GUKPT Reading 2017 Final Day

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Runner Up & Winners Interviews – 28/05/2017 – 22:40


GUKPT Reading Champion Ali Mallu – 28/05/2017 – 22:30



Mallu Does It Again! – 28/05/2017 – 22:20

Well what more can we say about the most entertaining player to watch in the UK, apart from he has done it again!!

It’s been another great event on the UKs longest running poker tour with 247 entries in total over Thursday & Friday. 19 players came back today all in the money but all with their eyes on the first place prize of £35,310.

It took around two hours of todays play before we were down to the final nine players.

The final table lasted only five and a half hours and was a great one to watch. Ashley Hunt looked in control, but Mallus unorthodox style was different for the whole table to deal with and he has come out on top.

Ali wins his second GUKPT after winning the Manchester leg back in 2015. He also came second last month at the leg in Walsall, just missing out on the title as Gareth Howard won it.

He’s one of the nicest guys you can meet and a more than worthy winner, taking home £35,310.

Well done to all the staff this week as the tournament has ran like clock work. Also a massive well done to everyone here at the Reading South Grosvenor Casino as they have played a great host again.

That’s all from us for another event, we will be back in a months time for Leg 6 at The Poker Room, which is going to be a really busy one.

Until next time, be lucky.





Prizepool Payout – 28/05/2017 – 22:04

GUKPT Reading Main Event
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries: 247

1st – £35,310 – Ali Mallu
2nd – £23,090 – Barry Cobb
3rd – £14,450 – Ashley Hunt
4th – £9,390 – Jay Harwood
5th – £6,420 – Tony Martin
6th – £4,820 – Andy Hills
7th – £3,820 – Jerome O’Shea
8th – £3,090 – Tim Wright
9th – £2,600 – John Allison
10th – £2,220 – Mark Reed
11th – £1,970 – Florentin Stoica
12th – £1,860 – Keiron Duncan
13th – £1,730 – David Crane
14th – £1,480 – Martin Bader
15th – £1,480 – Mark Gardner
16th – £1,360 – Axat Mawji
17th – £1,360 – Jack Hardcastle
18th – £1,240 – Alan Peers
19th – £1,240 – Lee Taylor
20th – £1,240 – Eren Hassan
21st – £1,110 – Keith Norton
22nd – £1,110 – Emma Ames
23rd – £1,110 – Joanne Ramsden

Prizepool – £123,500


It’s All Over!! – 28/05/2017 – 21:55

Barry Cobb limps, Ali Mallu makes it 275,000, Barry moves all in for 1.6million and Ali makes the call!!

Barry tables Ad against the of Ali.

The flop comes as Ali flops a pair of threes.

The turn card comes

The river card

With that final hand we have a winner!!

Barry Cobb is our runner up as he finishes in second place for £23,090.

Alli Mallu has went one better than last leg as he is the GUKPT Reading Champion taking home £35,310!!



Heads Up Begins – 28/05/2017 – 21:43

Heads up is now underway with Ali Mallu holding 3 million against the 1.8million of Barry Cobb.

Blinds are 25,000/50,000 with no antes.




Break Time – 28/05/2017 – 21:36

Break time for the players as they take 5 minutes before beginning heads up play.



Ashley Hunt 3rd – 28/05/2017 – 21:35

The very next hand Ashley Hunt gets his last nine bigs all in holding against the of Ali Mallu.

The flop comes as Ali flops a straight!!

The turn card comes leaving Ashley drawing dead!

The river card is meaningless as we lose Ashley Hunt in 3rd place for £14,450.

Ali Mallu will go into heads up as the chip leader with around 2.8million.



2 mil Flip  – 28/05/2017 – 21:32

Blind on blind Barry Cobb & Ashley Hunt get it all in…

It’s a huge flip as Ashley tables against the of Barry.

The board runs out nine high as the fours hold for Barry.

Barry takes the pot and doubles up to 2 million chips!

Ashley is left with just 450,000 (9 bigs).




