pactauskas
Seat Seven – David Lloyd


Table Seven

Seat One – James Barney
Seat Two – Glen Cartwright
Seat Three – Kelly Saxby
Seat Four – Barry Cobb
Seat Five – Robert Dove
Seat Six – Philip Lee
Seat Seven – Sophie Rigall



Table Eight

Seat One – Gary Pearce
Seat Two – Jerome Oshea
Seat Three – Richard Hawes
Seat Four – Stephen O’Keeffe
Seat Five – Keiron Duncan
Seat Six – Ceri Rees
Seat Seven – Simon Brown



Table Nine

Seat One – Axat Mawji
Seat Two – Stephen Weatherall
Seat Three – Adam Bowen
Seat Four – Julian Davies
Seat Five – Graham Farbrace
Seat Six – James Leeson
Seat Seven – Richard Turner


Sapiano Arrives and don’t they Know It – 13:50

Albert Sapiano, who final tabled this event last season has just been all in, within the first 20 minutes of sitting down..

He shouts me over to say “I’m about to re-enter”. After a clock was called on Adam Bowen, he folds…

The flop is

Stephen Weatherall is the other man in the hand and tables Albert then tables for 2 pair…..

“Ooh I have a chance” he says. The and the means Alberts doubles up, but only back to starting stack!!!

Table 9 will be an active table to watch…






Level Two  – 26/06/2015 – 14:01

The blinds increase as we begin the second level of the day.

The blinds are now 50/100.

91 entries so far.



Social Media – 14:04 – 26/6/15

Good to see the players hitting social media, to let us know how they are getting on.

Follow the GUKPT on Facebook and also on Twitter to see what is happening around the room.






Pictures from the Room – 14:20 – 26/6/15

A few snaps from the room as we are in level 2 of the day…









Getting There! – 14:33 – 26/6/15

After a spurt of late registrations, the numbers have increased to 109 today. nearly doubling the numbers from the start already.

With just under half an hour to go until the first break, we think the guarantee will be surpassed before the dinner break at the end of level 4…



Chip Counts – 26/6/15 – 14:40

A few counts as the room fills and we head towards the first break…


Ian Fancis……32k
Richard Hawes…..21k
Terry Jordan….3k
Ellie Biessek……23k
Ceri Rees……19k
Renne Xia…..32k
Rahim Tadjsaadat…..24k
Sophie Rigali….. 18k (below)
David Crane…..21k
James Akenhead….30k


Exits – 14:55 – 26/6/15


A few eliminations as we are just about at the first break of the day….


Kyle Hyman
Terry Jordan
Nic Stylianou
James Sassi


Break Time – 26/6/15 – 15:01


20 minute break…. Back Soon..

Level 3 – 26/6/15 – 15:22


Blinds are up..

75 – 150

Average stack is 20,900

120 entries

116 left in..


First Break of Day 1b – 26/06/2015 – 15:31


 Exits – 15:34 – 26/6/15

A few exits at the start of level 3 of the day..

Terry Jordan
Andrew Garland (below)
Gary Pearce
Nathan Blank




Chip Counts – 26/06/2015 – 15:51

Julian Davies (below) – 45,000
Tom Deans – 42,000
Paul Dunne – 21,000
Vaidas Siriunas – 20,000
Guy Taylor – 19,000
Martin Holmes – 7,000
David Lloyd – 42,000
Rob Boon – 46,000
Danny Tran – 27,000
Simon Brown – 42,000
Neil Fisher – 26,000



Eliminations – 15:55 – 26/6/15

A few more exits as we are halfway through level 3..


Rajinder Kumar
Rahim Tadjsaadat
Albert Sapiano (below left and re-entered)
Joe Greenfield
Eleftherios Sergidis



Chip Counts – Level 3 – 16:17 – 26/6/15

A few counts from the room….

Will Kassouf…12k
James Akenhead…..47k
Albert Sapiano….9k
Sean Williams….34k
Tom Postlethwaite….60k
Julian Davies….46k
Chris Kyprianou…..18k
Simon Brown….43k
David Lloyd…37k
Nick Szeremeta……45k (below)



Level 4 – 16:23 – 26/6/15

Blinds are now 100-200

Average is 22,500

122 left in.


More Chippies – 16:37


A few more counts as there are 123 still in during level 4…


Danny Tran….32k (below)
Ademola Fasoranti…23k
Nathan Blank…..63k
Mark Boyle…..26k
Kelly Saxby….23k
Daniel Stanway…..26k
Kevin Wibberley….24k
Ken Midgley…..24k



More Chippies – 16:54

As we head towards the buffet break. A few counts from the room..


