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Terms & Conditions

Grosvenor Casinos Poker Rules 2015

General Rules

  1. Poker is a competitive game and as such the “one player one hand rule applies” and soft play will result in a penalty.
  2. High denominations must be clearly on show at all times
  3. The right to dispute any given hand ends once the next hand has started
  4. Only English may be spoken at the table whilst a hand is in progress
  5. The show one show all rule applies at all times
  6. Rabbit hunting is not allowed under any circumstances
  7. Repeated etiquette violations (see etiquette section) may result in penalties being applied
  8. The use of personal devices at the poker tables, such as ipods and ipads are permitted provided it does not disrupt or slow the game down. Players are permitted to play on line poker whilst playing live providing it does not disrupt the live game.
    1. The use of all personal devices on tables where hole cards are being shown (on a delay) are not allowed under any circumstances
    2. Personal devices must be kept away from the playing surface (the cloth) of the table and must be restricted to either the arm rest or the players lap.
    3. Only chips or cards are allowed on the playing surface
  9. Any player at the table can “call for a clock” after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed without action, the dealer will call for a supervisor and when they arrive at the table the player in question will be given one minute and will be counted down from 10 seconds, if the player has not acted by the time 0 is reached their hand will be deemed dead.
  10. Speech play in multi way pots is not permitted

In Multi-way pots any speech play that does not influence the outcome of the hand is permitted.

  1. The house has the right to prohibit any two players from playing on the same table (see also etiquette – soft play)
  2. Players must not cover their cards with anything other than a recognised card protector that must be smaller than the cards themselves, the use of electronic devices is not permitted as a card protector
  3. Cards must be visible to the other players and the dealer at all times
  4. Spectators may be asked to move away from the playing area at anytime
  5. The conditions of a game may not be changed without the express permission of the supervisor
  6. The supervisor has the right to reconstruct a hand and award the pot to the rightful player where possible

Deck and dealing procedures

  1. Players cards must remain in view at all times
  2. The following are misdeals before any betting
    1. Failure to cut the deck
    2. Players announcing they have the wrong amount of cards
    3. Two or more dealer exposed cards on the initial deal
    4. Cards leaving table due to dealer error
    5. Starting the deal from the wrong position
  3. If the dealer exposes one card on the initial deal the first burnt card before the flop will replace it, this rule applies to any card exposed card dealt from the first to the last card dealt. (If the dealer exposes more than one card on the initial deal the hand will be void rule 18)
  4. The flop will be dealt in one action
  5. Prior to the completion of any betting round if the Flop/Turn or River is exposed in error by
    the dealer, it will be shuffled back into the remaining live deck.

    1. As the three card flop is dealt at the same time the whole flop will be replaced if a player facing a bet was not given the option to call or raise.
    2. If a player’s option was to check then the flop will remain and the player’s
      option will be taken as a check.
    3. The muck and burnt cards are excluded and only live cards will be included in a  re-shuffle

  1. If a boxed card is discovered on the initial deal it will be considered an exposed card and will be exchanged for the first burnt card.
    1. A burnt card that is exposed will be announced to the table and then placed face down as the burnt card
    2. More than one boxed card renders the deal void
  2. If a boxed card is discovered after the initial deal all players will be made aware of the card and it will remain in the deck until it comes into play, at which point it will be shuffled back into the live deck. If the card does not come into play (including use as a burnt card) no action will be taken.
  3. Players are responsible for their cards at all times and must take precautions to ensure that they are not removed from play
    1. If a dealer kills an unprotected hand that hand will be considered dead and the player will have no claim on any pot in play
    2. A player that has raised and had their cards removed by the dealer, protected or otherwise, will be permitted to retain their raise, however the call will remain in the pot and their cards will be considered dead.
  4. A players hand remains live until it has touched the muck or burn cards. A live hand that is mistakenly released over the action line may be retrieved (provided it has not touched the muck or other closed cards) but the player will be penalised from making any further action for the remainder of the hand.