Chip Counts – 28/05/2017 – 21:22

Ali Mallu 2,550,000
Ashley Hunt 1,520,000
Barry Cobb 866,000



Level 28 – 28/05/2017 – 21:15

The blinds increase as we begin level 28.

They are now 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante.

Still three players remaining.



The Final Three – 28/05/2017 – 21:05






All is Quiet – 28/05/2017 – 20:55

No real action to speak of in the first 20 minutes of level 26.

Just small pots being played and each player is winning their fair share of pots.

Ali Mallu is still trying to put the pressure on though by over shoving every now and again.


Level 26 – 28/05/2017 – 20:35

The blinds increase as we begin level 26.

They are now 20,000/40,000 with a 4000 ante.

Just three players remaining.

1,460,000 is the average stack.


Cobb Gets Mallu’d! – 28/05/2017 – 20:25

Barry Cobb opens to 75,000, Ali Mallu three bets to 160,000, Barry ccalls and the two players go to the flop which comes Ali announces all in!! For around 800,000, Barry makes the call to create a 2 million chip pot!!

Ali tables for jack high against the of Barry who has an over pair…

The turn card comes Barry just needs to dodge a Jack to have over three million chips going into heads up play….

The river comes !!

Ali Mallu rivers a pair of jacks to take the pot with two pair, he is now the chip leader with 2.1million.

Barry is down to 950,000.




Barry Cobb Chipping Up – 28/05/2017 – 20:15

Barry Cobb has just took a big pot off Ali MAllu, check calling Ali down to the river on a board of Qs

Barry leads out on the river and Ali folds showing .

Barry mucks but moves his stack just over 2 million while Ali is down to 900,000.



Jay Harwood 4th – 28/05/2017 – 19:58

Ashley Hunt opens to 65,000, Jay Harwood three bet shoves his 650,000 stack and Ashley makes the call.

Jay tables and will need to hit the board against the of Ashley.

The flop comes as both players flop a pair.

The turn card comes giving Ashley two pair and leaving Jay drawing to just a king.

The river card comes

A decent run for Jay Harwood as he exits in fourth place for £9,390.

Ashley increases his chip lead and now has 2.4million.





Prizepool Payout – 28/05/2017 – 19:53

GUKPT Reading Main Event
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries: 247

1st – £35,310
2nd – £23,090
3rd – £14,450
4th – £9,390


Chip Counts – 28/05/2017 – 19:47

Ashley Hunt 1819000
Barry Cobb 1182000
Ali Mallu 1005000
Jay Harwood 935000


Level 25 – 28/05/2017 – 19:43

The dinner break was extended but the players are now back to begin four handed play on a fourty five minute clock.

The blinds are 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Four players remaining.



Dinner Breaak – 28/05/2017 – 19:01

Dinner break now for the players as they take 30 minutes.

Chip counts to follow.



Tony Martin 5th – 28/05/2017 – 18:56

Barry Cobb opens and Tony Martin defends from the big blind.

The flop comes

Tony checks, Barry bets, Tony shoves his 350,000 stack and Barry makes the call with for two overs and a gut shot. Tony tables for two overs and a flush draw, he need to hit to survive.

The turn card comes

The river card

Tony bricks the turn and river and exits from the tournament in 5th place for £6,420.


Double For Jay – 28/05/2017 – 18:52

Jay Harwood get his 480,000 stack all in against Ali Mallu who seems to be in every single pot at the minute.

It’s a coinflip as Jay tables against the of Ali,

The board runs out

Two pair for Jay as he tables the pot and doubles up to 950,000.




Andy Hills 6th – 28/05/2017 – 18:42

Ali Mallu makes a huge open, Andy moves all in for his 480,000 and Ali makes the call.

Ali tables and has the best hand against the of Andy.

The flop comes as Ali flops two pair,

The turn card comes

The river card ! Two pair for Ali as he takes the pot and now has 1.5million.

We lose Andy Hills in 6th place for £4,820.




Hills Vs Mallu III – 28/05/2017 – 18:30

Andy Hills & Ali Mallu are at it again.

Andy shoves for his ten bigs, 250,000 and is called by Ali from the big blind.