Rob Boon…..43k
Leon Mills…..36k
Michelle Mercer….45k (below)
Mark English…..32k
Christian Crosa….36k
Charles Norman….30k
Paul Dunne…..27k
Tom Postlethwaite…72k



Eliminations – 17:03


Kevin Bentley
Justinas Pactauskas
Martin Holmes
Sophie Rigali
Kyle Hyman
Nik Stylianou
Wenbin Chen
Emyr Lewis



Level Four Cardroom Pan – 26/06/2015 – 17:08



 More Swift Exits – 17:13

More exits from the room as we head towards the buffet break…


Paul Dunne (below)
Dave McConachie
Simon Brooks
Eleftherios Sergidis
Sandra Reid



Dinner Break – 26/06/2015 – 17:25

The clock ticks to 00 which means the players will now be taking their 1 hour dinner break.


Big Stacks At The Break – 26/06/2015 – 17:42


David Greene 79000
Nathan Blank 72000
Michelle Mercer 59000
Vladimir Shlyakhetsky 56000
Thomas Postlethwaite 52000
Calogero Morreale 51000
David Lloyd 51000
Aleksandar Spadijer 50000




James Akenhead & Will Kassouf – 26/06/2015 – 17:46




Level 5 – 26/06/2015 – 18:25

The players are now back seated as we begin level number 5.

The blind are now 100/200 with a 25 ante.

129 players remaining from the 157 entries.


Chip Counts – 26/06/2015 – 18:44

Kelly Saxby – 14,000
Will Kassouf (below) – 23,000
Richard Hawes – 25,000
Matt Davenport – 30,000
Amy Mahrenholz – 14,000
Phil Corion – 33,000
Philip Lee – 29,000



Exits – 18:45 – 26/6/15

A trio of exits early in level 5.


Teelasak Meeluksum
Albert Sapiano
Noel Broadbent


More Down! – 18:52


Three more down as more people buy in or re-enter.

Still 122 in the mix, as we lose…


Neil Fisher
Chandrakant Khajuria
Andrew Garland


Kassouf Takes One From Akenhead – 26/06/2015 – 19:-3

We get to the table as there is already 9,000 in the middle as James Akenhead & Will Kassouf go to the flop which comes

Akenhead is first to act and he leads out for 6500, which after some classic Kassouf speech play, is called.

The pot is over 20,000 now as the turn card comes

Akenhead slows down and checks to Kassouf who after more talking, decides to check back.

The river card pairs the board and comes a four diamonds,

Akenhead quickly checks and after checking his cards a few times Kassouf also checks.

James is first to show as he was the last aggressor, he tables for Ace high.

Will shows for two pair which is good to take the pot.

Kassouf is up to 40,000 while James is down to 30,000.


 Chippies – 26/6/15 – 19:06


A few counts from around the room….


Richard Hall….44k
Thomas Karnek…..38k
Vladimir Shlyakhetsky…..42k
Ellie Biessek…..33k
Ashley Hunt……47k
Simon Brown…..42k
Richard Hawes….24k(below)
Joey Townsend…..37k
Peter Arrigoni…..43k
Julian Davies……51k



More Exit – 19:13 – 26/6/15


A few more exit, but the numbers remain the same… The prize pool is up to a healthy £118,000.

We lose :-

David Sandford
Sean Cahill
Ji ye Zhang
Rajinder Kumar


Stylianou Busts – 26/06/2015 – 19:23

On a fop of Nick Stylianou gets his last 7,000 in the middle holding for top pair but runs into James Barney holding for the flopped flush!! Nick will now need runner runner to survive.

The turn comes

The river card

We lose Nick Stylianou from the field, although he has the chance to re-enter if he wishes for another 80 minutes.

James is now up to 25,000.


Level Six – 26/06/2015 – 19:25

The blinds increase again as the players begin the last level of buy ins.

They are now 150/300 with a 25 ante.

122 players remaining from the 164 entries.


 Latest Exits – 26/6/15 – 19:38


The latest exits, but still 123 remain as they all re-enter…


Richard Craig
Robert Dove
Steven Weatherall
David Clarkson
Dave McConachie


Level Six Cardroom Pan – 26/06/2015 – 19:46



 More Exits – 26/6/15  – 19:52


A few more exits as we are half way through level 6…


Gary Pearce
David Payne
Simon Brooks
Phil Carey


Brutal For Gladys – 26/06/2015 – 19:57

We get to the table as Gladys Long is all in on a flop she has been called by Chandra Khajuria.

Gladys tables for top two pair.
Chandra shows for second pair and a gut shot straight draw.

The turn card comes giving Chandra more outs as he turns two pair.

The river card !!!

Sick for Gladys as she is eliminated as Chandra rivers a boat.

Gladys now has 40 minutes to decided whether she would like to re-enter.


