The 2021 National Poker League

Published On February 2, 2021 |

The National Poker League returns for a third year, where for the first time we will see the Player of the Year join #TeamGrosvenor with a sponsorship deal worth £20,000 – the top performing players will also win poker packages and there will be TWO playoffs!


To be eligible for NPL Prizes and monthly NPL Freerolls, please opt-in via the poker missions section on desktop or mobile – linking your real name and poker alias!

PositionPlayer NamePoints
1Ben ‘BilcksonBaxter’ Teague106.37
2Christopher ‘CPJNS’ Johnson84.00
3Mark ‘Ib4lli’ Burns72.54
4Kanan ‘N0N4m3K1ng’ Farzaliyev70.06
6Daniel ‘casinodave’ Knight67.03
7Mark ‘GoKartMark’ Gardner65.99
8Keith ‘Hudsonaaaa’ Hudson64.81
9John ‘Traderno1’ Bousfield63.96
10Mark ‘MarkB’ Bunting63.46
11Jason ‘TwoNotDeuce’ Kenington63.39
12Adam ‘FCCMMA’ Teh62.78
13David ‘Davehyl81’ Hyland62.61
14Ryan ‘BatteredCodd’ Dodd62.26
15Paul ‘ThisIsTh3W4y’ Mctaggart62.06
16Dominic ‘ThirstyGoose’ Burn61.49
17Andrew ‘spand42’ Bak61.32
18Nikolay ‘YoYaYiYeYu’ Ponomarev60.55
19Kenneth ‘machinesleepy64’ Midgley60.48
20Elliott ‘goliathchump’ Marais59.87

Full Leaderboard & Results


The National Poker League is a points-based league, where points are awarded to players taking part in any qualifying tournaments outlined in the NPL Schedule, including both online and live poker tournaments. Points are awarded based on the Buy-in, Runners and Finishing Position.

The 1st place £20,000 Sponsorship is an added prize, with the remainder of the packages funded by the players who take part in any of the live tournaments. 2% of the prizepool will be deducted from all the qualifying live events and added to the National Poker League prize fund.


1st Place£20,000 Sponsorship Package + Grosvenor Casinos Player of the year Trophy
2nd Place2022 Diamond Package
3rd Place2022 Diamond Package
4th Place2022 Diamond Package
5th Place2022 Diamond Package
6th – 77th PlaceEntry to NPL Live Play-off
6th – 100th PlaceEntry to NPL Online Play-off (Last chance)

£20,000 Sponsorship Package

The winner will join the #TeamGrosvenor Pro roster in 2022, with a sponsorship deal worth £20,000. This is added value and not deducted from the collected prizepool – full details in the terms.

Diamond Packages

The four Diamond packages will be funded from 50% of the collected prizepool and capped at £10,000 per package.

10x Platinum Packages – Live Playoff

TEN Platinum Packages will be guaranteed in the Live Playoff and will be funded from at least 50% of the collected prizepool and capped at £5,000 per package.


All the events below count towards the National Poker League£5,000 National Knockout£10 – £15th Feb 2021Online EventView SchedulePlay Online£25,000 National Knockout£50 – £56th Feb 2021Online EventView SchedulePlay Online£50,000 National Knockout£100 – £107th Feb 2021Online EventView SchedulePlay OnlineView all Events


Use our calculator to work out how many points you have earned in a particular tournament you’ve played or use it to calculate what you in need in the chase for the prizes!



John Bousfield is the 2020 Player of the Year! He held the top spot from March and played 168 qualifying tournaments! This included winning a GUKPT Manchester £250 Side Event, a 2nd place in the Grand Final 6 Max and 3rd in the National 25-50.

PositionPlayer NameRewardPoints
1John Bousfield2020 Diamond GUKPT Package + Grosvenor Casinos Player of the Year Trophy1127.29
2Guy Taylor2020 Diamond GUKPT Package1117.56
3Kevin Charalambous2020 Diamond GUKPT Package1087.35
4Andrew Bak2020 Diamond GUKPT Package1066.64
5Haresh Thaker2020 Diamond GUKPT Package1049.21
6th – 77thVarious PlayersNPL Play-off spot1021.27 to 406.76


Richard Kellett was our 2019 Player of the Year after an outstanding year of results. His dominating performance included final tabling 4 out of 6 GUKPT main events, 6x 25/25 series final tables back to back… to back… plus three deepstack final tables.

