The 2019 National Poker League – Results are in!

Published On November 18, 2019 |

2019 National League Final Standings | 2019 National League Play Off information | About the New 2020 National League

The 2019 Results are in!

The first ever National Poker League has come to a close and Richard Kellett is officially crowned this year’s NPL Player of the Year, earning himself the first ever trophy and a 2020 Diamond GUKPT Package worth over £11,000. Kellett’s performance this year has been nothing short of amazing and we may see even bigger things from him in 2020!

Richard Kellett

Huge congratulations also go to Haresh Thaker, John Bousfield, Michael Fletcher and Ben Maregedze for their extraordinary year at the tables each earning a 2020 Diamond package worth over £11,000. One of our team will be in touch with all five confirmed winners today.

Places 6th to 77th have also been confirmed (see league table below) and all 72 players are invited to National Poker League Play off to play for a number of Platinum packages worth over £9,000 each. Each player will also receive £200 in cash for just turning up!

The National Poker League Play off takes place this coming Saturday at 12pm at The Poker Room, London above Grosvenor Casino Victoria on Edgware Road. Please see all details below.

Exclusive – 2020 National Poker League details revealed!

The 2020 National Poker League kicks off this week with the Deepstack Glasgow and 25/25 Birmingham and will run through until the 15th November 2020.

Earn NPL points by taking part in “Grosvenor Poker Presents” events throughout the year, including GUKPT, 25/25 and 25/50s, Deepstack, Seasonal Specials and Goliath to qualify.

The 2020 National League guarantees £150,000 in combined prizes. This will be a combination of 2021 Diamond, Platinum and Grosvenor Presents packages, each with a value from anywhere between £900 and £14,000 per package.

Please head to the National Poker League website for more details

2019 National Poker League Results

Position Firstname Surname Points
1 Richard Kellett 548.65
2 Haresh Thaker 495.25
3 John Bousfield 492.59
4 Michael Fletcher 491.7
5 Ben Maregedze 478.79
6 Christopher Maguire 460.66
7 Kevin Charlie Charalambous 378.13
8 Gary Whitehead 322.35
9 Harry Chapman 319.43
10 Thomas Cazaletz 283.27
11 Alex James Montgomery 282.87
12 Ryan Jonathan Mandara 272.85
13 Tony Ringe 271.55
14 Nathan Slater 267.91
15 Lee Reynolds 249.75
16 Gary Bertram 234.91
17 Mark J Haines 231.86
18 Christopher Cooper 227.96
19 Craig Alistair Smith 225.26
20 David Johnson 221.52
21 Alli Mallu 221.38
22 Ming Ju 218.19
23 Leslie Kearney 214.36
24 Masoud Etemadiherisi 210.99
25 Philip Walker 209.61
26 Harvey Norris 203.69
27 Kieran Collins 203.14
28 Vikrum Mehta 202.84
29 Tom Craig Noble 200.65
30 Jonas Neukirch 199.74
31 Paul Rigg 197.51
32 Lee J French 196.15
33 John Gilchrist 192.85
34 C I 192.8
35 Christopher Cunliffe 192.04
36 James Gray 191.42
37 Mark Wackrill 191.2
38 Peter Wigglesworth 188.33
39 David Gee 188.21
40 Martin Bader 187.81
41 Alexander Kamat 187.66
42 Patrick Fahy 187.39
43 Carl Pickles 185.54
44 Tina Loraine Bandyle 182.38
45 Ian Swan 181.2
46 Grace Rolfe 180.81
47 Tim Joyner 179.01
48 Jeff Duddy 178.75
49 J Z 177.53
50 Kevin Houghton 175.62
51 Gurvinder Shergill 175.34
52 Terence Allan 174.88
53 Robert Boon 173.88
54 Andrew Garland 172.84
55 Jack Oliver 172.76
56 Renee Xie 172.42
57 Janice Phillips 171.4
58 Craig Heaton 171.19
59 Thomas Edward Cropp 171.17
60 Craig Dawson 171.17
61 Hugh Smyth 169.8
62 Tom Bacon 169.77
63 C B 169.25
64 Balbir Pottiwal 168.56
65 Aqeel Butt 168.38
66 Graham Pound 168.23
67 Willie Tann 167.25
68 James Mclaughlin 166.68
69 Michael Allen 166.6
70 Joshua Musson 165.86
71 James Alan Nixon 165.79
72 David Crane 165.46
73 Michelle Baldie 164.93
74 S S 164.55
75 B C 161.84
76 Tan Le 161.12
77 Leo James Farodoye 161.06

2019 National League Play Off

Important Information and Terms and Conditions

  1. The national league playoff will take place at the London Poker room in the Grosvenor Victoria casino.
  2. The playoff is on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at 12pm.
  3. Entry into the playoff is non-transferable and at this point has no monetary value.
  4. All packages have no cash value.
  5. All qualifying players must bring photographic ID to take their seat at the playoff.
  6. All qualifiers who are present and dealt in a hand prior to the first break of the playoff will receive £200 cash.
  7. Each player will start the playoff with a 25,000-starting stack.
  8. Any qualifier not present to receive a hand prior to the first break, will be eliminated, have their chips removed from play and not receive any attendance bonus.  
  9. Once eliminated, chip stacks will have no further value for any prizes.
  10. The playoff will run on a Grosvenor FTT 30min standard structure
  11. Prizes will be announced prior and at the start of the playoff. Any packages cannot be broken up or be part of any deal during the playoff.
  12. Grosvenor Casino are guaranteeing the playoff of 10 Platinum packages to a total value of £94,550 (this amount is after the Diamond packages have been deducted from the £150,000 guaranteed league amount).
  13. Any additional money will create extra packages to the value of £9,455 each.
  14. Any additional money that does not create a full package, will be issued as a GUKPT Main event vouchers.
  15. All package funds must be played before Sunday 29th November 2020.
  16. Any packages not used will be deposited into the 2021 national league account.
  17. Players may use or sell their package funds as they see fit.
  18. (A)Any packages transferred only apply to the same event.
  19. (B) Any transferred packages are subject to the expiry date listed in rule 14.
  20. To claim any prize or part of a prize in the National League playoff, you must be eligible to play within any Grosvenor casino.
  21. Grosvenor Casinos Limited reserves the right to discontinue or change this promotion at any time and for any reason, without notice.
  22. By participating in this promotion, you agree to be contacted by us in relation to this promotion.
  23. If this promotion is discontinued Grosvenor Casinos Limited will ensure that any monies remaining will be used for another promotion, offer or competition or shall be redistributed to customers in an appropriate manner at Grosvenor’s absolute discretion.
  24. This promotion is also subject to Grosvenor Casino Limited’s General Terms and Conditions.
  25. Grosvenor Casinos Limited is the sole arbiter of this promotion and its decision is final and binding.  No correspondence will be entered into.
  26. Promoter: Grosvenor Casinos Limited and Grosvenor Casinos (GC) Limited, The Rank Group Plc, Tor building, Saint-Cloud Way, Maidenhead, SL6 8BN.

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