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Published On February 1, 2019 |

Leg 1 of the GUKPT 2019 Tour is officially the biggest ever £1k Main Event!

A £467,000 prizepool has been created after another 292 entries joined the field today during a manic day of poker.

Another ten levels have flown by and Day 1b is now in the history books.
Chip leader is Anand Kamat who tops the 92 players who have made it through the day. Anand has had a good week so far after he shopped the Mini Main Event on Tuesday.

Full chip counts are:

Anand Kamat 189,100
Ajay Kejriwal 160,400
Zackary Osullivan 147,200
John Harnett 147,000
Patrick Brendan Leonard 142,000
Leon Campbell 139,400
J.V. 137,200
D.L. 130,700
Cheng Zhang 129,600
Alexios Zervos 128,000
Alli Mallu126,800
Kalidou Sow 120,000
Jamie Oconnor 117,600
Alper Gocer 102,200
Sam Manny Ho 94,700
Alexander Zeligman 93,700
Tristan Chaplin 91,300
M.P. 91,100
Richard Paul Harrison 88,600
Tina Loraine Bandyle 88,000
Tony Ringe 86,300
Ertan Sumer83,100
Joseph Townsend 82,900
Sam Goodman 82,200
Dinarte Araujo De Sousa 81,500
Nathan Lee 80,000
Richard Trigg 78,600
Joost Schippers 78,500
Richard Glading78,000
Toby Wilkins 76,400
Patrick Uzan 75,500
Per Jacobson 74,700
Adel Benmessaoud 73,000
Benjamin Ohana72,100
Ludovic Geilich 70,600
Julien Terrasson 69,000
Michael Isiguzo68,000
Paul Siddle 67,700
George Hassabis67,200
Mark Wongtzeyi65,900
Naaman Morris 64,800
Angelos Nastosmegas 64,100
Kevin Allen 59,000
S.V. 59,000
Wenbin Chen 58,000
Joseph Grech 57,200
Giulio Mascolo 53,500
Ashley Marc Locker 50,800
Michael Fletcher 50,200
Jiushuang Wang 50,000
John Bousfield 48,700
Jiaze Li 47,000
R.V 46,600
Ahmed Arif44,800
David Clarkson 44,000
Madlena Trifonova 43,100
Andreas Orthodoxou 41,200
Nikolaj Laerke40,300
Mark Wates 39,700
Matthew Rabb 39,500
Christopher Kadji 38,000
James Arthur Brady 35,300
Lawrence Samuel35,100
Thomas Ward 34,800
Leslie Kearney34,600
Zack Chesses 34,200
Tai Tran 34,000
Gabriel Ene 33,300
James Parker 33,000
Bernardo Battistotti 31,800
Atanas Georgiev Pavlov 31,500
Vinod Fernandez 31,000
Andrey Veselov 29,500
Katie Swift 29,200
Stuart Rutter 27,500
Waheed Ashraf 26,500
Joshua James Boulton 24,400
David Zermon22,200
Aleksandrs Golubevs 22,000
Jeffrey Kimber 21,600
Damien Legoff 21,400
Sum Yip 21,000
Youness Barakat20,400
Patrick Fahy 19,000
Marc Foggin15,400
Jie Tian 15,300
Jimmy Kebe 14,700
Ryan Fronda 14,000
Guy Taylor11,700

We will be back tomorrow with 140 players coming back for Day 2.
There are some great names in the field and with £122,400 up top it’s going to be fantastic to watch.
Join us tomorrow at 12pm.

Bagging & Tagging – 23:45

The players are now bagging up.

Full chip counts will be up shortly.

Last Four Hands – 23:30

The clock has been paused with 11 minutes remaining.

The players will now play 4 more hands before bagging an tagging for the night.

C’Mon Team Grosvenor – 23:15

4 of Team Grosvenor are still in, as we have 20 minutes remaining of Day 1b of GUKPT London.

Good luck Jamie Boz O’ Connor, Richard James Trigg, Jeff Kimber & Katie Swift.

Mallu Chip Leader – 22:55

It looks like Ali Mallu is the chip leader he has around 185,000 with 45 minutes of play left today.

Level Ten – 22:45

The blinds increase for the last time today.

They are now 500/1000 with a 100 ante.

112 players remaining.

Exits – 22:35

Exits from around the table here during level number 9:

Peter Charalambous
Shaun Clewes
Pras Suryanarayanan
Alberto Marullo
Norman Kenvyn

Boz Busts Guven – 22:15

Onur Guven opens to 2200, Boz three bets to 5200. Onur moves all in for his 20,000 stack and Boz makes the quick call.

Onur tables and is in bad shape against the of Boz.