PositionPlayer NameRewardPoints
1Richard Kellett2020 Diamond GUKPT Package + Grosvenor Casinos Player of the Year Trophy548.65
2John Bousfield2020 Diamond GUKPT Package492.59
3Michael Fletcher2020 Diamond GUKPT Package478.21
4Haresh Thaker2020 Diamond GUKPT Package474.89
5Ben Maregedze2020 Diamond GUKPT Package473.1
6 – 77Various PlayersNPL Play-off spot460.66 – 153.82



All National Poker League events can be found on the Grosvenor Poker Live App.

This is your indispensable tool for keeping up to date with our live poker events across the UK. Find nearby games, save your favourite venues, check out results and view real-time updates on tournaments and cash games across the UK.

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View Terms & Conditions

  • 1. The National Poker League will apply in all Grosvenor Casino’s where “Grosvenor Presents Events” (GPE) are held.
  • 2.National Poker League events will also be held online at
  • 3. The National Poker League 2021 will start on Sunday 3rd January 2021 and finish on Sunday 14th November 2021.
  • 4. Final league standings will be announced by midday on Wednesday 17th November 2021.
  • 5. The National Poker League will apply to all live “GPE” as follows:
  • a. GUKPT festival events
  • b. GUKPT Mini festival events
  • c. G400
  • d. 30 by 30
  • e. Goliath
  • f. Seasonal Specials
  • 6. The National Poker League will apply to all National Online Events as set out in the schedule.
  • 7. Grosvenor Presents restricted events (e.g. Women’s, Seniors), will not have any deductions made from there prize pool and no league points will be awarded.
  • 8. “Special” events may be added and eligible for league points throughout the year, that do not fall under the umbrella of the above-named events, this includes online as well as live events.
  • 9, Some “Special” events may award points but not have any deductions from the prize pools.
  • 10. All events are subject to availability and may be cancelled or moved, this includes online as well as live events.
  • 11. Two percent of the money collected in eligible live events will form the prize pool for the National Poker League (excluding the £20,000 sponsorship, which is added value)
  • a. This will only be taken from the stakes contributed by players and NOT any overlay.
  • b. No deductions will be made from any online event.
  • c. All funds collected will be returned to the players as prizes, there will not be an admin charge applied to this promotion.
  • 12. Players will be awarded points according to a set criterion based on:
  • a) The buy-in (excluding fee).
  • a) The size of the field.
  • a) The individual finishing positions.
  • 13. The following table gives examples of how the points are calculated;
  • 14. Only one entry will be counted per player, per event.
  • 15. Where re-entries are applicable, only a players best finishing position will count towards the National Poker League.
  • 16. All Live Satellites for Grosvenor Presents Events, including; GUKPT, GUKPT Mini, G400, 30 by 30 and Seasonal specials – plus any special events that may be added throughout the year, will award 2 National Poker League points. Re-entries will not count, maximum points awarded for a satellite will be 2 points.
  • 17. On multi flight competitions, player finishing position will be determined by:
  • a. The level they went out, then;
  • b. The elimination time stamp of that player on the Cardroom Magic system, regardless of which flight is played.
  • c. Those playing an Online Day 1 for a Live GPE, will automatically receive a predetermined amount of league points if they are eliminated on Day 1 and do not go on to play another Day 1 Live.
  • 18. The League table will be available weekly in all Grosvenor Poker rooms, online and on the Poker live APP. Note: players must sign into the app to see their league points.
  • 19. 1st Place – The player with the most League points at the end of the season will become the “Grosvenor Player of the Year” for 2021 and be awarded with an official Grosvenor Poker Sponsored Pro package worth £20,000:
  • a. The Sponsorship package is guaranteed at £20k and is added value from Grosvenor Poker. No funds will be deducted from the NPL collected prize pool to pay for this.
  • b. By winning this package, the player gives their permission for Grosvenor Casinos to use their name and image for promotional purposes.
  • c. The package will be formed of tournament entries, live & online, as well as expenses for travel and accommodation (if applicable), to be determined at a later date.
  • d. A contract will be provided within 28 days of the completion of the promotion, which outlines the terms of the Sponsorship with Grosvenor Poker. This contract must be signed by the winning player, for the value of this package to be released.
  • e. The winning player will join the #TeamGrosvenor pro roster and will represent the Grosvenor Poker brand, as outlined in said contract.
  • f. This package is not transferrable.
  • 20. Players finishing from 2nd to 77th will be eligible to win the prizes created from the collected prize pool. (see examples of prizes at appendix A).
  • 21. 2nd – 5th Place – Players finishing in positions 2nd – 5th will win a Diamond Package.
  • a. These players will not be eligible to take part in the playoff.
  • b. The Diamond packages will be created by the NPL fund.
  • c. The Diamond packages will have a maximum value of £10k each.
