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Published On July 29, 2013 |

Lloyd Banks GUKPT Title

Dave Lloyd is more than £20,000 richer after taking down a record-breaking GUKPT Brighton Main Event.

The 46 year old, who is Head of IT for the GUKPT’s travel partner, took home £20,330 after a three-way deal, along with the trophy, title, and the £2,125 seat into the GUKPT Grand Final, added by Grosvenor.

The final hand saw the Surrey man’s A-T hold up against Eastbourne’s Piers Whyman’s K-5, but it could have been so different but for a killer river card two hands earlier.

The two players got all the chips in the middle with Piers set to become champion, his pocket kings way ahead of Dave’s A-8.

A safe flop meant it was odds on the Brighton title was staying local, but to gasps from the watching rail, the turn and river were both eights, handing Dave a decisive chip lead.

“At least with the chop it’s not too hard,” said Piers afterwards. “I was this close but I lost to a good player. I really enjoyed it, it was all friendly with good people and it’s just one of those things I didn’t win.”

“Where did the dealer find running eights from,” joked Dave as he reflected on victory. “That was unreal. I ran good and made some good reads for three days, then got extremely lucky right at the end. I think I had more than my fair share of good hands, I have to say.”

Having finished eighth in last month’s GUKPT Reading, Dave felt there was some retribution about his win.

“This makes up for Reading, because I was disappointed with that,” he added.

The £50,000 guarantee was smashed by almost double, with 198 players paying the £500 + £50 entrance fee at the seafront Grosvenor G Casino Brighton, a record for a £500 buy-in GUKPT, the third record attendance in a row.

Babbis Lappas led 81 players through to day two, but unfortunately for the local legend, he bowed out just before the money.

No one got closer to a payday while still going home empty-handed than bubble boy Chris Cooper, who lost a race with A-K against pocket sixes to bow out in 21st.

With the huge field and deep-stacked structure, the final day actually started with 14 players remaining, but they quickly played down to the following final table, which for the first time in GUKPT history included brothers, Matt and Dan Bushell:

Seat One – Dave Lloyd – 260,000
Seat Two – Danny Tran – 770,000
Seat Three – Piers Whyman – 530,000
Seat Four – Nik Stylianou – 1,250,000
Seat Five – Gary Sandford – 120,000
Seat Six – Matt Bushell – 305,000
Seat Seven – Dan Bushell – 320,000
Seat Eight – Perri Fox – 145,000
Seat Nine – Graham Farbrace – 266,000

With nearly a third of the chips in play, Nik Stylianou was big favourite to land his first GUKPT title, but he took a huge hit early in the final.

Nik got it all-in preflop with aces against Piers’s kings, but saw his opponent hit not one but two more cowboys to double up in the biggest pot of the tournament.

After Gary Sandford had been knocked out in ninth for £1,980 with A-J against Dan Bushell’s kings, a three-way all-in saw Perri Fox depart in eighth and Nik’s demise all but complete.

Perri started the action, shoving his 140,000 stack in the middle. Danny Tran reraised all-in, and Nik went into the tank, eventually making the call with pocket queens.

He was ahead of the short stacked Perri, who tabled A-6, but Danny’s pocket rockets had him dominated, and with no queens forthcoming, Nik was left with just 14,000, which he shoved in next hand.

Perri picked up £2,720 for his eighth place, and unlucky Nik, who lost with aces against kings and then ran queens into aces, had to make do with £3,720 for coming seventh.

Graham Farbrace, who had been nurturing a short stack all day, finally ran out of chips in sixth place, winning £4,700.

He pushed his last 84,000 in blind, and looked in good shape when Dave called with 8-4. However, he found himself dominated with 4-3 and couldn’t improve.

After a quick dinner break, Danny was straight back at it, finding aces again to knock out Matt Bushell, whose A-K couldn’t catch up. The older Bushell brother departed with £5,690 for his weekend’s work, while Danny now held half the chips in play with four players remaining.

Matt’s brother Dan followed him out of the door soon afterwards, pocketing £10,000 for his fourth place after the final four agreed to adjust the prize structure a little.

He raised and called Dave’s shove with K-T of hearts and couldn’t out-race A-6, despite flopping the nut flush draw.

A deal was agreed three-handed with the stacks fairly level, each player taking £18,500 with £1,830, the trophy, and the Grand Final seat, added by Grosvenor, left to play for.

Unsurprisingly the action sped up at this point, and having got short, Danny shoved from the button with 6-5 and couldn’t improve against Dave’s A-9.

Heads up play started with the stacks pretty even, but Piers got the better of the early exchanges until that crucial hand that denied him the title on the river.

Next up on the tour schedule is Leg 8 at the Grosvenor G Casino in Bolton from the 4th to the 11th August, with the £500+£50 £50,000 guaranteed main event commencing on Thursday 8th August.

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