Andy tables against the of Ali

The flop comes as Ali flops a flush draw

The turn comes

The river

One pair on the river for Andy as he doubles up to 500,000!!



Jerome O’Shea 7th – 28/05/2017 – 18:20

The action folds round to Jerome O’Shea who moves all in for his short stack of ten bigs and is called by Jay Harwood in the big blind.

Jerome tables 7-6 against the A-2 of Jay.

Both players miss the board and Jay adds the pot to his stack which is now up to 560,000.

Jerome O’Shea heads out in 7th place for £3,820.


Sick One For Hills – 28/05/2017 – 18:06

Andy Hills & Ali Mallu get it all in for a huge 1.2million chip pot!!

Hill has the best of it tabling against the of Ali.

The flop comes as Ali flops a set of nines!!

The turn card

The river card

A huge pot for Ali as he takes the 1.2million with a set of nines.

Andy is down to around 200,000.



Blinds Up – 28/05/2017 – 18:01

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 12,000/24,000 with a 3000 ante.

7 players remaining.




Tim Wright 8th – 28/05/2017 – 17:56

Tim Wright moves all in from the cut off for around 260,000 with the blinds at 10/20k. Barry Cobb makes the call from the big blind and the cards go on their backs…

Tim tables and has live cards against the of Barry.

The flop comes as Tim flop top pair, Barry picks up a straight draw.

The turn card comes !! Barry retakes the lead as he turns top pair

The river card

The pair of Aces is good for Barry to take the pot, he now has 830,000.



Huge Pot For Hills – 28/05/2017 – 17:45

Ali Mallu makes a huge open again as he slides 188,000 over the line from late position. The action comes to Andy Hills in the big blind who goes into the tank before saying “Lets go for the win” and moves all in, Mallu makes the call and the cards go on their backs…

K-Q  for Andy against the K-9 of Ali.

Both players flop a pair, but the pair of queens is good for Andy to take the pot and double up to around 750,000!!

Ali is left with around 650,000.


Prizepool Payout – 28/05/2017 – 17:32

GUKPT Reading Main Event
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries: 247

1st – £35,310
2nd – £23,090
3rd – £14,450
4th – £9,390
5th – £6,420
6th – £4,820
7th – £3,820
8th – £3,090
9th – £2,600 – John Allison



Double For Tim – 28/05/2017 – 17:25

Ali Makes it 160,000 to play from late position, Tim Wright sticks his 240,000 all in from the big blind and Ali makes the call.

Tim tables against the of Ali.

The flop comes as Ali makes a pair of Jacks to take the lead.

The turn card comes …. Tim turns a gut shot and a flush draw.

The river card comes !! Tim rivers top pair to take the pot and double up to around 450,000.

Ali drops just under a million.



John Allison 9th – 28/05/2017 – 17:15

John Allison opens on the button, Ashley Hunt three bets from the big blind, John moves all in and Ashley quickly calls.

John tables , while Ashley has found KINGS in the big.

No ace on the board for John and he leaves us in 9th place for £2,600.


Chip Counts – 28/05/2017 – 17:05

Ashley Hunt 1157000
Ali Mallu 1047000
Tony Martin 567000
Barry Cobb 560000
Jerome OShea 415000
John Allison 327000
Jay Harwood 325000
Tim Wright 286000
Andy Hills 260000




The Final Begins – 28/05/2017 – 16:55

The final table is now underway with 9 players remaining.

Blinds are 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.




Break Time – 28/05/2017 – 16:30

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minuted before beginning the final table.



Mark Reed 10th – 28/05/2017 – 16:25

Mark Reed three bet shoves his 65,000 stack over an open from Jerome O’Shea, Jerome makes the quick call for not much more and the cards are tabled.

Mark tables and has ran into the of Jerome.

The board runs out

Aces hold for Jerome who takes the pot.

We lose Mark Deed who has been clinging on for the last two levels. He finishes in 10th place for £2,220.


Level Up – 28/05/2017 – 16:18

No break for the players as they are still hand for hand.

The blinds increase to 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Still ten players remaining.