  • d. If the NPL does not generate enough funds to create 4x £10k packages, these packages will be created from 50% of the NPL fund. (See Appendix A) – each package will be the same value.
  • 22. After 2nd – 5th have been awarded their prizes, the remaining 72 players (8 tables of 9) will play off for Platinum packages.
  • 23. 6th – 77th Place – Players finishing in positions 6th – 77th will be invited to a league play-off during the Grand Final at the Vic on Saturday 21st November 2021 (subject to change) with Platinum Packages for the winners:
  • a. The Platinum Packages will be created by the NPL fund.
  • b. The Platinum Packages will have a maximum value of £5k.
  • c. A minimum of 10 Platinum Packages will be guaranteed.
  • d. If the NPL does not generate enough funds to create 10 x £5k packages, then 5 packages will be created equally from 50% of the NPL fund. (See Appendix A)
  • 24. The NPL fund will be split on a 50/50 basis between the Diamond packages and the Platinum packages. Once the NPL fund has reached £90k (4x £10k + 10x £5k), all additional funds will go to creating additional playoff prizes.
  • 25. All players winning packages will be expected to be advocates for Grosvenor Casinos and wear any clothing or badges that may be provided whilst playing poker in Grosvenor Casinos or elsewhere (subject to agreement from Grosvenor Casinos).
  • 26. Any funds collected that do not create full packages will be used to Generate GUKPT main event poker vouchers.
  • 27.6th – 100th Place – Any player finishing in places 6th – 100th in the league who fail to win a package in the live league play-off, will qualify for an online last chance play-off for an online added value Platinum Package.
  • a. Only 1 prize will be on offer in the online last chance play-off.
  • b. Qualifying players for the online last chance play-off will be responsible to register themselves in the play-off once the event is on display in the online poker lobby.
  • 28. In the event of a tie for any of the top prizes (before the play off) this will be decided by:
  • a. Number of top three appearances.
  • b. Number of final table appearances.
  • c. If there is still a tie after this the prizes will be equally shared and the title of player of the year will be applied to all players that have tied.
  • 29. The winning of a prize in this league will signify that the player concerned has given their permission for Grosvenor Casinos to use their name and image for promotional purposes.
  • 30. For National Poker League points to be awarded in live events, the player must attend the event in person.
  • 31. Anyone participating in the league must adhere to the rules and spirit of the promotion. Anyone breaking the rules or deemed to have breached the spirit of the rules, may be subject to penalties ranging from a reduction in points up to exclusion from Grosvenor Casinos.
  • 32. All players taking part in this promotion must be eligible to play in Grosvenor Casinos both live and online, players that may have qualified for a prize or to take part in the playoff will not be entitled to any prize if they subsequently cease to be eligible to take part and their prize either awarded to another player or rolled into the following years league.
  • 33. Players sponsored by Grosvenor Casinos are not eligible to take part in this promotion, but they will still be awarded points according their finishing position, players who finish behind a sponsored player will not receive the sponsored player points.
  • a. This does not apply to previous years National Poker League winner.
  • 34. Employees of Grosvenor Casinos and their direct family members are not entitled to take part in this promotion as per company policy.
  • 35. Packages are strictly non-transferable and must be used in the same calendar year they are awarded, any packages left over after this time will expire and any funds not used will be carried over to the following years National Poker League, subject to the promotion continuing into the following year.
  • 36. Should it not be possible to continue with the promotion for any reason, Grosvenor Casinos will return the funds to players by creating a different promotion.
  • 37. Grosvenor Casinos Limited reserves the right to extend the length of the league and change the play off day if events had been rescheduled or removed due to powers outside of the norm.
  • 38. Grosvenor Casinos Limited reserves the right to discontinue or change this competition at any time and for any reason, without notice.
  • 39. This competition is also subject to Grosvenor Casino Limited’s General Terms and Conditions.
  • 40. Grosvenor Casinos Limited is the sole arbiter of this competition and its decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • 41. Promoter: Grosvenor Casinos Limited and Grosvenor Casinos (GC) Limited, The Rank Group Plc, Tor building, Saint-Cloud Way, Maidenhead, SL6 8BN.
  • 1. A Diamond package consists of:
  • a. £8k worth of Grosvenor Presents Events Vouchers.
  • a. £2k travel/accom. allowance managed by Main Event Travel (no cash alternative).
  • 2. A Platinum package consists of:
  • a. £5k worth of Grosvenor Presents Events Vouchers.
  • Note: If any package falls short of the list amount in Appendix A, the GPE vouchers and accommodation will reduce at an equal ratio.
  • ● Diamond and Platinum packages are subject to the funds collected; the number of package value therefore cannot be guaranteed.
  • ● All packages will include registration fees at the prevailing rate.

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