Betting rules

  1. All games are table stakes only, players who cannot cover the bet may not be bet out of a pot, they may call all in and a side pot will be formed.
  2. String betting is not permitted, this is defined as a player going back for more chips or using the way they bet (looking for a reaction for example) to gain an advantage over other players.
  3. Placing a single oversized chip in the pot will be deemed to be a call only, a raise will only be accepted where

    1. A player has said raise and stated the amount or
    2. It is an obvious raise such as placing two chips in the pot when one would suffice


  1. Whenever a chip is placed into the pot accompanied by a declaration that can have multiple meanings: It will be ruled as having the smallest legitimate value. For example. Where the blinds are 100/200 and a player places a 5000 point chip into the pot and says “four” the bet will be taken as 400, where the blinds are 300-600 it will be taken as 4000.


  1. The 51% rule will apply if a player places the wrong amount of chips into the pot. This rule differs for cash and competition play see separate rules under cash and competition.


  1. Any player exposing their cards with action pending will not be able to make any further aggressive action during the hand, unless that player is deemed to have exposed their hand to gauge a reaction or the action causes another player to make an action such as, expose their cards or folding, in which case they may incur a penalty up to and including their hand being ruled as dead.


  1. A statement of pot in a no limit games is not a recognised term but any player stating this must make a bet.


  1. Action out of turn will be binding if the action to that player does not change (check, call or fold is not considered an action change) if a player acts out of turn and the action changes, the out of turn bettor may change their action by calling or folding only and may have their chips returned to them if they fold.


  1. Players are responsible for following the action at their table and as such substantial action taking place may result in any player who misses their turn having their hand killed.  Substantial action is defined as two actions in turn where one of the players puts chips in the pot OR three passive actions in turn. Passive actions are defined as a  fold or a check.


  1. Players deemed to have intentionally acted out of turn to influence the play, will receive a penalty, as laid down in these rules. An out of turn fold is always binding.


  1. Verbal declarations of “call, raise, fold, pass or all in” are binding regardless of whether or not they are in turn or out of turn.
  2. Under raises are only permitted if a player is “going all in”

Showdown Rules

  1. In a showdown the player making the last aggressive action will be the player required to show their hand first. Where there has not been a bet on the last betting round, the player who made the last aggressive action in previous rounds will be the first to show.


  1. At a showdown only players with live cards are able to request to see the hands in play
    1. If the winning player requests to see another players passed (but not mucked) hand, the passed hand remains live.
    2. If any other player requests to see the hand, the hand will be mucked before being shown.
  2. To win a pot that is played to a conclusion the winning hand is not required to be shown, if that player is the only remaining player with live cards..


  1. Too few or too many cards will render the players hand dead

Cash Game Specific Rules

  1. Players must comply with the table minimum and maximums for all games
  2. Cash is allowed to play but must be clearly announced to the table and will be changed for cash chips as soon as possible
  3. Chips or cash that are concealed in any way will not be allowed to play
  4. Foreign currency including euros is not allowed to play and must be changed for sterling
  5. When transferring from one table to another players must continue to play with the same amount of chips that were in play at their previous table
    1. Players may add to their chips but must not remove any chips
  6. The “weeding” of chips from play is not permitted (see rule 43)
  7. Players may overplay with the permission of the existing player and the supervisor, but must use a play over box to protect the existing players chips
  8. The conditions of a game may not be changed without the express permission of the supervisor
  9. The 51% rule will apply if a player places the wrong amount of chips into the pot without comment as follows
    1. A player that places an amount into the pot which is 51% or more of the total bet they are facing will be deemed to be a call, the player may make up the bet or forfeit the amount bet so far.
    2. A player that mistakenly places an amount less than 51% of the total bet they are facing may either, fold and take back the amount accidentally wagered or they may call any outstanding amount and continue in the hand.


  1. An amount thrown into the pot that includes a full call and an additional amount of 51% or more of the last bet/raise will be deemed to be a minimum raise; the player must make the bet up to the correct minimum raise amount. If the additional amount is less than 51% then the player is deemed to have called only and the excess chips will be returned to the player by the dealer.