The board runs out

Boz takes the pot and now has around 130k while we lose Onur from the tournament.

Big stacks – 21:57

Patrick Leonard – 115,000
Zackary O’Sullivan – 100,000
Boz – 110,000
Patrick Uzan – 100,000
Paul Siddle – 95,000
Deborah Worley-Roberts – 90,000
Martin Jacobson – 80,000

Level 9 – 21:45

The players are back seated as we begin level number 9.

The blinds are now 400/800 with a 100 ante.

Break Time – 21:30

Break time for te players as they take 15 minutes.

Chip Counts – 21:20

Chip Counts from around the tables:

Guy Taylor – 16,000
Peter Charalambous – 16,000
Alexos Zervos – 18,000
Jeff Kimber – 45,000
Alli Mallu – 50,000
Eric Chen – 65,000

Prizepool Payout – 21:01

GUKPT London Main Event
£1000 NLHE
Entries: 467

1st £122,460
2nd £82,800
3rd £49,900
4th £30,700
5th £20,100
6th £14,600
7th £11,500
8th £9,100
9th £7,400
10th £6,400
11th £5,900
12th £5,500
13th £5,000
14th £4,600
15th £4,600
16th £4,100
17th £4,100
18th £4,100
19th £3,700
20th £3,700
21st £3,700
22nd £3,700
23rd £3,200
24th £3,200
25th £3,200
26th £3,200
27th £3,200
28th £2,700
29th £2,700
30th £2,700
31st £2,700
32nd £2,700
33rd £2,300
34th £2,300
35th £2,300
36th £2,300
37th £2,300
38th £1,800
39th £1,800
40th £1,800
41st £1,800
42nd £1,800

Confirmed Prizepool – 20:40

The prizepool has been confirmed at a massive £467,000!!

467 entries, making this the biggest £1k GUKPT Main Event EVER!!

Mallu Busts Soukki – 20:25

Ali Mallu limps, Philip Soukki makes it 2k, Ali shoves for 35k. Soukki calls with ACES and doesn’t win against the 6-6 of Ali.

Soukki heads out while Mallu stacks his chips, he now has 50k.

New Feature – 20:01

We have a new feature table that includes Stuart Rutter, Ludo, Sam Grafton and Morten Mortensen.

You can watch it here –

Packed Cardroom – 19:45

The cardroom is absolutely packed here with every single table in use.

Level 7 – 19:30

The players are back seated as we begin level number 7.

The blinds are now 250/500 with a 50 ante.

A huge turnout here but the final number will be announced shortly.

Break Time – 19:15

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Registration will be closed when we come back for level 7.

Trigg Takes Out Lee – 18:30

Nathan Lee opens from the cut off and is three bet by Rick Trigg who makes it 3500 from the button, Nathan calls.

The two players see a flop of :4c Nathan leads out for 6500, Trigg looks confused by the bet but after around a minute, he moves all in! Nathan calls for the 12k he has behind the line, putting himself at risk.

Trigg tables for ace high, Nathan shows

The turn card comes giving Trigg a flush draw…

The river card comes !! Nathan rivers a set, but Trigg rivers a flush to take the pot, he now has around 45,000.

Very unlucky for Nathan as he busts the tournament.

Level 6 – 18:15

The blinds increase as we begin level number 6. They are now 200/400 with a 50 ante. This is the last level to buy in.

Boz Big Stack – 18:08

Katie Swift has just told us how Boz got his big stack. On a flop of two players moved all in after a check from Boz. He made the quick call and tabled for QUADS!!

Nothing silly from the dealer on the turn and river and Boz takes out two!

The 2019 Passport winner has had a great first five levels here in London.

Chip Counts – 17:49

Ludo – 20,000
Jamie ‘Boz’ O’Connor – 75,000
Rick Trigg – 32,000
John Bousfield – 25,000
Katie Swit – 22,000
Martin Jacobson – 15,000
Nathan Lee – 16,000
Kevin Allen – 40,000

Previous Years Totals – 17:35

12433£1,000+£110£433,000Andrew Hulme£112,400
11435£1,000+£100£435,000Michael Zhang£113,000
10394£1,000+£100£394,000Martin Hogarty£66,538
9289£1,000+£90£289,000Victor Ilyukhin£82,600
8323£1,000+£80£323,000Oliver Price£86,400
7397£1,000+£70£397,000Martin Bader£56,000
6315£1,000+£70£315,000Robin Keston£84,310
5245£1,500+£50£367,500Praz Bansi£101,020
4318£1,500+£90£477,000Cuong Tran£127,800
3398£1,500+£75£597,000Martin Silke£172,850
2424£1,000+£60£424,000Ketul Nathwani£119,780
1433£1,000+£50£433,000Leo Kam£119,590

Level 5 – 17:20

The players are back seated from dinner as we begin level number 5.