O’Shea Back In It – 28/05/2017 – 16:10

Jerome O’Shea gets his 150,000 short stack all in and is called by Andy Hills.

Jerome tables and has the :6 of Andy crushed.

The board runs out :8

Kings hold for Jerome who takes the pot and doubles up to 300,000. Putting him back in the game.

Andy is down to around 300,000.



Double For Reed – 28/05/2017 – 15:55

Mark Reed moves all in and is called by Andy Hills.

Mark tables against the of Andy.

The flop comes as Andy flops a flush draw.

The turn card comes

The river card the

The sevens hold for Mark who takes the pot and double up to 130,000, but he is still one of the two short stacks in the field.


Short Stacks – 28/05/2017 – 15:40

We have two short stacks in the field who are in dangeer of being eliminated. They are Jerome O’Shea with 100,000 and Mark Reed with just 70,000!!

With the players playing short handed both need a double up as soon as possible.



Blinds Up – 28/05/2017 – 15:20

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are noww 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

10 players still remaining.



Final Table Bubble – 28/05/2017 – 15:08

We are now hand for hand on the final table bubble.



Florentin Stoica 11th – 28/05/2017 – 15:05

Tim Wright opens, Florentin Stoica moves all in for his 100k stack and Tim makes the call.

Florentin tables and is ahead of the of Tim who has live cards.

Tim says “”It’s okay, you’ll flop an Ace…”

Which is exactly what happens as the flop comes giving Florentin top pair and Tim bottom pair…

The turn card comes !!! Tim turns trips to take the lead, and leaving Florentin as sick as a dog drawing to two outs…

The river card comes

Tim takes the pot and now has around 800k while Florentin Stoica heads out of the tournament in 11th place for £1,970.


Duncan Done in 12th – 28/05/2017 – 14:54

Keiron Duncan has just left us in 12th place.

He takes home £1,860 for his deep run in the Reading main event.



The Freeroll Ends – 28/05/2017 – 14:47

David Crane who played on Thursday managed to win himself a £500 worth of GUKPT vouchers by winning the draw. He used the £500 and added £50 himself to re-enter and have another go at GUKPT Reading.

His freeroll lasted until today but sadly it has come to an end.

David who was short stack last break has just busted in 13th place for £1,730. Not bad for an entry that was won.



Martin Bader Busts – 28/05/2017 – 14:42

We lose another previous GUKPT Winner from the tournament as Martin Bader heads out of the door.

His 13th place finish is good or £1,480.




Chip Counts – 28/05/2017 – 14:34


Ali Mallu 755000
Tim Wright 560000
Andy Hills 533000
Ashley Hunt 525000
Jay Harwood 491000
John Allison 387000
Keiron Duncan 338000
Tony Martin 327000
Barry Cobb 310000
Jerome OShea 201000
Mark Reed 176000
Martin  Bader 150000
David Crane 91000
Florentin Stoicha 90000



Mark Gardner 15th – 28/05/2017 – 14:27

The last hand before the break Mark Garnder moved all in from the small blind and was called by Alli Mallu in the big blind.

Mark all in for his 101,000 tabled and was in bad shape against Ali who had found in the big blind!!

The flop as Ali flopped top set, leaving Mark drawing to a chop.

The turn gave Ali a sweat as it came giving both players a gut shot and Mark four outs to survive.

The river card

Mark would leave us in 15th place for £1,480.



Level 21 – 28/05/2017 – 14:20

The players are back seated as we begin the next session.

The blinds are 6,000/12,000 with a 1500 ante.

14 players remaining.




Break Time – 28/05/2017 – 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Axat Mawji 16th –  – 28/05/2017 – 13:58

Well after a huge lull in the action things have started to pick up now.

Axat Mawji is the next player to leave us from GUKPT Reading. He heads out in 16th place for £1,360.


Jack Hardcastle 17th – 28/05/2017 – 13:50

Jack Hardcastle gets his short stack in with pocket threes and runs into pocket nines.

No help for Jack who was chip leader at the end of Day 1a and the start of Day 2 as he finishes in 17th place for £1,360.