 Chip Counts – 20:11


James Thompson….23k
Oneib Saeed….21k
Aleksander Spadijer…..42k
Robert Dove…..21k
Dan Goodenoughbayly …..32k
Leon Mills……45k
Ademola Fasoranti…..22k
Mark English…..36k (below)
David Greene…..62k
Ceri Rees…..32k




Akenhead Busts Midlgey – 26/06/2015 – 20:16

Kenneth Midgley moves all in for his 7,000 stack and is called by James Akenhead.

Kenneth tables and is in bad shape against the of James.

The flop comes giving Kenneth some chop outs.

The turn card comes

The river card comes

James takes the pot with aces & kings, queen kicker, he is now up to over 40,000.

Kenneth Midgley heads out of the tournament.


Latest Exits – 20:23 – 26/6/15


The latest exits as we hit the break at the end of level 6..


Adam Howlett
Gladys Long
Ryan Ritchie



Break – 26/06/2015 – 20:23

Break time now for the players as they take another 15 minutes.

After the break we will be able to tell you how many runners we have had in total in Reading.


Level 7 – 20:42 – 26/6/15


Blinds up…. 200 – 400 with a 50 (ra)

Average is 30,500

114 left in..

No more re-entries or late reg.

Total prize pool unconfirmed at the moment is £124,000


Big Stacks – 26/06/2015 – 20:48


Nathan Blank 91000
David Greene 70000
Edward Thomson 63000
Michelle Mercer 60000
Chris Goodson 60000
Thomas Deans 58000
Martin Bader 58000
James Akenhead 53000
David Lloyd 53000
Richard Hall 52000
Ashley Hunt 52000



Davenport & Mercer – 26/06/2015 – 20:55


Exits – 26/6/15 – 20:59


Richard Turner
Chris Cancelliere
Charles Combes
Ceri Rees
Ryan Ritchie
Vladimir Swaton
David Clarkson



Chip Counts – 26/06/2015 – 21:07

Will Kassouf – 30,000
Mark Boyle – 39,000
Charlie Combes – 24,000
Dan Stanway – 42,000
Harry Jukes – 45,000



The Final Number – 26/06/2015 – 21:14

Registration has now closed for Leg 5 of the 2015 tour in Reading.

There have been a huge 174 entries in total for just today, meaning the total over the two days is 248!! Creating a £124,000 prizepool for the players to play for.


Feature Table – 26/06/2015 – 21:25

The feature table looking amazing as always will be in full operation tomorrow.




Level Eight – 26/06/2015 – 21:40

The blinds increase as we begin level eight.

They are now 300/600 with a 75 ante.

Still 103 players remaining!!


 Chip Counts – 21:45 – 26/6/15


A few counts from around the room…


Andy Christoforou….70k
Julian Davies…53k
Nathan Blank……76k
Renee Xia….47k (below)
Ellie Biessek…..14k
Vaidas Sirionas…..70k
Tom Deans…….52k
David Lloyd…..67k
Leon Mills….63k
Richard Hall……42k



Exits – 22:01

So the numbers start to drop. We are under 100 players left, but it is level 8!!!

The latest exits are :-

Thomas Karnek
Michelle Mercer
Sean Williams
Glen Cartwright
Jay Harwood
Min Ji
Ademola Fasoranti
David Sandford
Phil Carey


Double For Ellie – 26/06/2015 – 22:08

Teelasak Meeluksom opens the action to 1800, Ellie Biessek moves all in for her stak of 5600, when the action comes back to Teelasak he reluctantly makes the call.

Ellie tables
Teelasak shows

The flop comes giving both players a straight draw.

The turn card comes giving Teelasak a pair but Ellie the nuts straight. She now has a lock on the hand.

The river is meaningless but comes another Jack,

Ellie gets a much needed double up to 13,000 but she still has work to do with a level and a half to go.





Double For Chen – 26/06/2015 – 22:26

Leon Mills opens to 1400 and is called in two spots before Eric Chen moves all in for his stack of just over 10,000. Leon gets out of the way as does one of the other players before Robert Dove makes the call.

It’s a classic race as Roberts tables against the of Eric.

The board comes out

No sweats for Eric as he flops top pair which is good enough to take the pot, doubling to 26,000.


 Chip Counts – 26/6/15 – 22:32

A few counts as we head to the final break of the day…


Leon Mills……90k
Mohammed Suhail…..51k
Paul Bampton….41k
Martin Bader….72k
Vaidas Siriunas…..65k
Amy Mahranholz…..37k
Florian Andrei…..65k
Martin Hogarty…..51k
James Akenhead…31k (below)





Ask and You Shall Receive – 26/06/2015 – 22:40

We get to the table as Neil Walker is all in for his last 4,000 against Will Kassouf who has re-shipped all in, everyone else has folded and the two players expose their cards…

Will –
Neil –

The flop comes giving Neil the lead in the hand with top pair.

Will shouts for an “Accceeee!!”

The turn card comes exactly that

Will then shouts for a “Brickkkk”

Again he gets what he asks for as the river comes

Kassouf has got the art of calling for cards down to a tee, taking the pot he now has 20,000.