The blinds are 150/300 with a 25 ante.

242 entries so far today with 205 remaining.

Break Time – 16:10

Break time now for the players as they take 60 minutes for dinner.

Exits – 16:05

Tim Chung
Yangshao Hu
Vikrum Mehta
Robert Skyers
George Alexander

Boz The Passport Winner – 15:40

GCOOP Leaderboard winner Jamie Boz O’ Connor is here for Leg 1 of the GUKPT.
Boz won the 2019 GUKPT Passport and is freerolling all the Main Events this year.
Good luck to him!

Level 4 – 15:15

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 100/200 with a 25 ante.

213 entries so far today with late registration open until 7:30pm.

Bust Outs – 14:55

Exits from the tables:

Manh Nguyen
Leon Campbell
Tom Rutter
Damien Legoff
Antoine Sauot
Vamshi Vandanapu

Omaha Side Event Result – 14:40

GUKPT London Side Event
£150 PLO
Entries: 98

1st – £3,550 – JJ Hazan
2nd – £3,120 – R.M.
3rd – £2,800 – R.V.
4th – £1,360 – E.P.
5th – £1,020 – Stephen Bean
6th – £730 – Dhanesh Chainani
7th – £550 – Carlos Gonzalez
8th – £450 – R.W.
9th – £410 – Haresh Thaker
10th – £370 – P.D.
11th – £340 – A.B.

Level Three – 14:20

The players are back seated as we begin level number three.

The blinds are now 75/150.

184 entries so far today.

Break Time – 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Playing Today – 13:30

Players who we have recognised who are playing today:

Rick Trigg
Jeff Kimber
Katie Swift
Nathan Lee
Ali Mallu
Wadey Ashraf
Renee Xie
Ken Wong

We will get a full list of players up with you as soon as the GDPR forms have been filled in.

Carey The Man To Catch – 13:10

James Carey is the man to catch after he finished Day 1a as the chip leader. His 258,000 is a massive stack for Day 2.

48 players made it through yesterdays ten levels, they are:

James Carey258,300
Driton Haxhiaj 203,000
Keith Talkington 195,500
Thomas Winstone 148,100
Andrew Garland 138,000
Axat Mawji 130,900
Mitchell Johnson118,900
Haoran Cai 110,300
Colin Gillon 106,700
Ning Lu 103,000
Victor Ilyukhin 99,700
Wesam Akare 98,900
Michael Sheppard 93,700
Carlos Citara 93,200
Sebastian Jancso 89,000
Christopher Richard Howden 78,800
Benjamin Winsor 72,000
Jags Minglani 69,200
Adam Miller 68,800
Joe Hindry 63,800
Steven Chandler63,300
John Sherif Helmy Ishak 57,700
Felix Stephensen 56,900
Jonathan Weekes55,000
Amir Malik 55,000
Cyrus Ghasempour 53,800
David Lhonore 51,200
David Johnson 51,200
Christopher Kyriacou 50,800
Christopher Cunliffe 49,500
Ben Maregedze 48,400
Paul Scipioni47,100
Yudhishter Jaswal 44,700
Alexandru Cinca 42,900
Raphael Ajayi 42,500
Alasdair Alexander 40,700
Muskan Sethi 39,100
Yazan Mdanat 36,100
David Barnes 34,300
S.B 33,500
Lei Wang 32,400
Rory Liffey32,000
Thomas Myland 31,700
Kfir Ivgi 30,600
Darren Fuller 28,300
Ahmed Abdella 26,200
Mikelle Degiovanni 14,800
Ryan Jonathan Mandara 13,400

Level 2 – 13:01

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 50/100.

There have been 129 entries so far and the prizepool currently stands at £304,000!

Live Stream – 12:40

Our Live stream is now up and running with all hole cards shown on a thirty minute delay.

You can watch it HERE!

Shuffle Up & Deal – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin Day 1b.

Blinds begin at 25/50.

There are 90 players sat down to start the day.

Welcome To Day 1b – 11:50

Good morning and welcome back to GUKPT London for Day 1b of the Main Event. The tournament is a £1000+£110 buy in with a £200k GTD. The guarantee has already been smashed and it looks like the prizepool will be closer to £500k!

For their buy in, the players will receive 20,000 chips with the tournament played on a one hour clock.

Yesterday there was a great turnout of 175 entries, with 1B always being busier we are expecting over 200 entries today.

Play begins at 12pm and we’ll be here with you for the full 10 levels bringing you live updates, pictures, chip counts and the live stream that runs on a thirty minute delay.

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