Competition Specific Rules

  1. At the start of any tournament position for the dealer button will be decided by a draw. The draw will be made on table one and will apply to all tables; The dealer will shuffle the deck and deal one card face up to each position (seats one to ten)on the table, the highest card (ace high) will then be designated as the position for the dealer button on all tables. The Supervisor must announce this to the room and all dealers will move the dealer button to this position.
  2. The hand will be deemed to have started once the riffle shuffle has started
  3. Players who are away from the table must be in position by the time the last card is dealt or their hand will be dead
  4. In an all-in situation, on any street, all live cards must be turned face up on the table (Tournaments only)
  5. When heads-up if the small blind is on the button they will be the first to act pre-flop, after the flop the action starts off the button.
  6. Spectators may not sit behind players in a competition area and must remain an appropriate distance away from the tables
  7. Competition play will use a dead button
  8. The house reserves the right to alter the published blind/ante structure if required
  9. Players attempting to lose all of their chips by mucking their hand, in an attempt to re-enter will not be allowed to re-enter and this will be considered as chip dumping


  1. The 51% rule will apply if a player places the wrong amount of chips into the pot without comment as follows
    1. In competition play any amount placed into the pot up to the call amount will be deemed to be a call, the player may make up the difference and continue to play or pass and forfeit the amount already placed in the pot.
    2. An amount thrown into the pot that includes a full call and an additional amount of 51% or more of the last bet/raise will be taken to be a minimum raise; the player must make the bet up to the correct minimum raise amount. If the additional amount is less than 51% then the player is deemed to have called only and the odd chips are returned to the player by the dealer.
  2. All competition pay-outs will be gauged on unique entries only. Where a competition has more than one starting flight or day, the first entry for each player on any subsequent Flight/day will be regarded as unique.

Self-Deal Rules Competitions Only  

  1. Where house dealers are not provided for competitions the cards will be shuffled by the player to the left of the dealer and cut by the player to the right, there must always be 3 people involved in the deal
  2. The initial deal may be dealt from the hand, provided a cutting card is used to protect the bottom of the deck, but after the initial deal the cards must be spread on the table and dealt from the table.
  3. Cash games must be dealer dealt at all times, self-deal cash games are not allowed


Subject to the rules above penalties may be applied in certain situations; those penalties will depend on a number of criteria as follows

  • The severity of the action by the player concerned
  • Whether it is considered a mistake on the part of the player (particularly relevant to new players)
  • Whether or not it is a repeat offence

The penalties available to the supervisor/manager are

  1. A warning
  2. Dealt out for two hands
  3. Dealt out for one complete round
  4. Dealt out for two complete rounds
  5. Disqualification or removal from the game (decision to be made in conjunction with the duty manager)
  6. Membership cancellation (General Managers decision only)

Etiquette Section 

Whilst these are not specific rules they are considered to be as important to the smooth running of the game and as such a breach of etiquette carries similar penalties to a breach of the rules.

Examples of poor etiquette include the following, but are not limited to

  • Giving advice or criticising another players style of play, ability or action in any given hand
  • Asking for advice about a hand from another player or spectator
  • Showing another player or spectator your hand
  • Talking about a hand whilst it is in progress
  • The use of bad language including any swear words either generally or aimed at anyone in particular
  • The use of personal devices that disrupt the game or other players
  • Soft play or not playing against another player because they are a friend
  • Chip dumping either to benefit another player or in order to re-enter
  • Touching other players cards or chips
  • Continual breaches of the rules
  • Disrupting the game or other players
  • Inappropriate behaviour towards members of staff
  • Continually holding back the showing of a winning hand for effect or “slow rolling other players”
  • Making statements or acting in such a way as to unfairly influence the course of play, whether or not involved in the hand. This includes talking about a hand.

  1. The supervisors’ decision is final

Grosvenor Casinos may alter these rules if it deemed to be for the best interests for the game and where it is deemed appropriate without prior notice