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Published On June 25, 2013 |

Local Lad Lands Reading GUKPT

James Martin is GUKPT Reading champion, pocketing £22,640 and a seat in the Grand Final after defeating Grosvenor Poker sponsored pro Jeff Kimber in a heads up that lasted just one hand.

The two players got all the chips in preflop as soon as two-handed play begun, James’s pocket 10s holding up against Jeff’s A-J to land the biggest win of his poker career.

The 27-year-old financial advisor from Reading used home advantage to win the fifth leg of the UK’s favourite poker tour in his local cardroom, the recently opened sumptuous G Casino Reading.

“I love the new casino in Reading and thoroughly enjoyed the tournament,” said James as he toasted his victory with a bottle of champagne.

“I promised if I won I’d take my girlfriend to the Caribbean, but I’m thinking I might take her to Brighton for the GUKPT instead.”

Jeff, who was making a record seventh GUKPT final table appearance, took home £18,000 for his second runners-up finish, to go with his 2008 GUKPT Walsall win.

A total of 165 runners stumped up the £500 entry fee, smashing the £50,000 guarantee and making this one of the biggest ever £500 GUKPTs.

Paul Howard was the unfortunate bubble boy, going out 18th after getting his short stack in with A-K against Adam ‘Buzz’ Howlett’s pocket sixes and failing to hit.

With the 17 remaining players all guaranteed at least £1,030, the action was fast and furious as they played down to the following final table:

Seat One – Jeff Kimber – 228,500
Seat Two – Paul Dunne – 198,000
Seat Three – David Lloyd – 323,500
Seat Four – John Burberry – 118,500
Seat Five – Adam Howlett – 670,500
Seat Six – Alex Zeligman – 427,000
Seat Seven – Ellie Biessek – 413,500
Seat Eight – James Martin – 169,000
Seat Nine – Timotheos Timotheou – 731,500

The final started in tentative fashion, with the short stacks doubling up for the first 90 minutes before James started as he finished, taking a player out with pocket 10s.

Paul Dunne three-bet shoved from the big blind with pocket eights and couldn’t find one of his two outs, sending the two-time Sunday Million finalist out in ninth place for £1,650.

The pocket 10s didn’t work out so well for David Lloyd, who departed in eighth with £2,270, losing a big flip to chip leader Timotheos Timotheou, known as Tim Tim, whose A-Q flopped not one but two ladies. 

John Burberry grinded his short stack with great dexterity all day but luck deserted him at the crucial moment, his A-J losing out to Alex Zeligman’s A-6 all-in preflop. John took home £3,090 for his seventh place finish.

Alex, an experienced cash player from London, had built up a big stack, but he suffered a huge outdraw against ‘Buzz’ Howlett, the local legend flopping a king to see his K-J defeat Alex’s queens.

Not long afterwards Alex was on his way home with £3,920 for sixth. With less than 20 big blinds, he three-bet shoved from the big blind when Jeff raised the button, but the Grosvenor pro had found pocket kings, which held up against A-T.

Tim Tim turned up the aggression five-handed, but it led to a quick demise from chip leader to fifth place finisher.

He doubled up both Jeff and James before running into Ellie’s pocket kings with A-6. Tim cashed out £4,950.

Buzz, who had started second in chips, got short and then back up to among the chip leaders, left the party in fourth place for £6,390. His A-Q couldn’t hit against Jeff’s pocket sixes, and we were down to three.

The action was fast and furious, as chip leader Jeff gave Ellie a huge double up with A-7 v J-J before doubling back up twice to leave the stacks pretty even.

Ellie then went to war with James, and got her money in in great shape with J-8 against James’s T-8 on a J-T-6 board.

Unfortunately for her, James was having a great day with his 10s, and he found one of his two outs on the turn to send Ellie home in third with £10,520 and take the chip lead going into a heads-up battle that was more of a skirmish, lasting but one hand.

Team Blue Blood were out in force all week, between them cashing in every event bar one, including two of the Main Event final table, Tim and John.

Special mention must go to their team manager Pete Wigglesworth, who managed to cash in four of the seven side events, including chopping three of them.

Next up on the tour schedule is Leg 6 at the Grosvenor G Casino in Walsall from the 7th to the 14th July, with the £500+£50 £50,000 guaranteed main event commencing on Thursday 11th July.


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