National Bad Beat Jackpot

Published On October 15, 2020 |

Grosvenor Casino

National Bad Beat Jackpot

Terms and Conditions


  1. This promotion will take part in all Grosvenor Casinos that offer any cash game poker.
  2. The bad beat jackpot will operate during 6pm to 6am daily.
  3. It will run in some clubs while others may be closed.
  4. If a cardroom is closed due to local opening restrictions this promotion may continue on, in other cardrooms in the Grosvenor estate.
  5. The pot must reach £10 before a claim made be made
  6. It is the player’s responsibility to make the dealer aware that they have won the Bad Beat Jackpot.
  7. If a player does not make the dealer aware that the Bad Beat Jackpot has been won prior to the hands being mucked, there can be no claim on the jackpot or any part of it.
  8. Grosvenor Casinos reserves the right to change the Bad Beat Hand at any time during this promotion.
  9. This promotion will only take place on any raked No Limit Hold’em cash games.
  10. An extra £0.50 will be taken from all hands that see a flop and reach £10.
  11. To win the National Bad Beat Jackpot (NBBJ) a player must lose the hand with at least the minimum hand requirement for that week.
  12. Both the winner and loser must use both hole cards to play the best hand possible.
  13. If multiple players qualify for the NBBJ during the same hand, the losing players will equally split the relevant portion of the jackpot.
  14. To qualify the minimum losing hand must be.

Week 1. Quad Aces beaten

Week 2. Quad Kings Beaten

Week 3. Quad Queens Beaten Etc.

  1. Each subsequent week the qualifying hands will drop through to quad 6s.
  2. A full week of play must have been played in order for the qualifying hand to drop.
  3. Once quad 2s are reached it will stay at that level until a successful claim has been made, the NBBJ will then reset back to quad aces with a minimum seeding of £15,000 jackpot.
  4. Grosvenor Casinos reserves the right to pay itself back any funds if it needs to supplement a jackpot pay-out. Grosvenor Casino will add in the short fall and reclaim it back when the jackpot recovers.
  5. The first period of this promotion will last 14 days. So the first jackpot increase will happen on the third Thursday that the promotion is active.
  6. The hand requirement will drop one level every Thursday at 6pm
  7. Every Thursday at the same time the advertised Jackpot will increase by £15,000.
  8. All funds collected weekly greater than the £15,000 jackpot increase will go toward seeding the next jackpot restart.
  9. All funds will be returned after the admin fee.
  10. Grosvenor Casinos will charge a 10% admin fee for the duty of administrating this promotion.
  11. The £0.50 collected from each pot will be split as follows.

£0.45 to Jackpot account

£0.05 to Admin cost

  1. The “Bad Beat Jackpot” will be divided in the following manner:
  2. 30% to the player with the Bad Beat Hand;
  3. 15% to the player with the Winning Hand;
  4. 5% to the players on the table where the NBBJ hit, any player claiming a share from point A or B doesn’t qualify for a share of point C.
  5. 50% shared equally between all remaining players playing on qualifying tables in the remainder of the estate that have chips on the table at the time that the Cardroom Supervisor is notified that the Bad Beat Jackpot potentially has been won. All players must have been active in at least one hand at this point.
  6. The money for the players who triggered the jackpot will be withheld for a 72 hour period, to confirm the Bad Beat Jackpot totals and the legitimacy of the claim.
  7. All estate wide shares will be on deposit in club for players to collect within 7 days.
  8. Players taking breaks from the game such as food breaks or extensive time away from the table while active in a game may be marked as absent and have no claim to a NBBJ share. Players that are deemed to be repeatedly absent for the game may have the jackpot share voided.
  9. To claim any prize or part of a prize in the National Bad Beat Jackpot, you must be eligible to play within any Grosvenor casino.
  10. Grosvenor Casinos Limited reserves the right to discontinue or change this promotion at any time and for any reason, without notice.
  11. By participating in this promotion, you agree to be contacted by us in relation to this promotion.
  12. If this promotion is discontinued Grosvenor Casinos Limited will ensure that any monies remaining will be used for another promotion, offer or competition or shall be redistributed to customers in an appropriate manner at Grosvenor’s absolute discretion.
  13. This promotion is also subject to Grosvenor Casino Limited’s General Terms and Conditions.
  14. Grosvenor Casinos Limited is the sole arbiter of this promotion and its decision is final and binding.  No correspondence will be entered into.
  15. Promoter: Grosvenor Casinos Limited and Grosvenor Casinos (GC) Limited, The Rank Group Plc, Tor building, Saint-Cloud Way, Maidenhead, SL6 8BN.








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