Alan Peers 18th – 28/05/2017 – 13:40

We have just been handed the ID card of Alan Peers who has been eliminated from the tournament.

He heads out in 18th place for £1,240.


Mallu On Fire – 28/05/2017 – 13:25

Alli Mallu has had the biggest increase in chips over the first level of play on Day three.

He has increased is stack to a massive 620,000, which is good for the chip lead at the moment with 18 players remaining.

The GUKPT Regular only has one gear and that’s fast as he puts the pressure on the other players.


All is Quiet – 28/05/2017 – 13:15

All is quiet here during the second level of play.

This is the quietest start to a final day ever!

The average stack is sub 30 bigs for the first time in a long time on a GUKPT event. It’s currently 270,000 average with a 10,000 big blind.



Blinds Up – 28/05/2017 – 13:01

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Still 18 players remaining.



Start of Day Three – 28/05/2017 – 12:45



Final Two Tables – 28/05/2017 – 12:30



Lee Taylor 19th – 28/05/2017 – 12:13

Short stack Lee Taylor is the first player to exit the main event here on Day three.

Eliminated by Andy Hills he takes home £1,240 for his effort.

With the exit of Lee we break a table as we are now down to 18 players playing on two tables.



Prizepool Payout – 28/05/2017 – 12:09

GUKPT Reading Main Event
£500 NLHE F/O
Entries: 247

1st – £35,310
2nd – £23,090
3rd – £14,450
4th – £9,390
5th – £6,420
6th – £4,820
7th – £3,820
8th – £3,090
9th – £2,600
10th – £2,220
11th – £1,970
12th – £1,860
13th – £1,730
14th – £1,480
15th – £1,480
16th – £1,360
17th – £1,360
18th – £1,240
19th – £1,240




Shuffle Up & Deal – 28/05/2017 – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin level number 19 of the tournament and the first level of day three.

The blinds to start with are 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante.

19 players remaining.



Day Three Seating Plan – 28/05/2017 – 11:45

Table Seat Forename Surname Chips
14 1 Andrew Hills 272000
14 2 Jerome Oshea 205500
14 4 Jay Harwood 302500
14 5 John Allison 328500
14 6 Lee Taylor 95000
14 8 Mark Reed 183000
14 9 Tony Martin 252500
15 1 Ashley Hunt 510500
15 2 Keiron Duncan 223500
15 4 Florentin Stoica 252500
15 6 Timothy Wright 242000
15 8 Axat Mawji 247000
15 9 David Crane 255000
16 1 Jack Hardcastle 217000
16 2 Alli Mallu 370000
16 4 Martin Bader 195000
16 6 Barry Cobb 379000
16 8 Allan Peers 201000
16 9 Mark Gardner 181500



 Welcome To Day Three – 28/05/2017 – 11:30

Good morning and welcome back to the third and final day of GUKPT Reading.

It’s been another great event with 247 entries in total over the two days of buy ins. Then yesterday the field was whittled down to just 19 players. Those players are all back today to play down to a winner, then are all guaranteed £1,240, but they’ll all have their eyes on the first place prize of £35,310.

Ashley Hunt leads the players who are coming back and is the only player over half a million chips. He will be the favourite to take home the trophy. There are also four previous GUKPT Champions in the field in Alan Peers, Martin Bader, Ali Mallu & Andy Hills. Full chip counts of the 19 are:

Ashley Hunt 510500
Barry Cobb 379000
Ali Mallu 370000
John Allison 328500
Jay Harwood 302500
Andy Hills 272000
David Crane 255000
Tony Martin 252500
Floretine Stoica 252500
Axat Mawji 247000
Tim Wright 242000
Keiron Duncan 223500
Jack Hardcastle 217000
Jerome O’Shea 205300
Allan Peers 201000
Martin Bader 195000
Mark Reed 183000
Mark Gardner 181500
Lee Taylor 95000

Play begins at noon today and we will be with you for the whole day. Bringing you live blog updates, chip counts, exits, hands and of course the GUKPT Live Stream that runs on a 30 minute delay with all hole cards shown.



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