Unfortunate for Neil as he heads out just before the last break of the day.




Break Time – 26/06/2015 – 22:43

Last break for the players now as they take 15 minutes.


 Level 9 – 22:59

The final level of the day..

Blinds are 400 – 800 with at 75(ra)

89 players left in…



Big Stacks – 26/06/2015 – 23:07

Ashley Hunt 95000
Mark Boyle 90000
Abdul Qayyum 90000
Edward Thomson 85000
Scott Leeson 80000
Florian Andrei 75000
Andrew Christoforou 75000
Leon Mills 75000
Paul Brampton 70000


Last Break of Day 1b – 26/06/2015 – 23:11


Latest Exits – 23:17 – 26/6/15


The latest eliminations from the start of level 9..


Neil Walker
Christian Crosa
Jan Naderzadeh
Charles Norman
Oneib Saeed
David Greene
Robert Dove
Teelasak Meeluksom


More Dropping – 23:26


More exits from the final level of the day..


Ellie Biessek
Jerome O’Shea
Keiron Duncan
Andrew Grove


Pictures  – 26/06/2015 – 23:35

Danny Tran


David Lloyd & David Crane


Vaidas Sirionas





Back to Back for Davies?   – 26/06/2015 –  23:50

We join the table mid way through a pre flop raising war between James Akenhead and Cardiff winner Julian Davies.

It looks like it’s a four bet from Julian to 8800, which James has then five bet it to 14,350. Julian is deep in the tank as we get to the table and after a few minutes, he moves all in!! James snaps him off to create a huge pot!!

Julian tables and will be looking for an Ace against the of Akenhead.

The flop comes as Julian gets instant service, James now just has one out.

The turn card

The river card

Julian takes the huge pot doubling to around 94,000, a long way to go but could he be the first player ever to go back to back? He’ll have a top 10 stack tomorrow, so who knows.

James Akenhead is down to dust and eliminated the very next hand.



Last Six Hands – 26/06/2015 – 23:51

The clock has been paused with 10 minutes remaining.

A six has been chosen so six more hands and we are done for the night.



Bagging & Tagging – 26/06/2015 – 00:07

The players have now finished for the night. They are bagging and tagging their chips which they will see again tomorrow.

We will have full counts with you as soon as possible.


End of Day 1b – 26/06/2015 – 00:31



Vaidas Siriunas Leads Day 1b – 20/06/2015 – 00:40

Wow! Well what a manic day it has been. After nine levels we can all now breath… It’s been an unreal turn out for Day 1b, a massive 177 entries to create a prizepool of £124,000 in total.

The chips are now all in bags and we have finished the day with 64 players, that join the 25 from yesterday to come back tomorrow for Day 2.

Vaidas Siriunas leads the players from Day 1b. Full chip counts are….


Vaidas Siriunas 166200
Edward Thomson 126100
David Lloyd 101400
Julian Davies 96000
Ashley Hunt 90700
Leon Mills 89400
Scott Amero 89000
Harry Dukes 86100
Martin Bader 85100
Chris Goodson 76300
Abdul Qayyum 72100
Alex Tuzinkiewicz 71600
James Sassi 71300
Daniel Stanway 71000
Nathan Blank 69500
Andrew Christoforou 69100
Kelly Saxby 68000
Martin Hogarty 66600
David Crane 66500
Phil Corion 66200
David Buckley 63600
Mohammed Suhail 62800
Barry Cobb 62500
Peter Arrigoni 61900
Mark English 59500
Ji Ye Zhang 58000
Ian Francis 56700
Florian Andrei 55500
Chris Cooper 55000
Emrah Yildiz 53800
Dave Payne 53500
Steve O’Keeffe 52300
Dan Goodenoughbayly 51400
Chris Fagg 51000
Vladimir Shlyakhetsky 50800
Simon Brown 49500
Scott Leeson 48000
Martin Holmes 46600
Charlie Combes 46100
Sam Pigott 44000
Renee Xie 43700
Lee Doran 43300
Noel Broadbent 43200
Richard Hall 42000
Amy Mahrenholz 41500
Rob Boon 40900
Thomas Deans 40100
Aleksandar Spadijer 40100
Stephen Weatherall 39100
Matt Davenport 38800
Andrey Dimitrov 38500
Driton Haxhaij 35800
Eric Chen 35000
Justinas Pactauskas 31300
David Crane 28300
Paul Bampton 26400
James Barney 26100
Kevin Wibberley 25600
Anthony Ritchie 25000
Aaron Helmore 25000
Stefano Rossomando 23200
Chris Paine 20800
Will Kassouf 18000
Gladys Long 16900

We will be back tomorrow with the live stream from 1:25pm, with the coverage beginning at 12:30pm. So I hope you join us then.



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